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Ric Grenell’s ‘Fix California’ Files Injunction Against Latest Los Angeles Mask Mandate

‘The County has no rational basis and no authority for the Health Officer Order’

By Katy Grimes, July 17, 2021 8:39 am

“I’m hearing that @RichardGrenell‘s #FixCalifornia is working to file an injunction against the latest Los Angeles County mask mandate. This is good, because I have a lot of questions,” the Globe Tweeted Friday.

We referenced our article reporting that Los Angeles County public health officer, Dr. Muntu Davis, announced at a video press conference a new order requiring masks be worn by LA residents when indoors, regardless of vaccination status — effective Sunday morning at 12:01AM.

Sacramento residents are also once again being asked to mask up indoors as the county’s COVID-19 case rate increases and the Delta variant surges.

We asked, “Why Are California Cities’ Public Health Officers Really Ordering Masks Worn Indoors? We’ve been told the vaccines protect against COVID-19, and the variants, according to the World Health Organization.”

Sure enough, Grenell’s FixCalifornia legal team filed an Emergency Stay on the July 15th Mask Mandate on behalf of Petitioner Fadde Mikhail.

In their Case Overview, attorneys Harmeet Dhillon and Mark Meuser explain why the mask mandate is dubious:

On July 15, 2021, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, through its Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis, announced that the County would reinstate its indoor mask mandate effective 11:59 PM on Saturday, July 17, 2021, in response to a reported rise in the Delta variant of the COVID-19 strain across the County.In doing so, Dr. Davis made clear that the Health Officer Order will apply to everyone, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status, by noting that “we’re not where we need to be for the millions at risk of infection here.” Yet, as the CDC and the County both recognize, vaccinated individuals’ risk of either infection or transmission is extremely low. Further the County is less than ten percentage points from vaccination levels experts consider having reached herd immunity. In short, the County has no rational basis and no authority for the Health Officer Order.

The lawsuit says:

The Health Officer Order impermissibly restricts the liberty of fully vaccinated individuals without rational basis or legal authority. Since March 2020, County residents have had their liberty restricted in unprecedented ways. Businesses, schools, and houses of worship have been shuttered or had to follow other onerous restrictions in an effort to stop the spread of COVID19. Those restrictions have loosened as the result of rising vaccination levels, but now the County seeks to again restrict the rights of vaccinated County residents, yet this time based on a minuscule risk of COVID-19 contraction or transmission.

This is the legal document:

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17 thoughts on “Ric Grenell’s ‘Fix California’ Files Injunction Against Latest Los Angeles Mask Mandate

  1. Science no longer has anything to do with anything Chicom virus-related. It’s all about political totalitarianism in shaming those who made the personal decision to skip the experimental, non FDA-approved vaccine for now. Medical practices in the USA allow for patients to get a SECOND OPINION any time a doctor prescribes a medication, or diagnoses an illness. And the patient may opt for that second opinion in their decision-making process. Government mandates violate that right. And now with the Lyin’ Joe administration using social media companies as federal government agents and creating a conspiracy to violate the first amendment rights of those who have a different opinion than that of the government, credibility on anything Chicom virus-related coming our of the administration is gone.

  2. Excellent news! I’m so happy Ric Grenell has taken action here, and that The Globe apparently lit the fire for that action with the fine and truthful reporting of our own courageous Katy Grimes. Remember they both live in California, folks! That puts us ahead of the game, if you ask me. 🙂

    1. Ric Grenell on NewsMax is saying that Gavin is really “ticked off” that LA is doing this masking order again. Apparently, Newsom feels it will hurt him in the recall as he can’t afford to anger voters AGAIN. Maybe we should not sue and just LET them do it?

      1. Thanks for posting that tidbit. I suspected as much, but that definitely explains why the whole state isn’t shut down now, following L.A. County’s ridiculous move, on the strength of Gruesome’s executive order under his still-existing “emergency powers.” Remember the whole state was locked down under Gruesome in March 2020, starting with the Bay Area, then L.A. County, etc. Thought he’d do it again with extending the mask order to the whole state and was kind of curious why he didn’t. Oh yeah, Fear of Recall! DUH. Right? What a guy.

        1. Showandtell, we will just have to wait and see how this plays out. But I believe this indicates that Newsom’s own internal polls show some possible areas of weakness in his support between now and 14Sept and it worries him. There are only so many “cards” he can play – like the $$$ payoff, rent forgiveness, and so forth. Rescinding the gas tax? Not likely. We can only hope for more of this kind of “cognitive dissonance” between the head and other moving parts of Democrat organism.

