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Protest sign at AB 2098 rally. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom Signs Bill to Censor CA Doctors Accused of ‘Spreading COVID Misinformation’

Attorneys say AB 2098 is unconstitutional, violation of 1st Amendment

By Katy Grimes, October 1, 2022 8:51 am

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed AB 2098 by Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell), which will punish physicians and surgeons for “unprofessional conduct” for advocating for the potential benefits of early treatment with off-label drugs, or those who dare to ask questions about COVID vaccine safety.

Assembly Bill 2098 puts unconstitutional restrictions on free speech by medical professionals. Under AB 2098, doctors will be subject to disciplinary actions by the Medical Board of California and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California if they do not adhere to the “approved COVID treatment consensus.”

Protest sign at AB 2098 rally. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Who approves the “consensus,” Dr. Peter Mazolewski said last week to the Globe. The medical board? Public health officials? Neither all of the members of the Medical Board nor all of California’s public health officials are licensed medical doctors.

In his signing statement, Gov. Newsom said, “To be clear, this bill does not apply to any speech outside of discussions related to Covid-19 treatment within a direct physician patient relationship,” as if it’s constitutional to limit the censorship of doctors to one medical issue. Imagine if doctors were censored over various cancer treatments or heart ailments.

The Governor of the State of California is telling the state’s licensed physicians that when they are treating a Covid patient, they must remain in the lane of the consensus of the CDC or CDPH treatment protocols.

Laura Powell, founder of Californians for Good Governance explains in a June AB 2098 opposition letter:

“There is no question that the bill is aimed at restricting speech based on its content. As such, it would be presumptively invalid and could only be upheld if the government could prove that the law is narrowly tailored to serve a compelling state interest.

Which it does not.

Physicians would be punished simply for doing what they believe is best for their patients, sharing legitimate medical information necessary for their patients to make a true risk/benefit analysis.

The bill is aimed at physicians who acknowledged the 1% mortality rate, questioned mandatory masks, school closures, and challenged the claim that the vaccine would shield patients from getting or spreading Covid. It is also aimed at physicians who chose to prescribe therapeutic treatments during COVID.

“Censorship and criminalization are not the bulwarks of a free society,” attorney Leigh Dundas said at the AB 2098 protest rally Friday at the State Capitol. “The stark reality is if we are to remain a Constitutional Republic, then doctors must remain free to practice medicine.”

“Science and medicine are constantly evolving by challenging the status quo,” Dundas added.

And Dundas warned that if this bill to censor California’s doctors is allowed to stand, “guess who is next on the chopping block – the press.”

Tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch addressed the AB 2098 protesters Friday. “I’m labeled a misinformation superspreader, but (Senator) Dr. Pan can’t silence me because I’m not a doctor.”

“It’s [AB 2098] unconstitutional and anti-science,” Kirsch continued. “Tenure was created in universities to allow people to speak out without retribution. This is a special law targeted at misinformation for Covid-19, and that’s not science.”

As Laura Powell noted, “The bill does not address the problem identified. The bill’s authors and supporters point to the problem of doctors who widely amplify falsehoods about Covid-19, but silencing them would violate the Constitution. To remedy the constitutional problems, it would have to be pared down to the point that it would simply duplicate existing law. Proponents are unable to cite a single example of a harm that could be prevented.”

As Dr. Pete Mazolewski said, the purpose of Assembly Bill 2098 is to circumvent due process against doctors over “Covid misinformation conduct.”

AB 2098 will punish physicians and surgeons for “unprofessional conduct” for advocating for the potential benefits of early treatment with off-label drugs, or those who dare to ask questions about COVID vaccine safety.

Does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decide “approved COVID treatment consensus?” Even CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently admitted her agency’s failures during the COVID-19 pandemic during a message to her staff in August. ABC reported, “To be frank, we are responsible for some pretty dramatic, pretty public mistakes. From testing, to data, to communications,” Walensky said.

“We know there were a lot of problems with the CDC… if we speak out right now, we run the risk of losing our licenses,” Dr. Mazolewski said.

