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President Donald Trump. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

EXCLUSIVE: California Globe Interview With President Donald Trump, Part 2

‘We created the strongest economy in history – there was never an economy like this’

By Katy Grimes, May 17, 2022 2:30 pm

The California Globe had the opportunity to meet with Former United States President Donald Trump Friday in Los Angeles in a one-on-one interview, while he was in the state on business. We discussed the state of the State of California. As expected, President Trump had plenty to say about the politics of our unique state.

This is Part 2 of the series; Here is Part 1.

“The one thing with me is I have a big voice,” President Donald Trump said as we discussed whether or not California’s elections can be cleaned up. “Because nobody ever writes this story – I haven’t seen this story,” he added.

“California is totally corrupt,” the 45th President told the Globe. “And frankly it has to be when you send out 20 million ballots. It has to be.”

Trump continued: “And many people got two, three four or five ballots! I’ve seen this on television. And people say to me ‘I got five ballots.'”

“It’s a disgrace.”

“What the Republicans do is allow it to happen without a fuss,” President Trump said. “The Democrats would go crazy” if they were on the receiving end of mailed ballots, ballot harvesting, and funny business with elections.

“See, I don’t believe the Democrats are a 50/50 Party. I think they cheat on all elections,” Trump added. “Because when you have ‘defund the police,’ sanctuary cities, open borders, all of the drugs you want, no God, no guns, I don’t believe that is a 50/50 Party. I think Democrats cheat in elections, and the Republicans are just as guilty because they let them.”

“Look at Pennsylvania – the Republicans allow them to cheat by being weak,” Trump said. “But I don’t believe they are a 50/50 Party because of all of the things they stand for so strongly – ‘defund the police,’ sanctuary cities, open borders.”

“Look at now – look at inflation,” he said. “We had no inflation. We had it down to a perfect science. We had no inflation and we had low interest rates.”

“I mean this guy [President Joe Biden] is going to be the next Herbert Hoover. Or worse,” President Trump said.

Under President Herbert Hoover, the 31st president (1929-1933), elected on the eve of the Great Depression, the top tax rate was hiked from 25% to 63%. “Perhaps his single greatest policy blunder was supporting and signing into law a tariff act that fueled international trade wars and made the Depression even worse,” USNews reported.

“He could be a combination of Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter,” Trump continued. “Jimmy Carter was almost Herbert Hoover.”

Under President Jimmy Carter, the 39th President (1976-1980) inflation rose from 7% in 1977 by an average of more than 11% in 1979, up to nearly 14% in 1980. “Automobile prices increased 72%. New house prices went up 67%. In 1979 alone, gasoline prices increased 60%. By the time Carter left office, the prime rate was 21.5%, Human Events reported. Gas prices skyrocketed to (inflation-adjusted price) $4.14, which made it the 5th most expensive year in an 85-year span.

“Whereas we had the strongest economy in the history of the world,” President Trump said. “We created the strongest economy in history. There was never an economy like this.”

Under President Donald Trump, the 45th President (2016-2020), the U.S. enjoyed the best labor market since 1969 with record low unemployment, more jobs, rising wages, low gas prices, record high employment for ethnicities, corporate taxes cut, consistently higher GDP, booming stock market, increase in manufacturing jobs, and no war.

In 2019, in an article titled, “10 Reasons Trump Economy Is Best in 50 Years,” Wealth Manager and Attorney George Mentz wrote, “With a mixed bag of tax-code improvements, removal of red tape, new trade agreements, and competitive tariffs, the U.S. economy is more insulated from failure. Even the Federal Reserve is willing to lower rates if other countries harm the U.S. trading environment.”

“We were beating China,” Trump said. “And now they’re going to end the tariff on China, which is hard to believe.”

Part 3 of the Globe interview with former President Donald Trump is next. 

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8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: California Globe Interview With President Donald Trump, Part 2

  1. The entire Democrat playbook was in cahoots with China and the entire plandemic was released in retribution for the economic headwinds that President Trump’s policies had caused the ChiComs, plus the lockdowns and mass formation psychosis programming created enough fear in people that they willingly went along with all the voting rule-changes and procedural anomalies (Stop counting in the middle of the night? First time ever? SERIOUSLY???) that resulted in the stolen election…>
    And then the agitators and plants that were deployed for the J6 gathering were just the cherry on top of this sh*t-shake to stir up the triggered leftists even further….
    Why’d Pelosi order the barriers and fencing up around the Capitol again???

    No, he’s right – the economy was HUMMING along and this is a concerted, PLANNED effort by the Communist Democrats and their powerful World Economic Forum fascist banksters to take down the United States, with their “Build Back Better” totalitarian, central-control systems…

    We must RESIST these EVIL forces, especially this impending WHO autonomy-grab that’s scheduled for next week that the Potato-In-Chief will likely align himself with, as part of his loyalty to the WEF, as long as he gets his percentage….

    1. Well stated Critical D!
      All I can add is that it will be 10% for the big guy!
      Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences!

  2. Thanks for that CD9, you’re on fire lately.
    What a mess. But we need to vote with a vengeance anyway with the idea that we might overcome their cheating ways. By the way where did I hear that a million registered Repubs didn’t vote in the gov recall? Their presence would have made a difference, assuming the S.O.S. didn’t just cut-and-paste the results, which it weirdly looks like something that could have been done, the recall numbers were so eerily close to the 2018 Gov numbers. Guess we’ll never know!
    And we do need to do everything we can to dash the WHO takeover. There’s no coming back from it, should it happen.
    Really enjoyed Part 2 of the President Trump interview, Katy Grimes. Experiencing the Biden Tsunami of Disaster when it should have been a Trump presidency with dramatic achievements for Americans everywhere one looked is like a nightmare we can’t wake up from. Looking forward to Part 3.

  3. Agree with Trump. We didn’t vote for all this crap in California! But Mark Dice has proven there are some dump people hear.

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