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Roseville High School. (Photo: RJUHSD.us, with photo credit: Natalie Pagel)

Pastor Counsels Roseville Kids on Sexual Identity & Gender Without Parents’ Approval

‘I call Child Protective Services when parents misgender their kids’

By Katy Grimes, March 20, 2023 4:01 pm

Earlier this month the Globe reported on a “church” group applying for a permit to use Roseville High School for an upcoming meeting, which turned out to actually be a Drag Show. The “Landing Spot” claimed to be a church group, and applied for a permit to use the school for an upcoming “Church Fundraiser.”

Roseville High School Drag Queen Event. (Photo: Parents, with permission)

The “Landing Spot” is listed as one of the ministries under the umbrella of the Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ (LBCUCC), “a progressive Christian church serving Placer County.”

RJUHSD parents contacted the school board, which immediately went to the district superintendent exposing the group cloaked as a “church” event, and said that because of the direct appeal to the students, the group needs to be banned from the school grounds.

“This is adult entertainment,” a mom said. “These are kids. And they lied about being a church group having a church event.”

The Landing Spot announced on its Facebook page the same day our article was published that they have cancelled the Drag Show for this year.

“The Landing Spot” is one of the ministries under Loomis Basin UCC Church. (Photo: Loomis Basin UCC Church website)

However, the Landing Spot is apparently as busy as ever. If you recognize the name the “Landing Spot,” besides recent Globe coverage, Project Veritas just dropped a new video featuring the Landing Spot’s leader, Pastor Casey Tinnin.

Pastor Casey Tinnin, also known as The Queerly Faithful Pastor, says in his bio, “For anyone who does not know me I am a Preacher, protester, and (some would say) ‘everybody’s pastor.’ I love to hike, talk theology, politics, and sex.”

The problem is, parents say “everybody’s pastor” is talking graphic sex with their kids, and turning parents in to Child Protective Services when they object.

And now, parents and members of the community want to know, who at the Roseville school district made the decision to use the Landing Spot as a counseling referral outside of the official school district wellness centers.

Oddly, on the Landing Spot webpage it says it is “non-religious” support group for LGBTQIA+ youth and their parents, on the Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ website.

“The Landing Spot” is one of the ministries under Loomis Basin UCC Church. (Photo: Loomis Basin UCC Church website)

The Project Veritas video reveals that Pastor Tinnin clearly has an agenda that goes beyond inviting teens to youth groups and faith circles when he says, “I call CPS [Child Protective Services]” when parents misgender their kids. (Warning: Pastor Tinnin has a potty mouth)

The parents from the Globe’s earlier article have stayed in touch, and told the Globe that even with Pastor Tinnin cancelling the annual Drag Queen Show, many of the high schools in the Roseville Joint Unified High School District (RJUHSD) have wellness centers that refer LGBTQIA students to the Landing Spot, without parents’ knowledge or consent.

The Project Veritas video appears to confirm this when they talk to “Anna,” a psychiatrist at the Roseville High School Wellness Center. She verified that they don’t have to call parents. “That’s a protection thing in California,” Anna says. “We have some parents that are really upset about that,” she says as she giggles and smiles.

“I and the older queer folk are mentoring these young adults,” Pastor Casey Tinnin told Project Veritas.

He says parent get really angry, “When they [parents] know that their queer kid is coming to me for support, they’re going to be upset,” he said. “We’re like this close to having parents freaking the f*ck out.”

He said he went to the Gay Straight Alliance club meeting at a school and there were 50 kids attending. “Half of them are Mormon,” he said. “Those parents don’t want me talking – encouraging this lifestyle, right? Like, that’s the thing.”

So Pastor Tinnin says he has the kids tell parents that they are going to a youth group meeting, or to the library, where his Landing Spot team of over-18 college students meet them. He says his college students are running his monthly meetings now. “I literally have not been to one in two months, because they are killing it.”

He then talks about high schools having safe spaces for kids under age 13, and calls them “the easiest low-hanging fruit.”

Pastor Tinnin said it is critical to get them while they are young “because puberty is where we will see these kids really spin out because all of that dysphoria beginning to arrive.”

“And so if we can start helping parents talk about ‘how do you talk about puberty?’ ‘Have you considered blockers?’ You know, all of these things, it is beneficial for them [children] in the long run.”

He explained to Project Veritas how it has been possible to hide this information from parents, even claiming that he is “not lying” to them — “but it’s not fully telling the truth” to the parents either.

“If we want these kids to thrive and survive, we must get to their parents first,” Pastor Tinnin said.

RJUHSD parents told the Globe their students have been invited to Landing Spot “Ask me anything” sessions, where Christian students say their parents and church tell them masturbation is bad, a sin. Their kids told them Pastor Tinnin says that is wrong, and that they should explore all aspects of sexuality.

“This is hurting kids and ripping families apart,” one mom told the Globe. “Particularly Christians and Mormons.”

The parents said the Landing Spot is recruiting Christian and Mormon kids without their parents’ knowledge.

