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CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Florida ad. (Photo: Gov. Gavin Newsom youtube channel)

The Floridian response to Newsom’s July 4th Florida Ad

Most Florida lawmakers, citizens who have seen it have viewed it negatively

By Evan Symon, July 4, 2022 5:35 pm

California Governor Gavin Newsom, after a week of speculation, released his long-awaited Florida ad on Monday, drawing the ire of many in the Sunshine State.

While the Globe has already pointed out the ads many faults, as well as the response from Californian leaders, the response from those in Florida was not immediately reported on.

While many prominent Florida lawmakers, such as Governor Ron DeSantis, State Assembly Speaker Chris Sprowls (R), and State Senate Majority Leader Debbie Mayfield (R) have yet to directly respond to the ad, others have given either negative or dismissive actions against it. Some under Governor DeSantis responded quickly, as did Florida Department of Health Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern who gave a simple response of showing several homeless encampments in California and saying “Shouldn’t you be worried about California?”

Others, such as DeSantis campaign spokesman Dave Abrams, pointed out the negatives in California, noting “Gavin Newsom might as well light a pile of cash on fire. Pass the popcorn for his desperate attempt to win back the California refugees who fled the hellhole he created in his state to come to Florida.”

Still other lawmakers in Florida also got into attacking and mocking the ad on Monday.

“When I showed it to the Assemblywoman, she just laughed at it, said it reminded her of an SNL parody ad or one of those fake ads they show on Adult Swim, then continued on with the party,” said an anonymous staffer to a Florida Assemblywoman on Monday to the Globe. “Later, during the party, she asked for me to pull it up when some of her close friends came, and these are big name donors in Florida. They just looked confused, with one of them saying ‘What the hell is wrong with him?’. Nobody took him seriously.”

Another staffer, this time to a state Senator, also gave a reaction.

“He started going over, point by point, what Newsom was getting wrong,” explained Jose, a staffer to a Florida Senator, on Monday. “No anger, no laughing. Just cold, hard facts retorting each one.”

Florida residents also give negative reaction

Florida residents also responded largely negatively to the ad. Suzanne Hopkins, a researcher and polling company manager, told the Globe Monday afternoon what initial reactions were to the video from Floridians.

“It’s been mostly negative so far,” said Hopkins. “The data is still incomplete, but a lot of viewers have been calling the ad ‘patronizing’, ‘wrong’, ‘disingenuous’, ‘out of touch’, and, perhaps most bluntly ‘bad’. Three people actually called him a ‘Star Wars villain’ from his tone.”

“We’ve had around 250 responses recorded so far. A big thing, said by over half of respondents so far, was about the homeless issue. Many pointed out how it is not nearly as bad in Florida. Taxes were also big, as well as wildfire concerns and other major California issues that the ad didn’t go into.”

“There were not many positive remarks either. We got some who said they were Democratic or Moderate talking about how he seemed genuine, but wished he would have gone about it better. You know, admit the faults in California, before launching into Florida. Some were very receptive to the stripping of certain rights in the state too.”

“Most most have been very much against it. I don’t know who green-lit this, but whoever did seriously needs to consider giving back their degrees in advertising or political science, because this is not how you do an ad like this. First off, an opposing Governor from another state doing this? In an election year no less? Doesn’t look great. Plus getting across the message was flat wrong. This is textbook on how to NOT make an ad, especially if it is being used as many speculate as a jumping off point for 2024 or 2028. Any political consultant who knows what they are doing would have said to not do this or would have made some big edits here.”

“Going with the vast majority of Floridians here, what the heck was he thinking with this?”

As of Monday afternoon, many Floridian lawmakers have yet to give direct responses to the ad.

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Evan Symon
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19 thoughts on “The Floridian response to Newsom’s July 4th Florida Ad

  1. He is one of the biggest POS in the entire country, he gets daily advice from the biggest female POS Pelosi. He has destroyed CA, he should jump off of a cliff and CA would be a better state.

    1. Yep, Newsom’s California has a lot going for it; Highest taxes, worst roads, highest fuel prices, least affordable housing, highest poverty level. most homeless drug addicts, worst public schools, yet this jackass thinks he’s wonderful and should be president.

      1. No WE won’t – Dominion will….

        And until the CAGOP grows a set and challenges the statewide rollout of this system of corruption (see Colorado) they will not see one penny in donations from us….

        1. Agreed. Too many Cali’s come to Colorado and vote just like they did there.
          Y’all get your heads out of your orifice and get rid of Newsonce!

  2. I am one of many lifelong Californians who think Newsom is a nuisance and simply wish he would go away. California continues on a steep downward slide thanks to him and his cronies who tax us incessantly, who let criminals go free to commit more crimes, and who specialize in going after law abiding citizens trying to protect themselves as allowed by the Second Amendment. This Democrat thinks it’s time for change in California.

  3. Newscum has destroyed California along with the rest of the democrats in CA. The elderly can’t afford to stay in their homes because of high property taxes. The Ad was a joke.

  4. Regardless of what Newsom decides to do, CA needs some viable, sane moderates who can help to change the course of the state.

  5. I have lived in California my whole life. It has turned into the biggest shit hole in the United States. High homeless population, Highest gas prices in the nation, schools are going downhill fast, way too much illegal immigration , turning criminals loose left and right.

  6. This thing has destroyed the once wonderful state of CA and more of us are leaving never to return, myself included.

  7. Are we missing the obvious? Who is paying for the ad, The Warden Governor or us, the taxpayers? Has the source of funding been disclosed? After all we have a $110 billion surplus but no one talks about the 1.3 trillion dollar unfunded state pension deficit. Sacramento’s mythical budget surplus – Press Telegram_files.

    Wake up Demorats you are being sold out!

    1. Yes indeed Kevin. Apparently the unions are paying for the Florida Ad. It makes sense. The unions own the governor and the legislature. No use warning these people about the “fiscal cliff” that they are about take ALL of us over – it will come suddenly and without warning. The state, county and city employees will be the first to feel the effects. (https://www.zerohedge.com/political/how-public-pensions-turn-cities-unlivable-hellholes) I once had a small amount in CalSTRS derived from a short stint in teaching. I decided to transfer that pittance into a self-directed IRA and applied for a withdrawal. The whole process was like trying to pull teeth. Why, you may ask? Because CalSTRS and CalPERS are dangerously under funded. I would tell Democrat voters this: The system is broken and the people you are voting into office DO NOT CARE (https://www.thecentersquare.com/california/lao-california-veers-near-fiscal-cliff-a-year-after-record-budget/article_0adfb46c-d617-11ec-97bd-a7d568c6ec84.html).

  8. We are witnessing the “Managed decline of America” brought to you by New world Order Communists. Equity = equally poor and miserable.

  9. The only problem with kalifornia is that the poor don’t pay their fair share of taxes. In a state where the poor exceed 2/3 of the population, combined with a state constitution which requires 2/3 approval for tax increases, the working people are pretty much doomed to endless tax increases. The only solution is to limit welfare benefits to a person’s personal income tax payments – so you get only the amount of govt benefits which you are entitled to and dont steal from your wealthy neighbors.

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