Protest sign at AB 2098 rally. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)
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100 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Signs Bill to Censor CA Doctors Accused of ‘Spreading COVID Misinformation’

  1. Another OUTRAGEOUS action on Newsom’s part. And delusional, too! What, pray tell, could possibly be the upside here? Legally OR politically? Given the strong legal forces already arrayed against this move who are reportedly all ready to go with legal actions prepared in advance (that are all-but-guaranteed to prevail), never mind the damage that will be done to Newsom (and others) politically, there IS no upside. Legislation is one thing, court rulings are another. And yet Newsom signed AB 2098 ANYWAY.
    Newsom can now be called a jackbooted thug without hyperbole. But — go figure — this has apparently been his goal all along.

    1. Newsom’s goal? Sitting on a board for Big Pharm now that his national political career is DOA. Guard against other reckless moves, coming at a fast pace after the total fail of his idiotic “billboard” campaign set to destroy what it left of this state.

      Newsom’s very recent warning about declining state tax revenues has put him into slash and burn mode ,while he tries to escape full blame for the decline and fall of this once great state.

      Too many large tax payers have fled this state and his micromanaging super-majority legislature is out to destroy any remaining small businesses. Zuckerberg sucking air big time now, leaves another hole in his Top 1% oligarchs who currently pay 50% of all state tax revenues.

      California, gird your loins – the next few years are going to be a very bumpy ride. Plus hiding the most recent state K-12 test results until after the election, is another fatal wound to this once golden state. All done on Newsom’s watch.

      1. I like your take on all of this, Jaye, and the reminders of Newsom’s self-inflicted troubles that seem to have come to a head and could now be putting him in panic mode. It would certainly explain his his behavior and his actions of late, which have been even worse than before, when we thought he couldn’t possibly get worse or more reckless. This is definitely food for thought, in addition to what you wrote further down in this section.

      2. We are doomed. He can’t even get recalled. I guess it’s a case of Stockholm Syndrome with the voters here. This bill is outrageous and unconstitutional.

        1. The Democrats imported an uneducated peasantry to cement a permanent majority in place. They don’t read, barely even think and believe everything the Spanish-language media spews (Soros bought up the last outlets that were not screaming left-wing). All they know is the Democrats are going to give them stuff. Newsom is the leading edge of the drive to do this to the whole country with his new Universal ID card (but Voter ID is fascist and can’t be heard of).

          The unfunded liabilties of the public pension funds are going to rain on this parade at some point in the future, but in for the moment it’s party time.

    1. No kidding, Fed Up. Just.Freaking.Amazing.
      Sure hope everyone will be sure to blast this story on social media to the four corners of the Earth as soon as possible.
      It wouldn’t do for ANYONE to miss it.

      1. Mr. Buckley, thanks for the link to your article. The antithesis of the Beta males you describe was Winston Churchill. Despite his own self-admitted shortcomings he was walking the streets of London, rallying his people while the walls of bombed buildings were still falling. Then there’s the frat boy Beta male Newsom. Newsom has likely never had a callous on his hands from honest work except perhaps a few developed from fondling himself while looking at his reflection in the bathroom mirror.

  2. Just more of the same from the Communist Chinese puppet Newsom and his gang in Sacramento. This is exactly the kind of repression and silencing that was done to the doctor who tried to warn the world about the Wuhan Virus when it first appeared. To his CREDIT he went against the so-called “consensus” and died a hero: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51403795. Newsom and his communist friends are cowards.

  3. Our First Amendment is being shredded before our eyes. Just look at what happens if you don’t agree with the left. If you believe in right to life like Mark Houck you can have 30 FBI agents arrest you with guns drawn and face 11 years in prison, if you don’t agree with FORMER VICE PRESIDENT biden you are a facist and an “enemy of democracy”, and now AB2098 signed by Governor Climate Change. If the GOP has any spine in this state they need to make their voices heard and get this overturned in court. By the way what ever happened to the ACLU ???

    1. The last board member of the ACLU revealed an internal document that admitted “well yeah free speech and all BUT what really matters is our political agenda” (which requires muzzling the opposition).
      original document is emedded pdf in the article here

      The Death Knell was the Morgan Hill flag t-shirt case. The ACLU ignored the suspension of high school students for wearing US flag t-shirts–after THEY were threatened with violence. The 9th Circuit ruled the administrator was free to suspend them based on “in loco parentis”.

