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Echo Park in Los Angeles (Photo: Evan Symon for California Globe)

New Shuttle Service For LA DA’s Office Employees Sparks Criticism In Los Angeles

Critics point out that failed policies by DA George Gascon, high crime rates led to ironic solution

By Evan Symon, March 17, 2023 2:30 am

A new shuttle program for worker’s in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office unveiled this week has drawn growing criticism. The shuttle was put in place following a growing number of criminal incidents against workers in the Civic Center area and DA George Gascon’s weak on crime policies that have led to a rise in crime in Los Angeles.

Since being elected in November 2020, DA Gascon’s policies, which have included cash bail being removed for many crimes and the end of enhanced sentences, have brought considerable criticism. Similar to the effect of recalled San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, Gascon’s soft on crime approach brought on a spike in crime in LA County. In the city of Los Angeles alone, crime went up 11.6% between 2021 and 2022. Meanwhile, other cities that removed Progressive DA’ and their policies, such as San Francisco, have seen crime figures grind to a halt, and in some categories, begin to improve.

The high crime in LA attributed to Gascon’s policies led to an ironic new program this week in Los Angeles. The Employee Secure Transport and Escort Program (E-STEP) program, which offers secure shuttle service for Civic Center employees, was put into place following a series of security and criminal incidents that took place between employees and the members of the public. Set up by the DA’s Bureau of Investigation, the program will continue until a more permanent solution is found.

“Security incidents involving aggressive confrontations initiated by members of the public have occurred to our employees assigned in the Civic Center area, while walking between their vehicles or transportation area and the office,” said a press release on Thursday.

Stops for the shuttle will include the Hall of Justice, Union Station, and Chinatown, with vehicles to, temporarily, consist of large minivans.

Critics of Gascon addressed the flaws in Gascon’s policies, which led to such a program to be created in the first place, as well pointing out that many other LA citizens would not be afforded the same protection.

“It is unprecedented in the 173-year history of the LA District Attorney’s Office that employees need to be escorted to and from their cars to protect them from random violent attacks,” noted DA’s office prosecutor and 2024 challenger to Gascon John McKinney on Thursday. “While I applaud George Gascon for taking measures to ensure the safety of DA staff, I blame his policies that have contributed to the need for such extraordinary measures. My thoughts also go out to the millions of Los Angelenos who have to travel about the County of Los Angeles without the same protection.”

A staffer in LA City Hall “Marco,” added, “I hope Gascon really looks into what he has exactly done. Everyone knows that all these things he has done as DA has led to the worsening crime situation. He put his own employees at risk, and he’s putting the people of LA County at risk. No competent person does that.”

“All I’m thinking of now is where is my protection, you know? We get accosted on the street too. Where is our shuttle service? Or better yet, where is the justice? All of my white, Asian, black, and fellow Latino co-workers are worried.”

As of Thursday, Gascon himself has yet to comment about the new shuttle service directly.

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Evan Symon
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5 thoughts on “New Shuttle Service For LA DA’s Office Employees Sparks Criticism In Los Angeles

  1. Unbelievable? The DA’s employees have the option to use a secure shuttle service to avoid all the crime that has resulted from DA George Gascon’s weak on crime policies, while other city employees and ordinary LA citizens don’t have that option? Stolen elections have consequences?

    1. Yes, ha ha, Mario —- certain ironic fallout such as this example has an uncanny way of pointing to stolen elections as the cause, doesn’t it? And there will be more unavoidable fallout. As you know.

  2. Yet the public voted to keep idiot Gascon in office. They also elected an ultra left mayor, Bass. LA has turned into a sewer, and the public only has themselves to blame. The problem is the people are too stupid to see what they are doing to their own city with their votes.

    1. Are voters stupid, or more likely, all these other loser Democrats are installed with voter fraud and rigged voting machines?

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