The Globe issued a California Public Records request Monday to the Roseville Joint Unified High School District (RJUHSD), to Superintendent John Becker, Asst. Superintendent Dr. April Moore, Director Human Resources Rob Hasty, and to RJUHSD Board President Pete Constant asking for all communications, contracts, current and past and future, with The Landing Spot, Loomis Basin UCC Church, and Pastor Casey Tinnin, working with or for the RJUHSD.

We also asked if Pastor Tinnin and his adult college students who are “counseling” the RJUHSD students if they are licensed by the state.

We asked about the school district’s security measures: “Did Pastor Casey go through the standard, required RJUHSD background check, fingerprinting, requirements that any of the Wellness Center staff (or volunteers) have gone through?”

And “Does Pastor Casey bring other Landing Spot or Loomis Basin UCC Church staff, volunteers or parishioners with him when he comes onto campus? What is the process for approval for them to enter campuses? Have they been background checked and fingerprinted?”

These are all requirements parent volunteers must go through in order to participate in classroom and activities on campus.

The parents say “Pastor Casey” as he is known, has been in their schools since about 2018. But they can’t get any information from the schools or school district about if and how he was vetted, and who made the decision to use the Landing Spot as a counseling referral outside of the official school district wellness centers. What about liability?

Parents also want to know if Pastor Casey Tinnin is getting paid for his counseling services from the school district referrals, and if he is, is the money being collected under his Church?

Pastor Tinnin’s Landing Spot webpage is devoid of any information, and the link to its Facebook page doesn’t link – although the Landing Spot Facebook page is active.

The “Landing Spot” is one of the ministries under Loomis Basin UCC Church. (Photo: Loomis Basin UCC Church website)
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22 thoughts on “Pastor Counsels Roseville Kids on Sexual Identity & Gender Without Parents’ Approval

  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Katy.
    I now understand why the airwaves are being flooded with concerns over mental health. It looks to me this is another gateway to introduce LGTBQ to the young.
    The UCC near my home has a very similar pastor at the helm.

    I also find it very interesting that progressives ran prayer out of our schools. They lamented that there must be separation of church and state. If a person took the time to read the 1A they would conclude it is misused by the progressive left.
    So, how is it okay to have a pastor like Pastor Casey in the schools advising students on topics that really should be between a student, guardians and personal clergy. He would be considered a religious figure (debatable), but is this what they would consider a violation of their own interpretation of the 1A? Is he is a non biased participant? Unlikely.
    More reason to get kids out of public school. It is not a safe space for children of all backgrounds.

  2. Leftists love religion as long as it is not Christianity. All others serve their purposes.

    They are now resurrecting the ancient human sacrifice cults via abortion and transgenderism.

  3. Today, Sacramento City Unified School District held a press conference where they raised a flag at the district office drawing attention to “transgender visibility day.” If only this failing school district cared as much about teaching core curriculum as it does about pushing gender politics.

    1. If many of the high schools in the Roseville Joint Unified High School District have wellness centers that refer LGBTQIA students to the Landing Spot without parents’ knowledge or consent, then district officials need to be held accountable? Sadly, the district is similar to the Sacramento City Unified School District and most other public-school districts in California that push gender politics? Maybe the only solution is for parents to pull their kids out of public schools in order to regain parental control over their kids?

  4. Pastor Tinnin told the students that they should explore all aspects of sexuality–does that include pedophilia? The Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ appears to be a leftist front group who are abusing their tax-exempt status? There’s nothing Christian about the Pastor Tinnin and his “church?”

  5. This is completely outrageous and unacceptable. The Project Veritas video confirms what we already knew from Katy Grimes previous report, that “Pastor Tinnin” is a vile predatory charlatan. Roseville High School and the district are complicit in activities that must surely still be illegal. How creepy was it that psychiatrist “Anna” ‘giggled and smiled’ went talking about how upset parents’ are at not being informed of their children being lured to this insidious spider’s web?
    At any rate it is great to see that a public records request has been filed to get information on everyone and everything involved. So many excellent and pointed questions raised. When coupled with the information gained from parents with whom Katy Grimes has maintained ties this seems as though it might be the best hope for success in getting to the bottom of this indefensible situation and maybe even shutting it down. These slithering snakes and their underhanded activities must be stopped.

  6. RJUHSD Message

    Roseville Joint Union High School District (RJUHSD) was recently made aware of a video released by Project Veritas yesterday afternoon regarding The Landing Spot, Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ, and Pastor Casey Tinnin.

    We share the concerns expressed by students, parents, and members of the broader community. We would like to be clear that the video does not represent our district and community values, nor the important work of our Wellness Centers and dedicated staff.

    Several weeks ago the District was made aware of a number of potential issues related to the presence of The Landing Spot on our campuses, including the fact that they were operating on our campuses without an approved Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). On February 15th, the District took immediate action to ensure The Landing Spot representatives were not engaging students on any of our campuses while we further investigated the issues.

    Based on what we have learned, the District has no intention of pursuing any contractual agreement of services with, or referrals to, The Landing Spot.

    Given statements by Pastor Tinnins in the video, along with other related concerns, RJUHSD staff has contacted the Roseville Police Department and Child Protective Services to advise them of the matter so they can ensure no students have been harmed.

