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Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. (Photo: da.lacounty.gov)

High-Profile Crime Wave Fuels Growing Support of Recalling LA’s DA George Gascon

Attacks includes assault against Olympian Kim Glass in LA

By Evan Symon, July 12, 2022 12:13 pm

A string of high-profile crimes in and around Los Angeles just since July 9th has led to a drastic increase of support for recalling Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon due to many seeing them as being caused by his soft on crime’ criminal policies.

The latest wave of high-profile crimes began early Saturday morning when famed rapper Snoopy Blue was shot in South Los Angeles. While many other high profile crimes were reported on  Saturday, an attack on Olympic volleyball silver medalist Kim Glass by a homeless man made national and international headlines. Glass, who was struck in the face and elsewhere by a homeless man wielding a metal object, survived the attack. However, her scarred face was everywhere on Sunday and Monday as news of the attack spread.

Finally, on Monday, a string of six attacks on 7-11 convenience stores in cities ringing LA County  in Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties left three injured and two dead. While some have blamed the robberies and violence on it simply being the day in question being 7-11 (July 11th, or 7/11), many of the local police departments believe that the same person is involved in at least some of the robberies and attacks.

The high profile crimes in and around LA have spurred many in LA County to continue the push against DA Gascon and support the growing recall movement against him. While the signature drive for the recall is over and the current signatures are currently undergoing validation, Gascon is nonetheless losing ground over his progressive reform policies effectively embolding criminals. Many crimes have been reduced in severity to misdemeanors along with the end of cash bail, allowing many criminals to return to the streets quickly out of local jails. Since Gascon was sworn in as DA in December 2020, crime across the city has shot up significantly in everything from robberies to homicides. LA County as a whole has also seen a crime surge in this time.

“In the last several days, Southern California, Los Angeles in particular, has seen a lot of notable attacks and murders occur,” explained former lobbyist Harry Schultz to the Globe on Tuesday. “If you recall, in November and December of 2021, the Bay Area had a bunch of high profile robberies, like the Union Square robberies and the flashmob robbery at a San Jose mall. Incidents both in and outside of San Francisco that was blamed on then-DA Chesa Boudin’s policies. And then helped get him recalled.”

“This string may be Gascon’s version of that. Or, sadly, may be a lead up to that. Because, just like those, even the ones outside the city are being tied to the DA due to their influence.”

Others also noted that the crimes would help likely help spur more voters to vote against Gascon and others who have similar progressive crime attitudes in upcoming election

“Californians should not be afraid to leave their homes, be worried that they’re being followed, or feel concern that their car will be vandalized, but the California that Democrats have created has left nearly everyone feeling unsafe,” said California RNC Spokesperson Hallie Balch in a statement on Tuesday. “Come November, Californians will reclaim their peace of mind by voting for Republican leaders that will make public safety their priority.”

More details on the crimes committed in the last several days are expected to come out during the week.

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Evan Symon
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8 thoughts on “High-Profile Crime Wave Fuels Growing Support of Recalling LA’s DA George Gascon

  1. Get rid of anyone funded by George $oro$…. he is hell-bent on undermining American society….

  2. I have a bleeding heart liberal friend who actually told me verbally that he thinks Gascon is doing a great job because since Gascon refuses to prosecute these people who are committing these crimes and then incarcerate them that it is keeping state taxes from being raised on us. This is liberal logic. Go figure. ????

    1. I’m not surprised, Samh09. Your friend is probably a devoted viewer of the January 6, fake-insurrection investigation hearings. A couple of guys like your friend sat down at the table next to us at a restaurant. All they talked about the whole time there, was “Trump’s insurrection”.

      1. P.S. And they had high praise for Lynn Cheney, of course. These guys are examples of the Democrat donor base.

  3. “Sadly”? Evidently the quote comes from someone who is sympathetic to Gascon dilemma. It should read “finally” Gascon will be recalled!

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