  4. This is a blatant violation of the 1st Amendment and this legislation will need to be struck down in the courts? Gov. Newsom and his Democrat minions like Assemblyman Evan Low need to be hauled before tribunals to be held accountable for crimes against humanity by imposing medical tyranny, locking down innocent people, silencing anyone who dares to disagree them, and mandating experimental mRNA shots that have injured and killed thousands. Their souls have a lot to answer for?

  5. Is there really any doubt now that Democrats are Communists?

    What this bill does, is what they do in every Communist country, silence dissenting voices. Those are voices that are often right.

    This is from the bill’s text.

    “‘Misinformation’ means false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.”

    Science doesn’t work on consensus. Period.

    1. There ARE no communist countries! Never have been, except maybe for a (very) short while – the power-hungry bastards, usually corrupt as hell too, always take over. Anyone who is HUNGRY FOR POWER should be kept away from it at all costs – that goes for politics, the military and business. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” – note: needs, NOT desires. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/From_each_according_to_his_ability,_to_each_according_to_his_needs

  6. Aside from Dr. Pete Mazolewski , where are the (hopefully) other physicians speaking out against this censorship?

    1. Packing their bags and families to move out of California so they can practice medicine, use their experience and knowledge to keep moving forward in medicine/science.

  7. A look at Low’s bills is seem to move California towards CCP policies, with a hand out to narrative issues like LGBT.

    We know CA the head of the communist board lies with Newsom and his apostles like Low to fulfill China wishes to move towards a communist society.

    Ministry of Truth expands to watch over psychologists and now doctors who must adhere to gov’t policy over medical practice

  8. Outrageous, these people are desperate, I mean these psychopaths are desperate ! But they won’t have a public forensic collegiate debate, minus moderators to show who’s spreading misinformation. When people realize that’s what’s up. Maybe then people will wake up to the Rockefeller /Pasteurian wizardry ???

  9. Health care now means CDC dogma.

    Not that long ago this would mean hysterectomies for all women and a lifetime of cancerous hormone replacement drugs leading to early strokes, cancers and all accelerated aging disease – diabetes, dementia, heart disease, etc.

    Ditto Fauci and CDC pushing deadly AZT for AIDS, How many other examples do we need that the CDC is wholly owned by BigPharma. Heaven help us all. Don’t even get me started with the great “covid” hoax and its massive money machine, plus its primary role as a master Democrat political agenda manipulator.

    This is not “health care” any longer – it is now officially a dangerous waste of money. The co-opting of doctors as state automatons is now full circle – third party payers first and now the government and the long arm of the criminal justice system is at the patient’s beside too.

    None dare call this the practice of medicine ever again.

    1. Don’t forget that 98 % of our drugs are made in China. Biden-Harris has made a way for China to open packing plants for drugs in the USA. The blood thinner Xarelto has killed a lot of people and put a lot of people in nursing homes with dementia. The Xarelto and the thyroid drugs are packaged in the same plants.
      My body doesn’t belong to Newsom or the Democrat government.

  10. A doctor now must practice in fear; which patients will turn him/her in.

    No need for doctors if all you get is the medical-industrial complex party line. You can look that up on your computer, and decide if you want “consensus” treatment or not.

    They finally achieved “universal health care” – one size now fits everyone on the planet, but they call it consensus standard of care.

  11. Right behind abortion, iatrogenic medicine is one of the leading causes of death in America. That means mistakes made by the medical profession itself. “Consensus” medicine by its very nature, is a mistake. First, do no harm.

    Standard of care consensus at the beginning of “covid” required use of ventilators for arbitrary oxygen saturation numbers. This was killing virtually every “covid” patient in the early days, giving “covid lurid deadly reputation. This was iatrogenic standard of care consensus medicine. No one would be allowed to protest or to reject this?

    Biden on numerous occasions sought to brutally punish anyone who chose not to get the “covid vaccine”. This demand too was “consensus standard of care” medicine, and now proving to be both unsafe and ineffective.

    Where on earth are they going with this?

