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Natomas Unified School District board meeting 9/1/21. (Photo: screen capture https://natomasusd.news)

Sacramento ‘Antifa’ Teacher Indoctrinating Students in Marxism/Communism Receives 3 years’ Pay to Resign

Pictures of antifa flag and Mao Zedong on his classroom walls, teacher worked to turn students into revolutionaries

By Katy Grimes, August 10, 2022 8:01 am

For three years, Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento permitted an avowed socialist and member of the local “antifa” chapter to teach AP American Government at Inderkum High School.

Last September the Globe reported on teacher Gabriel Gipe, who proudly admitted to politically indoctrinating his students in Marxism/Communism, in undercover Project Veritas video.

KCRA now reports Gipe “has received three years’ pay in exchange for his resignation after he was secretly recorded by a conservative activist group professing his allegiance to Antifa, which in turn led the school district to find ‘clear violations of political activity’ inside his classroom.”

The Natomas School District agreed to pay Gabriel Gipe $190,000 in exchange for his resignation from Inderkum High School.

What were the “clear violations of political activity inside his classroom?”

“Gabriel Gipe said that his intention is to radicalize students into supporting Marxist ideas by using the public school system as an avenue to incentivize them to participate in fringe extracurricular events,” Project Veritas reported. “I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries…Scare the f*ck out of them,” Gipe said.

Attorney Timothy Snowball, who attended the September 2021 school board meeting, explained in a Globe article:

On tape, Gipe brags that he has 180 days to turn his students into “revolutionaries.” In addition to hanging an “antifa” flag and picture of the brutal communist dictator Mao Zedong on his classroom walls, Gipe assigns his students extra credit for attending radical leftist protests.

Gipe also requires his students to take an ideological test, which he uses to plot their positions on a chart hung on the classroom wall and then publicly shames those he deems too “right-wing.

At the conclusion of the tape, Gipe laments that Americans have not taken up arms in order to violently overthrow the government and institute a socialist utopia.

The Globe was told that Gipe was terminated by the school district ahead of the intense Natomas Unified School Board meeting, where parents showed up in droves demanding justice for their children, demanding the teacher be fired, and even demanding criminal prosecution.

Natomas Superintendent Chris Evans told the Globe, “Not only is it against school policy and board policy, but he broke the sacred trust between school and parents. We fired him well before the meeting.”

Now we know he was not terminated, but resigned four months later when he made the deal with the school district. They paid this teacher, who acutely violated school district policies, to quit, which indicates heavy-handed teachers union influence.

Video of furious parents at the Natomas school board meeting is available, before the board took a recess during the meeting, came back, took another recess, and then disappeared out the back door before the meeting ended, according to several parents,” the Globe reported.

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16 thoughts on “Sacramento ‘Antifa’ Teacher Indoctrinating Students in Marxism/Communism Receives 3 years’ Pay to Resign

    1. Completely agree, CW.
      And what’s with the admin of the school and the superintendent not having a CLUE that this was happening in the first place? Especially when the teacher in question had his walls plastered with Marxist propaganda for all to see? Every teacher I’ve ever known had regular visits from admin to check on what was happening in their classrooms. But maybe no longer, when teachers are now like snarly anti-social teenagers who allow no human to enter their bedrooms. (And if they, like the teachers, have a thuggish union behind them the teenagers could enforce it.)

  1. I wonder how much of the windfall he is going to donate to “the cause,” or any other charity?
    My guess is zero

  2. Did this bad actor have to surrender his teaching certificate? Or can he re-surface in another district to poison other children’s minds?

    1. There is no information about his teaching credential, or where he has landed. We will be following up on this story.

  3. Your story left out that in his zeal to indoctrinate his student’s he isn’t do much teaching of his subject matter. Advanced Placement Government is a Senior course where students prepare for national exams. His pass rate among the hundreds of students he taught over three years was less than 5%., way below the national average of over 50%, costing his students or the Natomas District the exam fee and hundreds of hours of preparation. Administrators and his Department Head obviously provided no oversight and could care less about the course content.

  4. Glad my kids are grown & grandkids are for good reason home schooled. This is NOT a local crisis. It’s a national one, and one that requires immediate national attention. The failures can be placed at the feet of every level from from the garden variety level preschool teacher up to, and including, national level legislators. Whole generations of our children are being radicalized and cheated of a productive education to assist them in their adult transition. One need not look far to witness how very ignorant our young adolescents and adults are. They are to be our future leaders, but are wholely unprepared to accept that transition. Immediate emergency steps at all levels must be undertaken to salvage what was one a great education system, but is in sad decline now. Those steps will be uncomfortable, at first, but necessary if our nations freedoms and excellence are to survive.

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