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San Francisco Reparations Plan Installs a ‘Neo-Apartheid System’

‘Reparations Management Council to operate independent of government of San Francisco’

By Katy Grimes, May 8, 2023 3:37 pm

The San Francisco reparations committee has admitted that their recommendation of a one time payment of $5 million per black resident has no mathematical basis.

In March, the Globe spoke with local San Francisco resident Richie Greenberg for in-depth analysis. Greenberg founded the successful movement to recall former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, and now is a vocal critic of the recently-proposed San Francisco Reparations Plan.

“This is an unlawful, unrealistic asinine plan,” Greenberg told the Globe.

In April, Greenberg served a Cease & Desist demand on the offices of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Greenberg said this in response to deliberations currently underway by the supervisors considering approval of the plan, as well as consideration of a recent request by San Francisco County Supervisor Shamann Walton for an advance allocation of $50 million toward setting up and staffing an Office of Reparations.

The cease and desist demanded the San Francisco Board of Supervisors cease such wasteful spending on Reparations as the plan is unlawful, unconstitutional and violates several provisions of state and federal constitutions, the Civil Rights Act and therefore can never be lawfully implemented.

Greenberg also demanded a full accounting of all expenditures related to the Reparations plan between Jan 2020 through present day. The city had 10 days to respond to the Cease & Desist notice.

The Globe asked Greenberg if the Board of Supervisors replied to the cease and desist demand within the 10 allowable days. “It was delivered as we know but they failed to honor the demand for a response,” he said.

That’s another story for another day, but demonstrates the patronizing and contemptuous attitude the San Francisco elected board has for the citizens.

What is Apartheid? According to the Martin Luther King Institute at Stanford, “Apartheid (meaning “apartness” in Afrikaans) was the legal system for racial separation in South Africa from 1948 until 1994. The Popular Registration Act of 1950 classified all South Africans into three categories: bantu (blacks), coloureds (those of mixed race), and white. Later, a fourth category, “Asians,” was added. Throughout the 1950s regulations created separate residency areas, job categories, public facilities, transportation, education, and health systems, with social contact between the races strictly prohibited.”

“This plan exposes the worst of San Francisco’s activists and is unconscionably detrimental to our city. It therefore must be rejected,” Greenberg says on his “Reject the Plan” website.

As for San Francisco Aparthied, “Reject the Plan” lists the details:

“Combining all provisions below, the San Francisco Reparations Plan installs a neo-Apartheid system on a city of 45,000 Black/African-American residents being given super-prioritized services, funding and extraordinary privilege – out of total city population of 825,000 . The result is Apartheid San Francisco, where 5% Black residents take the resources and economic earnings of the 95% non-Black residents.”


Create new Reparations management council after June 2023 – page 50

This committee to operate independent of government of San Francisco – page 31

Impose a “Reparations Tax” – page 50

Create exclusively Black credit scores – page 32

Create Black banks – page 32

Black credit card/loan debts to be forgiven – page 33

Black business tax and payroll tax exemptions – page 33 and page 39

Form a Black land and building acquisition trust – page 33

Refinance Black mortgages – page 34

San Francisco will pay Black condo fees, parking, maintenance, repairs – page 34

Convert Black public housing to condos, with one dollar buyout – page 35

Home vacancies of 3 or more months given priority to Black buyers/renters – page 37

Purchase and run Black community centers – page 38

Prioritize Black industries – page 38

Prioritize Black employment training, certification, contracts – page 39

Black business hubs, campuses, manufacturing, cannabis, media, AI, biotech – page 39

Takeover of vacant downtown San Francisco office space – page 39

Payments to Blacks to alleviate stress and anxiety caused by financial insecurity – page 48

Fund Black schools, Black churches, Black community spaces – page 46

Greenberg provides extensive analysis of the Reparations Plan at RejectThePlan.com , and a copy of the Cease & Desist as well. For more analysis and to obtain the Reparations Plan, commentary and official documents, please visit RejectThePlan.com.

What is the San Francisco Reparations Committee? “A committee that develops recommendations for repairing harm in our Black communities,” the website says. “The Plan will highlight ways that City policies have harmed Black lives.”

With a “Reparations Management Council” to operate independent of government of San Francisco, what could possibly go wrong?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “San Francisco Reparations Plan Installs a ‘Neo-Apartheid System’

  1. “This is an unlawful, unrealistic asinine plan,” Greenberg told the Globe.
    What else can be said about something as preposterous and unworkable and self-defeating as this, that masquerades as moral when it is deeply immoral, and that even if (God forbid) it could somehow be carried out would not be beneficial for ANYONE?

  2. At this point I’m not sure which is needed more…a wall at our southern boarder or a wall around California.

  3. I support the 5 million in reparations!!! If San Francisco really wants to commit suicide then let’s stop trying to block them or slow them down! Let them collapse. Let their fantasyland come to a crashing halt! Let them fully embarrass themselves not only to the entire country but the entire world! Let’s be honest, we rational, fair and ethical people in California are losing on every level to these psychopaths yet we act like their chaperones trying to protect them and keep things together. It needs to fully collapse before it can be rebuilt and all the people who are delusional can hit the rock bottom of reality!

  4. Most of the provisions above have already been done. It’s called “affirmative action”. In 1975, I remember being told that because of affirmative action I could not be hired by a large energy company because I was a white male just graduating from college. What was I supposed to think?

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