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Gavin Newsom and Shirley Weber
Gavin Newsom and Shirley Weber. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Hysteria and Collusion As Gov. Newsom Orders Large Gatherings Cancelled

‘The test run to see how easy it is to control the people is going pretty well’

By Katy Grimes, March 14, 2020 9:59 am

This week California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all “gatherings must be limited to no more than 250 people” – except strangely, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios Hollywood, and other large theme parks, and gambling casinos. The next day Disneyland announced it would voluntarily close until the end of the month. Optics won out – especially after last year’s measles outbreak at the happiest place on earth.

Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Sacramento all closed schools.

Throughout the country, corporate America is trying to out-virtue signal the next large corporation.

Major sporting events have been cancelled including the Masters, NBA games, pro soccer, major league baseball, college sports events including March madness, and high school sports.

Entire school districts in California are closing down and sending 1.5 million children home. However, they are providing meals for children whose parents don’t feed them.

However, schools remained open in Stanislaus County. And in San Luis Obispo County, County Health Department Director Penny Borenstein is recommending schools stay open because “global data about infection rates in children indicates that they account for only 2 percent of infections and exhibit mild symptoms, thus the risk to the children is low, Cal Coast News reported. However, that isn’t good enough for opinion writer Nick Jenkins who says Dr. Borenstein should be replaced because he says “children should be considered the most likely vector for the disease.” But he’s wrong. Just about every doctor interviewed about the coronavirus says it is not attacking children, and the average age of the 41 now dead is 80. It is our elderly and those currently in nursing homes in need of special attention.

Large companies are ordering employees to telecommute. That’s probably a good thing and a money saver.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Thursday that allows the state to take over any hotel or hospital in California and use it to treat those that have the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Thus far, 5 are dead in California due to Coronavirus. The Center for Disease Control reports Saturday:

  • Total cases in the U.S.: 1,629
  • Total deaths in the U.S.: 41

There are more than 18,000 total deaths this year from the seasonal flu, and 41 in the U.S. from coronavirus, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Still, not one major news network seems to care enough to report on the tens of thousands of dead every year due to seasonal flu. But the coronavirus is an opportunity the left just can’t resist.

In a blue state like California where nearly every city and county is dominated by a Democrat Supermajority, some Mayors are taking even more advantage of the hysteria of the coronavirus crisis and adding to Newsom’s  totalitarian orders.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed just ordered movie theaters in her city to shut down, sending home employees who need the paycheck.

“Several neighborhood San Francisco movie theaters including the Balboa, Vogue and Roxie abruptly stopped screening movies on Friday, March 13, and more are sure to follow, after city officials announced yet another limit to public gatherings — this time to 100 or more people,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“The San Francisco Department of Health order, announced by Mayor London Breed, prohibits ‘all indoor public and private gatherings and outdoor gatherings within an enclosed space that has a maximum occupant load of 100 people or more.’ The ban is the third directive announced by Breed in just a week in attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the name of public safety. It will be enforced until April 30.”

With the forced closure of so many businesses, California politicians are now also demanding a ban on evictions, putting the burden back on property owners. They are also asking for help for those struggling to pay their utility bills, all from the hysteria that they created, and years of bad policy decisions.

The Los Angeles Times ran a disingenuous hysterical headline: Supermarkets swarmed, coronavirus deaths increase in California, except the deaths in California did not increase.

The San Francisco Chronicle had this hysterical headline: Could San Francisco become Italy? Expats warn of devastation. Italy, a now borderless European Union country is indeed suffering under the coronavirus. However, Italy begged other EU countries for help and received none.

“The test run to see how easy it is to control the people is going pretty well,” a friend quipped.

Californians need to take a breath and not buy into this hysteria. Coronavirus is a virus. Be smart and follow hand washing directives. And know when you are being duped by a dishonest media and Democrats who will stop at nothing to remove Donald Trump from office. Why else would  MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace call the coronavirus President Trump’s “Katrina?”

“Let’s just lean into that for a minute,” Wallace said. “I mean Katrina was the moment when all the things that felt incredibly incompetent about the Bush presidency, the appointment of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. The botched attempt to pass Social Security privatization, I mean I lived it, I can go through the whole list, were realized,” she boasted, Newsbusters reported.

“In the next shocking exchange, Wallace and Glaude got animated and seemed excited over the idea that hundreds of people could die, but it would be worth it because finally some of Trump’s base would stop supporting him.”

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5 thoughts on “Hysteria and Collusion As Gov. Newsom Orders Large Gatherings Cancelled

  1. Thank you Katy for covering this and putting Covid19 v. seasonal flu in perspective when virtually no one else in CA print media is. If students in the public schools were taught critical thinking, I doubt we would be having this kind of a reaction in the public. But of course if critical thinking were a public school curriculum requirement and thus widespread, so many other things would be different in the state, too, wouldn’t they?

    1. As the article noted.. Blue state governors and cities mayors are going full totalitarian and ordering events cancelled, and businesses and bars closed, etc… Lets be clear. We are heading straight into Marshall Law if this continues folks. They just haven’t called it that yet. The reds states aren’t going totalitarian yet. just the blue ones, as is their political philosophy of total control vs the Constitution.

      1. Yes John, I absolutely agree. Simple observation of blue v red groups shows that (generally speaking) the typical modern Dem leader, usually a Leftist, in order to fulfill his own goals, appears much more interested in exploiting and feeding this panic than earnestly taking steps to alleviate problems or to serve and calm the public. Their records are also evidence of this. It seems clear that this is happening because it is much easier to check off leftist agenda items when everyone is frightened and distracted and running around like chickens with their heads cut off, a perfect opportunity for mischief. (See Gavin Newsom, Eric Garcetti, et al, as perpetrators of this, but they are not alone and it’s not just California, as you point out.)

        Good citizens who see this need to be leaders and good examples in our communities as best we can and keep our heads.

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