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In Defiance of Supreme Court Decision, Calif. Lawmakers Pass 8 Radical Gun Control Bills

Another bizarre week for California gun policy, and they aren’t done yet

By Katy Grimes, July 1, 2022 2:10 am

Last week the Supreme Court issued a decision striking down a New York gun law that puts unconstitutional restrictions on concealed carry of a gun out in public, as the Globe reported.

Less than one week later, the California Attorney General leaked the state database of names and addresses of the state’s legal gun owners and concealed carry permit holders.

Gun groups across the state immediately called for an investigation into the AG leak, and some demanded the Attorney General’s impeachment, resignation or removal.

Gun Owners of California Executive Director Sam Paredes responded: “Attorney General Rob Bonta is either grossly negligent, completely incompetent or criminally liable. If this is his idea of increasing public trust, we’re screwed. For endangering the lives of 100s of thousands of law-abiding Californians, Bonta should resign.”

Paredes also notes “CCW holders are among the most law-abiding subsection of people in the entire country. This is a fact, however, that is routinely ignored by Leftist politicians and the media. According to California’s Department of Justice, the leak impacted applications from 2011 to 2021 and includes ‘names, date of  birth, gender, race, driver’s license number, addresses, and criminal history.'”

It wasn’t a good week for California gun owners, even with the landmark Supreme Court decision.

And that is because of the Democrat-dominated California Legislature, pushing 16 radical gun control bills through at breakneck speed.

Many or most of the gun control bills proposed defy the Supreme Court decision and the 2nd Amendment.

Fortunately, only half of those bills will be on the governor’s desk by Friday morning.

The following bills have been sent to the Governor to sign prior to both houses adjourning until the afternoon of 1 August 2022. He is expected to sign the following:

AB 311 – Del Mar Fairgrounds

AB 1594 – Civil Suits

AB 1621 – Unserialized Firearms

AB 1769 – Ventura Fairgrounds

AB 2156 –50 firearms per year to 4 for mandatory licensing as a manufacturer

AB 2239 – Prohibited Persons (Watch Bill)

SB 915 – No Events on State Property statewide (End of Crossroads)

SB 1327 – Private rights of Action Lawsuit bill

Several of these bills make it illegal for any gun shows to be held any more at state fairgrounds.

SB 1327 allows for private citizens to sue anyone who makes or sell specific “illegal” weapons in California, including “ghost guns (not traceable), specific gun parts, and California’s version of assault weapons (scary looking guns).

As Sam Paredes noted about the AG gun owner’s leak, “It’s important to note that judges, prosecutors and reserve law enforcement officers are among those whose private identifying information has been made public; such high-profile people have every reason to protect their addresses from vindictive criminals. We must not, however, ignore that there are thousands of vulnerable individuals who have now been potentially exposed to their abusers.”

“Regardless of whether someone is high profile or not, everyone has the same right of privacy and must be equally protected under the law.”

And as an added benefit, Gun Owners of California offers this:


Attorney General Rob Bonta | Department of Justice:  (800) 952-5225  Press “4” or call (916) 445-9555

Governor Gavin Newsom: Phone: (916) 445-2841 Press “6”

Your Legislator: Click HERE to “Find My Legislator”

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16 thoughts on “In Defiance of Supreme Court Decision, Calif. Lawmakers Pass 8 Radical Gun Control Bills

  1. WOW! What a boon to the black marketers!!
    The underground economy inhabitants must have a lobbyist in Sac!
    Cali better beef up their undercover agents, or there will be guns and bullets in the hands of voting citizens!!!

    1. Get ready for home invasions as the blk gangs have the list already. It takes all the guesswork out of which home to hit looking for guns.

  2. Thanks Katy for following these stories. The data leak is most concerning and should not be taken lightly.

    1. Agree – this issue should be front and center and pursued to the FULLEST extent of the lawsuits that are available to law abiding citizens….
      Bonta SCREWED UP BIG TIME with this stunt….he must be held to account by whatever legal means necessary….


  3. It’s always the guns. It’s never the drugs that these gang bangers, and criminals are on. By the way, marijuana is a drug.


    1. Thugs aren’t their aim. It’s the agenda to re-created the USSR nightmare that democrats have been in love with since the bolshevik revolution. Guns are danger to communists as people eventually tire of being poor and miserable and revolut. Newsom has this in mind

  4. Why don’t these highly intelligent politicians just make shooting someone against the law problem solved!!

  5. Northern neighbor coming in to say that I hope this AG gets tossed hard from their seat. This is a straight-up retaliation against countless law abiding Americans that think differently from him. Happy 1st and upcoming 4th, cousins!

  6. Wait until California declares independence and orders wholesale confiscation of all privately owned weapons. The voters will back that, 110%. Y’all ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

  7. Lockhart is right. This is nothing retaliation against the SCOTUS. The NY Gov also has done similar and passed a illegally law making it a point that your social media footprint will be a big decidinging factor for her Apparatchik’s on whether you can exercise your new 2nd A right. They need to bolster the base and make it look like they are doing something. All of these will be found illegal and unconstitutional at some point and may well end up before the SCOTUS agan. But a real court, that’s not part of their network of corruption should boot these almost immediately.

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