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California Governor Gavin Newsom (then Lieutenant Governor) riding in the Golden State Warriors Parade in Oakland, CA, Jun. 12, 2018. (Photo: Amir Aziz/Shutterstock)

Gov. Newsom ‘Humbly’ Soliciting Contributions to Defeat ‘Big Oil’ Ballot Initiative

Does Newsom do anything ‘humbly?’

By Katy Grimes, February 9, 2023 11:27 am

California Governor Gavin Newsom is sending out email pleas asking for donations “to defeat a Big Oil ballot measure,” claiming oil companies want to drill near schools and parks.

Here is the email letter from Gov. Newsom “Humbly asking you to donate $3 to defeat a Big Oil ballot measure that would let them drill near schools and parks:”

From: “Gavin Newsom” <info@e.gavinnewsom.com>
Subject: Humbly asking you to donate $3 to defeat a Big Oil ballot measure that would let them drill near schools and parks
Date: February 8, 2023 at 5:35:29 PM PST

Katy —

I need your help.

Late last year, I signed a bill into law that would keep new oil wells 3,200 feet away from homes, schools, and parks.

That upset the oil companies.

They want to drill wherever they want. They’d drill below a Kindergarten reading circle if they thought it’d make an extra buck. Even though we know drilling results in more kids getting asthma, being born with birth defects, and more families exposed to toxic chemicals.

So the oil companies went out and paid to collect enough signatures to qualify for a ballot initiative that would overturn the law I signed.

We’ve got to beat them, but I need your help. Because they will spend ridiculous amounts of money to lie, trick and deceive voters about their intentions.

So I am humbly asking:

Can you please contribute $3, or whatever you can afford, to my ballot measure committee today? We will put your donation right to work defeating Big Oil’s initiative when it comes to a vote. 

If you’ve stored your info with ActBlue, we’ll process your contribution instantly:



It’s one thing for Big Oil to make record profits as they rip people off at the pump. It’s a whole other matter to be so greedy that they want to drill next to daycares and schools.

Thank you,

Gavin Newsom

The bill Newsom signed is Senate Bill 1137, a gut-and-amend bill by Democrat Senators Lena Gonzalez and Monique Limón, to require 3,200-foot mandatory setbacks around California oil and gas wells.

According to Dave Noerr, the Mayor of Taft, CA and President and CEO of Huddleston Crane Service, the “lunacy” behind the bill stems from untrue claims frequently repeated by media, that “the fossil fuel industry contributes to public health harms that kill hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. each year and disproportionately endanger Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor communities,” as LA City Council President Nury Martinez said when the City of Los Angeles was proposing a ban on all new oil and gas extraction, as well as phasing out all existing wells over the next twenty years.

The Globe asked in August, “Why now when oil production has responsibly occurred in Los Angeles County and around the state for more than 100 years?”

Just in the City of Los Angeles:

  • there are 26 oil and gas fields that intersect city boundaries, and 5,229 oil and gas wells, according to the CA DOGGR and verified by the City’s Petroleum Administrator.
  • There are approximately 819 active, 296 idle, 3,181 plugged, and 933 buried wells.
  • There are oil and gas facilities in nearly every section of the 503 square miles of the City.
  • The City of Los Angeles produces 2% of California’s total production.

Requiring a 3,200 foot setback would impose a ban on all of Los Angeles’ oil wells, and drive up the cost of oil and gas in the state.

Even Elon Musk knows we need more oil and gas production. CNBC reported: “Realistically I think we need to use oil and gas in the short term, because otherwise civilization will crumble,” Musk said.

Notably, “Even Elon Musk knows 52% of his cars are plastic,” Noerr said.

“They want to drill wherever they want,” Gov. Newsom said. “They’d drill below a Kindergarten reading circle if they thought it’d make an extra buck.”

Newsom’s fight with “Big Oil” is shameless given that in the United States, there are currently more than 20 million homes behind in energy bill payments. In California, energy poverty is real and pushes people further down into poverty. When people can’t pay their energy bills, the rest of us pay.

Noerr told the Globe that it’s the green policies imposed by California, including surcharges, taxes and fees, that are causing the cost of energy to skyrocket – which is what the green energy proponents want. Banning oil fields would only greatly exacerbate the problem straight into a full crisis as we are seeing in real time in Europe.

“The rush to go green in Europe is a fantasy,” Noerr said. In its attempt to build “a climate-friendly future,” Europe has shunned oil, natural gas, and nuclear power, to its own detriment – and is now paying 80% higher energy bills.

Noerr said for those sincerely interested in reducing carbon emissions, the global textile industry has a much larger carbon footprint than the aviation industry. He also said the “invisible waste” for one laptop computer is 1,200 kilograms, which is 2,645.5 pounds. For one Electric Vehicle, there are 500,000 pounds of “invisible waste.”