          1. Raymond, it strikes me that a lot of the “bribes” rolled out by Newsom & Co. only serve to tick off and galvanize YES on RECALL. Meanwhile the recipients of the bribes likely won’t be “grateful” enough to be motivated to support him. But, as you say, we’ll see…..

  3. Why can Newsom just sign an executive order telling LA County to knock it off with the mask mandate??

    1. Well, E.A. He could do that but it would show everyone that he’s throwing the mask-mandate officials under the bus; causing more blow back and negatives for him. Don’t worry. He’ll find a way to weasel out of this.

  4. Finally!! Formal challenges to these politically motivated control measures…
    Or are the illegal aliens and homeless contributing to the Covid spread????

    Or more likely, are the vaccinated beginning their viral shedding thereby guaranteeing a permanent lockdown???

  5. I have to wear a mask at the store, but 50,000 can pack a stadium with no masks, sitting together 3-4 hours. Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

  6. Ultimately, this whole mask thing will become like the late and unlamented 55mph speed limit. Increasingly ignored by all but the most obsessed and chary, with the occasional “scare-the-monkeys” for-show enforcement and prosecutions, it will be tossed to the curb, finally, as enforceable and ridiculous.

    In the interim, and again like with the 55, we’ll all be treated to endless, polarizing and dreary debate about “The Science” and “Saving Human Lives” (!!!), complete with cherry-picked and hedonic statistics and larded with over-the-top emotional anecdotes.

    And all this while real and growing problems such as failing infrastructure, illegal immigration (and anchor babies), urban degradation and squalor, fracturing societal cohesion and so forth are ignored. True problems all, and certainly not including this kabuki in social conformity by the various celebrities-de-jour “Public Health Officials” looking to extend their 15 minutes. (Aided of course by the usual suspects in Politics, Entertainment, MSM, Big Tech and the Pharmaceutical Giants, all looking to enhance their tenure, Q-Score, ratings and valuations.)

    Dr. Johnson noted that “The prospect of hanging concentrates the mind wonderfully.” You have to wonder is California might similarly benefit – ultimately – from a massive calamity, natural or otherwise, such as “The Big One” , a Cascadia Subduction Zone event, EMP attack or even a few dropped nukes, to get its focus off of trivialities such as mask wearing and unto the things that really matter. When you’re really fighting to survive, mask wearing and “Social Distancing” become pointless and even dangerous hindrances.

    Just a thought.


  7. While I applaud the effort, there is one thing about this suit that deeply troubles me. In the language used, there is an implicit acceptance of both the state’s authority to impose such measures under some circumstances, and of the two class society being created, between privileged lab rats and those of us who insist on retaining some shred of human dignity.

    1. “…an implicit acceptance of…the state’s authority.” You’re spot on. I do not consent to anyone’s bogus authority. I speak for myself.

  8. This entire thing has degraded and become an “I’m better than you are” because I wear a mask, or I’ve been vaccinated, or… Let’s CUT THE CRAP! NOBODY should be extorted to wear a mask ANYWHERE whether vaccinated OR NOT! We NEVER did it for the FLU, SARS, a Cold, EBOLA, SPANISH FLU, NONE OF IT. SO LET’S STOP WITH THE UNSCIENTIFIC VIRTUE SIGNALING. It’s ALL about control. Because if you can smell anything through your mask, the TEEENNNY virus can get in. It’s like trying to keep a mosquito out with a chain link fence. A mask is useful in a sterile surgical environment and perhaps a few others. BUT how much scummy junk is crawling around on these things, anyway. There have been tests done on little kids’ clean masks. They are quickly fouled AND YOUR KIDS ARE BREATHING THAT JUNK! Let’s stop with the child abuse. I’m absolutely creeped out when someone who thinks I should be wearing a mask like a Taliban insurgent pulls one from their pocket suggesting I put it on! It’s DISGUSTING being around masked people, those things oozing out who knows what, and as they talk, cough, sneeze forcing OUT the junk toward everyone, I’d rather be around someone who hasn’t a viral/bacterial cocktail exploding from this placebo on their face. ENOUGH. NO masks. Not just for the vaccinated-making them the protected class. NO masks for anyone! NOWHERE, NO more extortion “you can’t be seen” if you aren’t wearing a mask at the lab, physician’s office, dentists, veterinarian, hospital..oh way, are they even letting family go there now? THAT IS CRIMINAL to forbid a patient from having family or representatives accompany them during their stay. ENOUGH. This cabal of control should NEVER HAVE BEEN allowed and people were far too tolerant and drank the kool aid in thinking it was for the greater good. Give Americasfrontlinedoctors.org a look and watch the tour videos, read the data, etc. and open your mind up from the casket of CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS etc

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