    1. Their wet-dream is to,have everyone shot up with their graphene oxide self-assembling nanobot structures so,that Yuval Harari and Bill Gates can “hack,you” or track,your every move. or just kill you from a heart attack, stroke or cancer…

  12. Governor thinks he’s a dictatorship. Appalling on every level. As unconstitutional and as dangerous to patients health as one could imagine. Who has more talent to treat illness? An unelected board of bureaucrats and politicians or doctors who are finding effective solutions on a daily basis and seeing the results of toxic big pharma meds,?

  13. Advances in scientific knowledge arise when _“contempory scientific consensus”_ is called into question by applying logic and rationality to all available evidence That is how science works. Forbidding that process _by law_ in the case of _medical_ science will have disastrous consequences.

  14. Great news.

    Newsom has just given us one more legal tool to use against all the state public health officials with MD’s who gave politically motivated deliberately inaccurate or quite simply untrue public health advice in the last three year and to have their medical lenience suspended or revoked.

    It is very much going to be a long game but this new law is going to make it easier to establish state case law to add Public Health Medical Malpractice law to more traditional Medical Malpractice law. Then set all the liability lawyers on them. Thats going to an interesting feeding frenzy to watch.

    Thats how stupid these people are.

    1. This was a CYA move only, as the real “covid” data is now flooding out. They had to pass it quickly to get ahead of the rapidly approaching malpractice threats.

  15. I wonder if this bill puts an end to insurance companies approving second opinions given CA doctors all have to have the same opinion. Do you think your doctor will have to pull out a cheat sheet, much like Biden’s, to read the blanket COVID treatment statement? Which politician will be the source of “medical” truths? Does Newsom deny that illnesses are forever evolving, especially viruses? Stopping physicians from critical thinking puts a halt on medical advancements and opens the door for “dumbing” down the profession to provide equity/equality to those failing basic reading/math/science standardized tests, you know the ones that are being kept from the public until after election time. Standardized medical care, no opinions, no medical experience required. This smells like just the beginning!

  16. This man and his band of evil doers have been brought and kept to power by Californians who are acting as if they cannot be bothered to vote him out. The mega unions like LAUSD, etc, etc., are selling their souls and their FREEDOM to the devil. It’s disgusting.
    We need to share with all Americans… that he IS doing this.. and he WILL continue .. even when he runs for President of the US. What a terrifying thought.

  17. Remember the first Florida speech when Newsom accused DeSantis of banning books, voting restrictions (he still thinks his ballot harvesting, sharpiegate, dead voter, scheme is behind him), and “CRIMINALIZING WOMEN AND DOCTORS”…. He has an awfully skewed definition of ‘Freedom’. Someone please remind him he took an Oath to uphold the Constitution (US not WEF), maybe he needs a refresher on the 1st Amendment. As I recall, Doctors that prescribed or recommended HCQ and Ivermectin made people well, and it’s now on the CDC list of recommended treatments. Newsom, not so much… nursing home deaths, suicides, drug deaths, hospital protocol deaths (Remdisivir, Vent)..watch as vaccine mandate deaths and adverse reactions explode.
    Any word on the date for debate with Dahle?
    Tfourier make sure you to get your 15 pieces of silver!

  18. Well, of course Hairdo signed it. He is too much of a coward to stand up against the nutjobs in the state Legislature (although, he didn’t take the more cowardly approach of just allowing the bill to become law without signing it…so there is that). This law will be quickly challenged and overturned in the courts like so many crazy CA laws dreamed up by the state’s Progs have been in the past. It’s pure and simple unconstitutional government overreach. And this from the same people who say that killing a child is simply a matter between a woman and her doctor and that the state should not intervene. If there is one “good” thing that came out of the past two years, it was the Democrats outing themselves for the authoritarian hypocrites that they are. Sadly though, it would appear that this once great state will have to slide deeper into destruction before enough of the voters here (those that are left) finally wake up and decide to vote for anyone other than the same people who have worked to destroy this state.

  19. Ironically Newsom also recently signed AB 2799 (look it up) that protects freedom of speech for rap artists by restricting the use of rap lyrics as evidence in court.
    I think it’s obvious now what California doctors need to do when communicating with their patients and the media.

