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San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. (Photo: sfdistrictattorney.org)

The Greenberg Brief: Whittling Away At The Soros Scourge

Every rogue DA tossed from office is a victory

By Richie Greenberg, November 21, 2023 2:55 am

Back in 2021, the effort to oust San Francisco “district attorney” Chesa Boudin commenced after his first disastrous year in office. The motivation and catalyst which launched that recall was his refusal to do his job as prosecutor and the resulting injury he did to our city’s residents, businesses and tourists. People were getting killed.  In June 2022, voters showed their ultimate disgust with him, at the polls; Boudin was summarily sent packing, though he begrudgingly left his post delusional and defiant as ever. His recall election concession speech became a rally cry to his supporters, alluding to his losing that battle, but “we’ll win the war”.

That recall led to our nation being made just a little more acutely aware of the phenomenon of the “Soros DA”. These are exceptionally dangerous people, adept at deception, misdirection, often eloquent speakers with a certain charisma. They are renegade attorneys very often with sole experienced as a public defender (a total lacking of prosecution experience), armed with sharp speaking skills, a briefcase of manufactured catch-phrases and talking points, and financially supported through PACs financed by one of several organizations tied to Hungarian-American Jewish billionaire George Soros. From San Francsico’s Chesa Boudin to Los Angeles’ George Gascon, to Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg, Alameda County’s Pamela Price, and now Loudoun County, Virginia’s’ Buta Biberaj, these last few years in America we’ve seen an attempt to dismantle accountability; it’s a concerted effort undertaken by Soros and his loyalists to undermine our criminal justice system.

Buta Biberaj, former Loudoun County DA. (Photo: loudoun.gov)

Since the late 2010’s the fight began via federal political action committees like Real Justice PAC, (honestly, this is a great committee name) except it’s a truly dastardly organization. During the effort to recall Chesa Boudin, San Francisco activists (along with yours truly) worked tirelessly to expose details surrounding the PAC: we did deep dives, scouring public information from Real Justice PAC’s list of financial donors, tying together other similar-purposed “justice reform” PACs and reform-minded nonprofits funneling their funds first to PACs which initially got Boudin elected, later turning focus to defend him from recall just two years later.

Many large-donation contributors (giving tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars) were shocked to see us posting their names and contribution amounts on social media. The most common response – whether sincere or just saving face – was they had no idea Real Justice PAC wasn’t actually about fair and just prosecution reform. But those of us in the know knew better. One big clue: When their donations ultimately led to the victory of a rogue, Soros-backed DA, crime suddenly spiked in those cities. Imagine that.

The results of such Soros-DA come fairly fast; once winning their race and sworn in to office, they get to work quickly, before their actual agenda can be uncovered: Fire the best prosecutors; Make policy memoranda declaring a stop to quality-of-life prosecutions; Fill vacancies in the prosecutor’s office with public defenders (often past colleagues); hold press conferences announcing the new focus on prosecuting police officers; Refuse to seek charges on most crimes, even mid-level serious crimes; refuse to seek “enhancements” to charges filed like a gun or gang enhancements which could result in lengthier sentences when tried and convicted; pledge to lower the jail population; place blame for the criminally accused’s transgressions on a failed justice system rife with systemic racism and mass incarceration and seek to fix social issues. Seek to influence or rewrite criminal law; discredit or ignore the victims and their families; Attack the dissenters publicly; Label everything and everyone who oppose their policy as right-wing, republican, even racists.

Alameda County DA Pamela Price (Photo: alcoda.org)

At this time, another Soros-DA, who won election on the same “reform justice” platform just last year is Pamela Price, the district attorney of Alameda County, just across the bridge and east of San Francisco.  One would hope voters one city over would have learned from San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin disaster. Apparently, they didn’t, and crime has spiked in Oakland and other cities in the county, so much so that even the NAACP called for drastic interventions. The signature gathering effort has begun and her recall is solidly underway.

Turning now to Virginia’s Loudoun County, the George Soros-backed district attorney named Buta Biberaj who won election to office in 2020 after Soros funded her campaign with over $900,000 in support. She just lost her re-election days ago to a candidate who spent a paltry $70,000. Take it from me, take it from us in San Francisco – there is no reason such a huge sum of money needs to be spent on these DA races unless money is no object to the donors, and they seek to win the election in a brute-force, win no matter what manner. And the money spent doesn’t mean the best value, not for the residents, nor for businesses nor tourists to the city.  The rogue DA’s way in is via a brute-force financial overtaking.

Loudoun County residents are, as we’ve experienced over and over, fed up with crime and non-accountability. Biberaj, like Chesa Boudin, Pamela Price and the rest, are pariahs, hell-bent on dismantling the system, obfuscating their true intent. Last Tuesday, the voters sent Biberaj packing. Though the final tally was very close, she saw no way forward if a recount were to be demanded. Down goes another Soros DA.

The great danger in supporting Soros DAs is they actually fight law and order, they fight accountability, they make us all unsafe and damage our quality of life. Around the nation, we must keep our eyes on the phenomenon of George Soros-backed DA candidates and those endorsed by Real Justice PAC. Chesa Boudin’s recall concession speech that night in 2022 alluded to some war which can still be won. What is astoundingly demented by his statement is in general a DA’s job is simply to make a city more safe through prosecuting crimes, to get justice and hold bad people accountable.

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3 thoughts on “The Greenberg Brief: Whittling Away At The Soros Scourge

  1. This is why I am running for California State Assembly against Mia Bonta and the Bonta Dynasty. This is why I am working on the recall of Pamela Price! This is why I stand with Donald J. Trump for President in 2024. It is time to unite our forces, and not only stop these criminal abuses, but to build the real community of the good. I need you to join with me, and to create a new leadership. Reach out to my campaign, work with me, there is no other solution.

  2. It’s good to see that even very liberal bastions are waking up to what these far left liberals are doing to their cities and counties! Maybe they’ll even take the RED pill!

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