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Sacramento heat wave. (Photo: Katy Grimes iPhone screen shot)

‘Extreme’ Weather Hysteria is Latest Crisis

‘Soft lockdown: The parks were closed due to the forecasted heat wave’

By Katy Grimes, September 5, 2022 8:17 am

It was 105 degrees in Sacramento Sunday. Today it could be 111 degrees. This is what is known as hot summer weather in California. We native Californians also know this is normal.

As a kid, I remember such hot Sacramento summer days, I couldn’t walk barefoot on the sidewalks.

But no one cautioned us to “be safe.” In fact, back when I was a kid, parents told us to put shoes on and to stop being stupid.

This is Sacramento weather in 1972 – notice the 114 degrees on July 14, 1972:

In 1973, the hottest temperature in Sacramento was 107 degrees. By 1975, it was back up to 113 degrees. In fact, between 1972 and 1992, over 20 years, every summer in Sacramento was in the triple digits, and there were four summers hotter than 110 degrees.

In 1996, it was 110 degrees in Sacramento. In 2002, it was 110 degrees. In 2006, it was 111 degrees. In 2017 it was 110 degrees. In 2020 it was 112 degrees in Sacramento. Last summer in Sacramento, temperatures reached 109 degrees. The point is, every summer in the Sacramento region, temperatures are hot – 104 up to 113 degrees. The standard appears to be 104 to 108 degrees – really hot.

Radio and television weather reporters are now medical professionals telling us how to be safe under these “extreme” heat conditions:

  • drink fluids
  • stay inside
  • stay hydrated
  • stay in an air-conditioned room
  • stay out of the sun

Even my dogs are smart enough to stay out of the sun.

The Sacramento Bee has an article today hyping the heat and fear mongering:

How can Sacramento heat turn fatal? What to know with temps headed to 110 degrees

The Bee claims this weather is a “recording-breaking heat wave,” and has “forced many residents indoors this holiday weekend.”

I beg to differ. It’s not record-breaking, and I saw a street fair outdoors yesterday when temps reached 105 degrees.

KCRA has an “Excessive Heat Warning” on their news website, and offers these tips on how to “be safe:”

KCRA heat warning. (Photo: screen shot)

We are also ironically asked “to conserve power amid brutal heat wave.”

The U.S. National Weather Service in Sacramento also warned of “Dangerous Heat” and tells us  to “Practice heat safety!”

US National Weather Service Sacramento California .

Despite headlines claiming “record breaking heat,” when interviewed, weather officials say it “may” be record breaking.

“This heat may be record breaking and will likely produce a very high heat illness risk,” the Los Angeles-area weather office wrote.

The torrid conditions will be caused by high pressure that was already pushing into the state and making it difficult for onshore flow of marine air.

“These trends are forecast to continue and will likely set up (a) prolonged and likely dangerous heat event,” the office said.

One East Bay mom Tweeted an interesting report:

“My family wanted to get outside this morning before it got hot, but the parks were closed due to the forecasted heat wave. This is another soft lockdown. They are forcing us to stay inside, isolated and inactive, for our ‘safety.'”

This heat we are having across the West Coast is hot summer weather – really hot weather. Yes, it can be dangerous for some people outside, but we hope California’s energy providers can keep the power on.

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17 thoughts on “‘Extreme’ Weather Hysteria is Latest Crisis

  1. They control the narrative!
    All we have to do is go back into weather almanacs and look up the temps as Katy has done. Our temperatures over time ebb and flow, weather fluctuates and we should adjust, enjoy the days ahead and be sensible.
    Fear porn is rampant I hope the masses can see through it.
    Happy Labor Day all, pretty soon we will be wearing boots, jackets and drinking hot cocoa, so enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful warm nights.

    1. “All we have to do is go back into weather almanacs and look up the temps as Katy has done.” Or, just live long enough. I remember the 1970s and the coming of the “new Ice age” touted on the covers of Newsweek and Time and the worst droughts to-date that had us putting bricks in our toilet tanks and draining swimming pools.

  2. Here in Manitoba the government now issues a “snowfall warning” if there’s predicted to be 4 or more cm of snow. (4 cm is about 1 1/2 inches.) “Heat warnings” are issued if the predicted temps go to 30 degrees Celcius or higher (that’s about 85 degrees Farenheit). It’s all fearporn, all the time. And it works, judging by the number of morons that think Global Warming is a real thing.

  3. Weather has only been recorded in California since the late 1840’s. Remember, dinosaurs, glaciers and *hit. A sucker born every minute

  4. How do they close a park? “My family wanted to get outside this morning before it got hot, but the parks were closed due to the forecasted heat wave. This is another soft lockdown. They are forcing us to stay inside, isolated and inactive, for our “safety.” ” I saw freeway signs over the weekend stating, “EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING. CONSERVER POWER 4PM TO 9PM. STAY COOL” it’s bizzaro world.

  5. Some of us native Sacramentans of a certain age remember life when most people did not have air conditioning in their homes or cars. We were able to survive hot Sacramento summer days without Democrats in government telling us what to do.

  6. Anyone remember why the CA State Fair no longer runs from the middle of August through Labor Day to July? It was because the summertime temperatures peaked in August, which reduced State Fair attendance and the idea was to move it to a cooler period during the summer. Not particularly scientific, but instructional nevertheless.

  7. Typical spoiled millennial sissies. They leave their temperate bay area bubble, move inland and whine about the heat. I was born and raised in Sacramento with no air conditioning. I think we should re name them the Milquetoast Generation!

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