  20. All of this covidity/nonsense vanishes as quickly as it appeared-as it was planned- when these doctors who should not fear being muted by losers and con artists-and everybody else on the earth-realize the level of deception regarding what we were all told to believe about pathogenic viruses-even Fauci was led astray in his early training.
    Pathogenic viruses do not exist in reality.
    They are “simply” a means to control populations with fear and make a lot of $$ selling “cures”. Many scientists throughout the ages who tried to bring this up are no longer with us. Today, there are 100 times these truth tellers so I doubt they will be able to keep their lies under wraps much longer, even though this is just one of their control tactics. These people are losing and hopefully will be on the run very soon-like Fauci.
    There are tons of studies about this look up Dr. Stephan Lanka.
    Here is a link below to another report recently completed by Dr. Sam Bailey.

  21. Before “wokeness” took over medical schools, doctors were the most highly and intensely trained professionals in the health care delivery system.

    Now they are going to be replaced by Big Pharm-funded government bureaucrats and cram down their own self-serving agenda as your health care. That they now also want us to pay for as “universal health care”.

    History of medicine by consensus
    1.Tonsil and thymus gland removal – later found to be important immune system organs
    2. Treating an irrelevant PSA surrogate score for prostrate cancer, leaving millions of men maimed and harmed
    3. Hysterectomies and lifetime powerful hormone drugs leading to strokes, cancers and shorted lifespans
    4. Ventilators of irrelevant oxygen saturation scores was a leading cause of “covid” death
    5. Over-treatment of benign DCIS as “breast cancer” maiming and harming millions of women
    6. Over-treatment of carotid artery surgery leading to premature death and maiming
    7. Over treatment of antibiotic prophylaxis for “heart murmurs”
    8. Polypharmacy of seniors making them pill zombies, with no studies ever done on their age groups
    9. Ever-changing metrics for blood pressure, with no comprehensive long term studies
    10. Total failure of evidence-based medicine (EBM) when it was quickly revealed how little evidence existed

    That is just from the top of my head -over my own 40 years in health care – watching medical fads come and go, which were standard of care consensus at the time.

    1. Jaye, thank you for this post. It’s a “keeper” for my files. Mostly because, apart from respecting what you’ve had to say over the years, much of what you have listed is suspiciously alarmist, always changing, likely benign and, if we didn’t know before, we certainly know NOW how useful fearmongering and “planting a seed of fear” is for govt and medical establishment purposes. Can’t help also noticing that it seems the source of these “fads” that come and go is a desire to jump-start the money machine if business is slow.

  22. This bill demonstrates what “regulatory capture” looks like in real time. BigPharm and the medical-industrial complex captured the bill’s author, and all those who voted for this and especially the governor who signed into law.

    The bill is little more than a CYA and “reverse engineering” piece of garbage, with very far reaching consequences triggering immediately the law of unintended consequences. But it serves beautifully to distance both Big Pharm and the passive medical industrial complex from immediate liability over this self-inflicted morass they call “covid”.

    All of the bill’s predicates are demonstrably false, but are used justify the political scenario that mandated “covid” vaccines as the right thing to do.

    Junk in junk out, a house built totally on a foundation of sand, but now this bill’s “finding” will be imminently quotable in any future liability and malpractice claims against these very curious state imposed “covid” mandates.

    This bill was eagerly passed right now, primarily as an attempt to outrun the data that is proving everyone of their legislative predicates is false. Relying only on corrupted and easily rebutted CDC data , the bill ignores the growing independent and politically neutral data now accumulating within all health insurance providers.

    Never once does it mention this mandated medical procedure in California was never granted full FDA authorization. It continues in all its forms today as experimental authorization only” – which contravenes Nuremberg principles about forced medical experimentation on human subjects. This is another way of stating there nothing science can corroborate about this product … because it is still EXPERIMENTAL.

    Over the past decades medical ethics evolved loosely from the following:
    1. Hippocratic Oath – First, do no harm – supported preceding eons of medical practice
    2. Paternalism – doctor know best, even if/when he lies to you, medicine was more care, less science, death was a natural consequence of life and many children lost to child hood diseases
    3. Post WWII Rise of Third Party payers and the medical industrial complex – find a disease and treatment to match insurance payouts

    4. Better living through modern chemistry – the branding of “life saving drugs” – with little or no verification
    5. Defensive medicine – Rise of lawyers and medical malpractice – over-treatment and huge cost explosion
    6. Patients fight back – right to die – don’t want to be hooked up to tubes – Medicare’s biggest expenses spent in the last six months of life.

