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Randy Rowse, Santa Barbara. (Photo: rowseformayor.com)

Election Results Surprise Many Across the Country and in California

‘After four years of excruciatingly bad leadership from a 7-0 progressive mayor and council, Santa Barbara is ready for non-ideological leadership’

By Katy Grimes, November 3, 2021 12:56 pm

The country is abuzz over the Virginia Governor’s race with Republican Glenn Youngkin defeating Democrat and former VA Governor Terry McAuliffe. It appears the parent revolution resonated.

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is not out of the woods yet as of this writing, as the race is still too close to call, with Democrat Gov. Murphy and Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli neck-and-neck, as the New Jersey Globe reports.

Notably, it appears New Jersey voters flipped eight Assembly Democrat seats to Republican, “reducing the Democratic majority to 44-36,” the NJ Globe reported.

Even in deep blue California, which recently failed to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, Tuesday’s election shows that change is possible.

In Santa Barbara, a very deep blue town, Independent Randy Rowse, looks to have won Tuesday’s mayoral election. Rowse, a business owner, previously served 9 years on the Santa Barbara City Council. According to a Santa Barbara business owner, Rowse has always been politically unaffiliated but economically conservative. “Now after four years of excruciatingly bad leadership from a 7-0 progressive mayor and council the City looks like it is ready for some non-ideological leadership,” the business owner said. “This will actually be a big deal.”

Rowse owned and operated the Paradise Cafe in downtown Santa Barbara for 37 years, according to his campaign website. “You will have a 68 year old white male business guy beating the Dem machine that runs Santa Barbara… in deep blue coastal California.”Rowse’s campaign addressed quality of life issues, which resonated across the ideological spectrum. “The disgusting condition of downtown, the vagrancy and drug use.  They’re ready for a change,” the business owner said.

Rowse specified: “Our reemergence from the pandemic shutdown, attention to our public areas and careful stewardship of the myriad of capital projects in the pipeline are demanding priorities that must be expedited and helmed to completion.”

“All of us who live in Santa Barbara know it’s imperative that we return to a clean, safe, healthy environment and vital economy,” Rowse said.

The Santa Barbara Mayoral race was “a Blue-on-Blue intramural war,” the business owner said. “For the first time the Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee has allowed 3 plausible Dems to get on the ballot:” incumbent Cathy Murillo, Deborah Schwartz, the daughter of a former SB County Supervisor, and James Joyce, the ex chief of staff for Hannah Beth Jackson. He predicted: “Randy should win with about 35% to 40% of the vote.” It appears he was right.

Laura Lothian. (Photo: youtube screen capture: Lothian for La Mesa City Council.)

Reform California highlighted another election upset over quality of life and pocketbook issues: “In a Special Election to fill a vacancy on the City Council in the heavily Democratic City of La Mesa, Republican Laura Lothian has scored a solid win tonight.”

“Reform California has been warning San Diego politicians that backing the controversial Mileage Tax proposal will backfire on them politically – and now an upset win in a Special Election in La Mesa provides proof of that.”

“Laura Lothian made her opposition to the costly Mileage Tax the centerpiece of her entire campaign and the voters took note and handed her a huge victory,” said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.

“In 4 months, Dems have lost Carlsbad AND La Mesa over this issue,” DeMaio said in a KUSI News article. “Which city shall we target next?”

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11 thoughts on “Election Results Surprise Many Across the Country and in California

  1. This is very encouraging news for us CA residents. Katy, will you also be commenting on the elections up in Washington State? Very good news up there as well.

    1. California? LOL…recall wasn’t even a close call.

      Ten thousand voices sing thy acclaim;
      Ten thousand hearts beat high at thy name;
      All unafraid and girded with good,
      Mother of men a queen thou hast stood;
      Children of thine a true brotherhood,
      Virginia, Hail, All Hail!
      Virginia, Hail, All Hail!

      Long let thy praises live and resound;
      Long let thy virtues in us abound;
      Let morning radiance set thee in sight;
      Let noonday brilliance crown thee with light;
      Let ev’ning sun sink kissing goodnight,
      Virginia, Hail, All Hail!
      Virginia, Hail, All Hail![4]

  2. Note to editor: Please make up your mind how you spell the new mayor’s last name. He deserves full credit and to be known by his real name, because his non-partisan agenda is real.

    Rowse did rouse the hustings and we will all be better for it. Thanks for correcting your article.

    1. Correct, as we in Ca. KNOW what needed to be done with Recalling the ‘Elitist Gov. Newsom’
      but with him getting $70MILLION TO STAY IN OFFICE, with Soros pitching in One Million, it was ONCE AGAIN, ‘THE STEALING OF A RECALL-JUST LIKE THE 2020’…with Soros and the rest of his Billionaires Pulling out all the stops for their “Marxist Democrats”…..
      btw: Gov. Nuisance and his ‘Aunt Nancy Pelosi are the Elitists who have ruined our Once Great State of Ca. with their turning us into a “Sanctuary State, as they promote the Illegal Alien Invasion of Ca. and America to “REPLACE ALL THE VOTERS WHO AS SICK OF THE CORRUPTION AND DO NOT WANT GESTAPOS RUNNING OUR LIVES.”

  3. An eternal sigh of relief and hope for California! Hallelujah! Thx for great news, Lord knows we needed it!
    And that 2020 Election…. It isn’t over!
    ‘Breaking Exclusive: One Year Ago On Election Night All State Reporting Was Zeroed Out On The
    Edison Reporting System And Then One By One Each States Totals Were Reset – Why (Gateway Pundit)
    ‘Racine County Refers Criminal Charges Against 5 Top Wisconsin Election Commissioners In Nursing
    Home Voting Scam’ (Gateway Pundit)

  4. Good news, I like the fact that he is independent. We need more people who are not beholden to the ‘party’ regardless of which one it is.

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