    RJUHSD is committed to ensuring that all students receive the support needed to reach their full academic and social potential. Our Wellness Centers are open to all students on a voluntary basis and are staffed by clinical counselors, social workers and counselor/social work interns. All California school districts are required to meet the current CA anti-discrimination laws as well as federal and state laws regarding student privacy. (California Department of Education).

    We fully support the social/emotional health of all our students, including LGBTQIA+ students. Resources for LGBTQIA+ students continue to be available in our Wellness Centers, Placer County Connecting Point 211 for community-based referrals and resources, and campus Gay Straight Alliance Clubs. RJUHSD is committed to only partnering with organizations that align with student safety and privacy within an authorized, formal agreement.

    John Becker

    Pete Constant
    Board President

    1. Roseville Parent: Thank you for posting this (apparently panicky) Roseville District response to recent revelations. It got me to wondering… WHY is there a need for a “Wellness Centers” in high schools in the place? Who, according to district administration, are doing such “important work”? They are clearly meant to be more than “safe spaces” for “snowflakes,” aren’t they. And why the heck is a PSYCHIATRIST on staff there? At least one…. there may be more, as well as other licensed M.D.s. Remember that a psychiatrist — unlike a psychologist — is an M.D. and can thus medically diagnose patients as well as dispense medication. And I recently read of a state effort (can’t remember where, now) to allow mere “psychologists” to prescribe and dispense medication. What’s that about?

      Are these “Wellness Centers” an offshoot of the medical clinics staffed by M.D.s that were (at least in my local district) embedded in middle schools and once upon a time diagnosed students as ADHD and prescribed Ritalin and Adderall (harmful amphetamines) to mostly male students to “help them focus?” This was supposedly at the behest of mostly female teachers who wanted to control antsy male students. Remember that?

      And have these “Wellness Centers” been placed (oh so conveniently) in districts to do the bidding of Planned Parenthood’s state-allowed incursion into the public schools (remember that?), providing not only birth control pills but abortion pills and referrals to abortion clinics? Planned Parenthood is entwined with the “gender affirmation” movement, as I recall. Thus does the presence of a psychiatrist on the staff of a public high school indicate that hormone-blockers or hormone-enhancers are being or will be prescribed in our middle and high schools? Will we see in the not-too-distant future our public schools as centers for on-site abortions and mutilating transgender surgeries in addition to dispensing such destructive prescription drugs? Considering all the secrecy surrounding this subject, to what extent could much of this be happening already? This is just the tip of the iceberg it seems. There are many more questions.

      1. Correction: 1st paragraph – “Why is there a need for ‘Wellness Centers’ “in the *first* place?” (sigh)

    Protested and fought the Rocklin Unified School District to approve an addition of LGTBQ material instruction in 2019.

    Well it’s highly concerning that the American Council who is supposed to pick only Christian Conservative Candidates endorsement of Joe Patterson who brags about getting the Rocklin Unified School Board members elected wasn’t more concerning about the kids then! Joe Patterson city council member and Mayor in Rocklin Was so proud of the Rocklin he “built” ? Why has this been going on and nobody does anything??? Because it’s all about optics and money ! Joe Patterson as executive director of the Ca Gaming Association his entire campaign was financed by big tech, casinos, card rooms, insurance, pharma, and this is the Christian valued candidate chosen? This is disgusting

    DESTINY CHURCH ROCKLIN Pastor Greg Fairrington and Joe Patterson are long time friends .

    Rocklin City Council has also approved of a Chinese Peptide Company Bio lab to place a laboratory in Rocklin.


  8. Wow, this is pretty disgusting. Cannot believe this Pastor claims to be a man of God. Why can this group not be disbanded now?! It seems as if enough info has been revealed to shut them down. Parents need to protest and remove all children immediately.

  9. Gays Against Groomers should be contacted about this so called church and it’s leader who are exploiting vulnerable youth. Maybe a protest can be organized against them? Gays Against Groomers is a coalition of gays against the sexualization, indoctrination and medicalization of minors under the guise of “LGBTQIA+” and there are chapters across the country. (https://www.gaysagainstgroomers.com)

  10. The alphabet mafia at Loomis Basin UCC Church needs to stop with their perverted grooming. There’s nothing loving about molesting innocent kids.

  11. The so-called “Pastor” Casey Tinnin is a dyed in the blue HOMOSEXUAL Pervert and he is dishonest and a liar and tells children to lie to their parents about his sleazy adult entertainment. His “church” needs to be shut down and Casey Tinnin needs some prison time for his nefarious activities.

  12. hello Ms. Grimes,
    you don’t know this, but I go to that Loomis church as a transgender youth, and I trust Pastor Casey to the point where I would take a bullet for him if necessary.
    He is not a bad man. That video has been edited, and our church, including Pastor Casey, has been getting death threats.
    Please do not spread rumors.

  13. Local “news” channels have been on damage control for this mentally ill pervert, disgusting. Remember Project Veritas broke the ANTIFA Communist Gabriel Gipe story indoctrinating our kids. That POS got $190,000 and was allowed to resign

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