    7. Direct to consumer – drug marketing – revolutionized doctor patient relationship, started with Tagamet
    8. Patient autonomy – Informed consent – shifts liability from doctor to patient, but in practical terms informed consent is a farce and only alienates doctor and patient
    9. Evidence-based medicine – a quick fail since little medical care had evidence to support it

    10. Rise of alternative medicine – folk, herbals, self-care, mind-body -efforts to discredit this as it becomes a billion dollar loss to the medical industrial complex, palliative care

    11. The current evolution – group think and health care by bureaucrats both in the government and in the health care industrial complex – rudimentary cost-benefit controls
    12. Today – censorship, crushing costs, professional malaise, patient helplessness, mandates, social scores, denial of care, shaming and ostracism – much like practiced by witch doctors of yore

    Within these evolving, and admittedly cynical, trends one can still find, with great difficulty a satisfactory health care dynamic, but not without understanding the shoals on must cross. And to not be surprised when the doctor you do like and have a good relationship with either hangs up his/her shingle in micromanaged frustration, or moves on to private concierge care at your full expense.

    The rise of corporate medicine, media hit pieces from the industry passing as “science” articles, and regulatory capture of the doctor-patient relationship by Big Pharm and the medical industrial complex is the stage we are in right now.

    Trust, but verify all things even your own health care these days. More is not better, but best can still be the best. Know the difference between trauma care where you do want every bit of technology thrown at you. And lifestyle maintenances care which does take more personal responsibility.

    How do we as laypersons ever stay well and thrive? To be continued, but this total garbage piece of legislation is an egregious turning point in our own journey to our own better health and a healthy relationship with a trusted health care provider.

    Let the “covid” law suits begin, and hopefully seeing this brazen CYA piece of legislation get over-turned.

    1. This is amazing. More for the “keeper” file. Comprehensive, knowledgeable, balanced, and it certainly resonated with what I (and of course others) have observed and experienced. Also it is somehow optimistic in acknowledging the obstacles we have all encountered but with ways of navigating around them.
      Appreciate very much that you took the time to post this, Jaye.

    2. Jaye, thank you for the comprehensive list.
      It can not be stated enough, these shots are experimental and are not FDA approved, that is a fact and cannot be argued with!

      This comment should be a main article or op ed here or in a legacy newspaper(one can dream).

      1. Thank you for the back-up resonance. (Sorry for the typos and syntax glitches – glad the message came through anyway.)

        When Democrats clamor for “universal health” care, I always ask define health care first, before anyone signs a blank check. You cannot define “health care” without including rationing, futility of treatment and “death panels”. Which are features of any other country’s universal health care delivery system, yet anathema to even mention in the US.

        Since health care remains as much art as science, it always requires the sympathetic administrations between doctor’s best judgment and his/her patient. Treating metrics and surrogate markers for health care reduces this relationship to only an AI technocrat machine interaction. A doctor and a patient relationship is as varied as human nature itself.

        Having also been engaged in bioethics over my long span in health care, we painfully had to confront we “can’t do everything”, even when a patient or their families demands this. And how hard is to decide to only do so much. Including how hard it is for the designated surrogate to be tasked with carrying our the patient’s express and written wishes, when other family members protest.

        The curious finding in so many bioethics case reviews was conflicted family dynamics became a primary driver of health care demands made at the end of one’s life; and not the actual health care issues of the patient who may be best served by comfort care; not the power play, resource-sucking demands by family members to add even one extra day to a life that was in the natural process of shutting down.

        Yes, we must define “health care” before we ever agree to pay for it. Let alone legislate it, as this bill claims to do- a total junk legislative cover-up for the state’s political command and control response to “covid”.

    3. Medicine has been weaponized against the public by the luciferian medical “community”. Real doctors are being weeded out with covid and other woke lies.

  23. As someone who is vaccine injured and who has fought to find a doctor to treat and diagnose what the jab has done to me, this is absolutely horrible! To criminalize our health professionals for treating and diagnosing patients the way they should be, this act is nothing short of being North Korea. When does a governor know best about medical care than those that have spent years in school and treating patients as experts? So we should turn doctors in for treating vax injured and try to find a cure and/or treat the multi symptoms that it has caused for millions of us? Anyone who implements this or follows along with this should be put in jail, honestly. This continued gas lighting for those sick & suffering from the jab is criminal and immoral. Now to criminalize doctors doing their jobs is criminal itself. I have had conversations with several doctors that have said the same thing, but now it is on paper.