In October, State Senator Shannon Grove, (R-Bakersfield), sent Gov. Newsom a letter schooling him on his attempt to deflect from the real causes of high gas prices in California – Democrat’s policies, outlining “the unaffordable green nightmare” Newsom and Democrats have created.

Here is Sen. Grove’s letter to the governor. This should be required reading in every Econ 101 class:

“I write to you today in response to your call for a special session to address high gas prices and to apply a windfall tax on the oil industry. Let me start by saying, I am surprised that you act as if you have no idea how gas prices in California can be so much higher than other states, and that you are making outlandish accusations regarding the oil industry. Sir, please see the explanation below to better understand how California has ended up in the unaffordable green nightmare you have created with your fairytale policies:

    1. California Democrats have created the most expensive operating environment in the United States.
    2. California has the most hostile regulatory climate in the United States.
    3. California Democrats have passed policies that have all but regulated refineries out of business in this state, or forced their closure, therefore limiting gas supply.
    4. When you shut down refineries, force them out of business, and simultaneously limit supply by withholding over 1000 drilling permits, it should come as no surprise that these actions would directly contribute to the increase of fuel cost in California.
    5. California is the only state that requires refiners and producers to comply with a cap and trade tax. This tax has yielded over 5 billion dollars thus far and is a cost which is passed onto consumers.
    6. You have stripped California’s domestic stability and made us reliant on hostile nations by forcing us to import more fuel from foreign countries at the expense of our ecosystem due to the extraordinary release of carbon from vessels that bring us the oil this state so desperately needs and consumes each day.
    7. California refiners must produce a “special blend” of fuel that meets low carbon fuel standards that are not required in the rest of the nation. This “special blend” is more expensive to produce and limits our ability to access fuel from other states.
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14 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom ‘Humbly’ Soliciting Contributions to Defeat ‘Big Oil’ Ballot Initiative

  1. And then Hairdo has the nerve to ask “Why does gas cost so much in this state?” He is as disingenuous as he is evil.

  2. Only a horse’s ass like Gavin Newsom would go begging for “Big Oil” shutdown funds right on the heels of being righteously called out as the Biggest Phony Ever on the subject. “He’s looking into exploding natural gas prices, calling on the Feds, going to war with Big Oil.” And did he actually say, “They want to drill wherever they want….they’d drill below a Kindergarten reading circle if they thought it’d make an extra buck.”? Can you BELIEVE this gas-injected narcissist? Talk about psychological projection! And by the way, will these “humble beggings” of his be deposited directly into the Gavin Gruesome for President campaign account?
    It’s official now, as if it wasn’t before —— Newsom wants nothing more than to wipe the poor and middle class off the California map. And one day, he apparently hopes, off the U.S. map!

  3. Instead of being allowed to seek contributions to destroy California further, Democrat Gov. Newsom should be brought before a tribunal and be held accountable for crimes against humanity for locking healthy Californians and small businesses down (while excluding himself and his cronies) during the scamdemic and for mandating experimental mRNA shots that have injured and killed thousands of innocent Californians. He and his soul have a lot to answer for?

    1. Yes!
      He has no shame! He accepts no responsibility for his actions! He gets away with it because we live in a progressive vacuum that was engineered by illegal immigration. election fraud, eliminating partisan primaries and a biased media.
      If he is not held accountable in the here and now, it will be waiting for him in the next life.

  4. Newsom’s “inflation relief” checks mailed out to his voters has come back to bite him in the rear end. Here’s the latest per Kevin Kiley:

    “Remember the Gas Tax Saga of 2022? With prices reaching $7 a gallon, Newsom and the Supermajority pulled out all the stops to kill my gas tax suspension bill. Now, there’s an epilogue to the story that’s even more absurd than any of the chapters. Facing public outrage over his opposition to my bill, last summer Newsom came up with a “tax refund” scheme that he billed as “inflation relief.” Conveniently, the branded debit cards landed in mailboxes at the same time as ballots. In recent weeks, 6.4 million Californians received another surprise in the mail: 1099 forms designating these tax “refunds” as taxable income. Meaning a chunk of the “gift” Newsom gave you out of the state treasury would now have to go back to the federal treasury.”

    For those who have already filed their tax returns get ready to file an amended return, depending on what the IRS decides to do.

  5. It would be nice to see who really casts those “return to sender” ballots.
    I fund it hard to believe a majority of voters want to keep doing everything they can to end the very economy they live in.

  6. You all being nice to Gavin. How many lawyers does the state of California have on the payroll? How much money is really moving threw the Carbon Credit pipe line and to who?

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