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Richard Grenell speaking young Americans, hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Former Ambassador Ric Grenell Announces That He Will Not Run For Governor in 2021

‘The deadline is tomorrow, and I’ve made a decision not to run’

By Evan Symon, July 16, 2021 10:53 am

Former Ambassador to Germany and former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard “Ric” Grenell announced that he would not be running for Governor in the upcoming recall election, ending months of speculation a little over 24 hours before the deadline to declare is candidacy.

Grenell, who is the first openly gay person to ever hold a cabinet position, noted on Fox News Thursday that while he would not be running for Governor in 2021, but he will continue to fight Gov. Gavin Newsom in California. The Palm Springs resident did not say anything about a future run against Governor Gavin Newsom, such as next year’s Gubernatorial race.

“The deadline is tomorrow, and I’ve made a decision not to run,” said Grenell to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday. “I want to remain available to push forward former President Donald Trump’s America First agenda, and I want to prioritize structural change in California because we are headed in the wrong direction.”

Grenell’s group, Fix California, which prioritizes fair elections, registering more voters, and promoting fixes for many California-specific issues such as environmental concerns and stopping rolling blackouts in the state, has been a main focus for Grenell since it’s creation in April.

His departure as a candidate still leaves many prominent California Republicans in the recall race for Governor should Newsom get enough votes to leave office. As of Friday morning, only hours before the recall candidate deadline is up, prominent Republicans running include 2018 GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox, radio talk show host Larry Elder, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, former California legislator and current Board of Equalization member Ted Gaines, former Olympian and reality show star Caitlyn Jenner, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin), and Congressman Doug Ose.

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Evan Symon
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9 thoughts on “Former Ambassador Ric Grenell Announces That He Will Not Run For Governor in 2021

  1. Not to enter is a good decision, imo. No need to further split the anti-Newsom voters. My guess is that Mr. Trump will also not endorse a particular candidate but may come out in favor of the recall; especially since Biden is already opposing it.

    1. LARRY ELDER is probably why he is not running – I hope Trump endorses Larry as he is the most qualified and best candidate right now.

      1. I think it would be a tough decision Orwellianism. Trump did appoint Elder to a commission during his administration (https://www.lafocusnewspaper.com/larry-elder-appointed-to-trump-administration/). But other staunch Trump supporters like Jenna Ellis and Kira Davis are endorsing Kiley; and even Grenell has said good things about Kevin. So, Trump would be dividing his own supporters if he endorses anyone in particular. Also, I think it would give Newsom more “ammunition” to use in the campaign.

      2. No way. Elder is nothing more than a name he has done ZERO for California. Californians are smarter than that I hope and will vote for Kevin Kiley who’s worked his tail end off for California…That being said I’m glad Grenell isn’t running he is reviewing the voting system in California and to leave in the middle of that would be heartbreaking..

      3. “Most qualified”, Orwellianism? What makes Larry Elder the most qualified? I listened to Larry on Mark Levin’s radio show this afternoon. As usual, Larry was talking at hundred-miles-an-hour about California’s problems that we all know about. When he started saying that he would go after the public employee unions and teachers and so forth, I thought, “Yeah, okay and how long will that take and don’t we have other things that we need to address first? He means well but is he being realistic, does he have the stamina and will power? How is he going to deal with the entrenched special interest?” So anyway, he’s doing a national call for donations and endorsements; which the Levin and Hannity media types will happily provide since Elder is one of them. Unfortunately, I think that Larry’s decision to enter may have been influenced by an unscientific Twitter poll done by OANN (https://www.oann.com/conservative-radio-host-larry-elder-joins-calif-governor-recall-race/). That said, I do think that his candidacy generates more media/celebrity interest for the recall – the “Arnold Effect”. Oh well, may the most qualified person win IF Newsom is recalled.

  2. Grenell may be weighing National vs. State opportunities first. If and when he runs, he’ll come with a full heart
    and Plan to benefit California. First and most importantly is the “GRASSROOTS ALL PEOPLE WHO LOVE CALIFORNIA drive” to oust the bane of our existence, Newsom, and prevent his replacement Lt. Gov (more of the same) from taking his place (it could happen if he thinks he’ll lose)…. By Sept 14, there will be no more “INCENTIVE $$$” left to cajole people into compliance, and you KNOW he wants a final lockdown (4ever); CRT indoctrination at 4yrs old; blackouts at a higher cost to consumers; more fires for Agenda 2030; etc. He was born into, and relishes his roll (give him a biscuit) of puppet to his master’s agenda. ps. Newsom’s administration had Judicial Watch video banned, so there would be no ill talk of Election Integrity.

  3. Kevin Kiley is by far a great advocate for Ca and has proven his fight for what is right! He is no secret on what he stands for and how hard he pushes to make things right! IMO this is what we need. I love Larry too but I am so afraid if so many votes are split Gavin will win and continue to use his emergency powers! I will vote any way to get Gavin out! So what do I do????? I will vote for whomever will kick Gavin out! Regardless. I feel any change at this point is better!

    1. Stacy, to me what’s most important is YES on the RECALL. I’m so completely and entirely fed up with Gov Gav that I’m ready to vote for the cute lizard in my backyard, and she would probably do a better job than the Dictator-Lite. Am I alone? No.

      Looking at it cold I think Kevin Kiley would be the best replacement and would do the best job, but I liked Larry Elder’s entry because stirring the pot brings more voters to YES on the RECALL. Without YES on the RECALL we don’t have anything; we don’t have Kevin Kiley or Larry Elder or…. whoever.

      In the end, whatever candidate anyone has their heart set on —- and the top two are likely Kiley and Elder, but you never know — would be a fine choice for the one-year-plus they would be in office. Then in 2022 either the new Gov would have done such an outstanding job he would be re-elected, or someone else would step forward and we’d have a REAL campaign for Governor and a chance to choose carefully for the following four years.

      With a clean-enough election I have faith this is going to work out the way it ought to work out.
      (knock wood and fingers crossed)

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