    This agenda being pushed on us all is insane and we have had enough! Bc, you have deep pockets, and bowing down to pharma, does not mean we have to. You may as well put all of us on a firing line bc that is exactly what you are doing by enacting this bill. I surely hope that your constituents vote your behind out of the office and put you out to pasture. My heart goes out to those that live there dealing with this ignorance and the health professionals that now will have a target on their backs doing the right thing and helping those that need it.

    Follow our stories and truly see what these shots are doing to us. I went from healthy to chronically ill all in 2 weeks after the Pfizer booster. We fight every day to find treatment and a cure. We fight every day to show others what is happening to us and are trolled, bullied, and gas-lit. We fight every day to do normal things that others take for granted. We fight every day to keep going as we shake, have tremors, fall over, bleed, forget things, are chronically nauseated, and so much more.

    If you need support as vax injured or those that are fighting these shots, please know you have support out there. Please visit our support groups below. Let’s fight to change legislation like this.



    1. Cat, we are so sorry to hear about your story and vaccine injury. It is critical that doctors like me remain free to express our personal and professional opinions with our patients!! Thank you for sharing your story and for speaking out on this very important issue! We pray for your healing, and we thank you for all that you do in supporting others that have been injured and are desperately looking for much needed help and healing! God bless you!!

  24. It’s a strange world indeed where politicians get to tell doctors how to practice medicine. Doctors – at least the old ones – take their Hippocratic Oath seriously, and when a doctor manages to harm a patient, there are plenty of remedies on the books.

  25. Thank you for covering this important issue! We doctors must not be silenced from expressing our personal and professional opinions with our patients!! Medical freedom and the protection of free speech is critical and worth fighting for here in California and throughout our Nation!!!

  26. Holistic and natural treatment approaches have been under attack since the beginning of Rockefeller Medicine in 1910 (approx). Long-story short. Around 1910, John D Rockefeller approached drug companies and asked, “If you can make drugs from my oil, I will build and fund medical schools, textbooks, and conferences.” Part of this deal was the creation of the AMA, whose initial goal was to destroy all homeopathic medical schools. In the 1800’s about 40% of American medical schools were homeopathic. “Homeopathic” meant any natural treatment approach, including homeopathy. The new AMA banned MDs from collaborating with chiropractors in any way. The AMA went further, telling AMA doctors they were not allowed to socialize with chiropractors. Coronavirus, PCR tests, COVID cases generated by poorly run PCR…and genetic jabs now involve a doctor’s freedom, a process that began more than 100 years ago. I make sure my computer and smart phone have a VPN, so that I can have some privacy. I’ve spent around 2,000 hours researching every aspect of pandemic/quarantine/PCR/etc. When I meet a new patient, I want to know their vaccine status, not because I am pushing vaccines. Free speech is guaranteed by the US Constitution. Newsom’s action is dictatorial, interfering with the right of free speech. The doctor-patient relationship is really in jeopardy if a doctor has to choose every word carefully, as it relates to 2022 issues. If this bill stands, a lot of doctors will leave California. Side note: when I mentioned “poorly run PCR tests,” here is what I mean. The PCR is run in a machine called a thermocycler. The usual guidelines for testing for a virus are 25 to 34 cycles. With the onset of COVID, the WHO recommended that the PCR be run at 40 cycles. If you have one virus, after one cycle in the thermocycler, there are now 2 viruses. When the PCR is run at 40 cycles, we end up with a trillion times more genetic material. The inventor of the PCR test said that it cannot tell a flu from a coronavirus. Eventually, the CDC announced that the PCR should not be run at 40 cycles, but 40 cycles guaranteed that anything and anyone would test positive. That includes a doctor who submitted 5 samples, 3 from people, 1 from a rabbit, and 1 from a pear. All 5 tested positive for COVID…including the pear. If I am not permitted to explain what I believe, based on 44 years in practice and 2000 hours researching these issues, healthcare, as we have known it, will no longer exist.

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