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Transgender Week. (Photo: wrdsb.ca)

Trans Activists Promote Hatred They Claim to Unite Against

Launching a ‘United Against Hate’ initiative in California is laughably absurd and completely removed from reality

By J. Mitchell Sances, November 21, 2023 6:34 am

Last week we were in the midst of national Transgender Awareness Week— or is it month? A cursory Google search of the origins of this inane calendrical event raises more questions than it answers. Some claim that November is Transgender Awareness Month, while others simply label the second full week of November as their dedicated week. Moreover, the actual beginnings of the dedication are as clear as I-5 during rush hour. Not even the Wikipedia page bears any mention as to when or why the event was created in the first place; at least none of the rabid activists have come up with a convincing enough story to post on the page.

Putting aside the humorous fact that calling something “Awareness Week” makes it sound like some dreadful ailment—after all November is also National Diabetes Awareness Month, and we don’t see much media coverage on that—it is interesting that this commemoration is divorced from the rest of the LGBT community. Trans activists can hijack and remodel the Pride flag creating that chevroned monstrosity, and they can deride people for calling for “LGB without the T”, but having their own dedicated week or month outside of Pride month is completely valid.Blatant hypocrisy notwithstanding, the state of California, as it is wont to do, has taken Trans Awareness Week to another level of insanity. Activists and trans community leaders in the state have launched a new movement to occur simultaneously, namely United Against Hate Week. The Los Angeles Blade vaguely defines the new initiative saying, “United Against Hate Week is not just an event; it’s a movement…United Against Hate Week aims to be a beacon of hope, fostering inclusive communities that reject bias, bullying, hate, and bigotry. By working together in coalition, the impact of this initiative extends far beyond the designated week, striving to make California a safer and more inclusive place for everyone.”

Any time trans activists screech about “bias, bullying, hate, and bigotry”, especially recently, they are most assuredly referring to the “anti-trans” legislation and orders being instituted across the country, some in school boards of California. In the minds of these zealots, the decisions and statutes in question are a blatant attack on trans people, an act of evil sought solely to make their lives miserable, or worse promote violence toward them. As such, they can elevate a victim and therefore get away with using words like “hate”, something the poor, wounded martyrs must unite against.

However, using a word like “hate” and this victimhood mentality is a lesson in disingenuousness. Conservatives, Republicans, and right-leaning people do not hate trans people. We simply prefer to view objective fact as reality, as if that is some novel concept. It is fact that in many sports a person who is born genetically and biologically male holds an advantage over a person born genetically and biologically female. Biological men with those advantages have no right to crush the female competition just because a man is in the midst of an identity crisis.

It is fact that putting children on puberty blockers inhibits a process that the human body goes through naturally. By stopping natural progression, one is permanently altering the course of that child’s life; if puberty is allowed to resume at a later time, the result will be different from naturally occurring puberty. It is also fact, at least in the broad majority of cases, that a child’s mental understanding of complex sexuality and gender ideology is not comprehensive. Allowing them to make permanent health decisions in this vein is dangerous and imprudent.

These realities and facts are what drive the views of the more right-leaning Americans, not hatred. On the other hand, the progressive and radical trans activist mentality is driven by emotion. Governing and viewing the world based on emotion and the victimhood of a vast minority is a recipe for disaster. We are seeing that play out in the overly leftist policies in the state of California, a state that is arguably the most trans friendly in the country. Launching a “United Against Hate” initiative in California is laughably absurd and completely removed from reality.

Claiming that conservative Americans hate any of our fellow citizens is a blatant political move. It demonizes us in a borderline ad hominem attack. The fact that some of these activists truly believe that hatred exists means that they have been brainwashed by the progressive politicians and media in this country. The unfortunate reality is that people who believe they are hated and persecuted may eventually fight back, like the trans shooter in Nashville earlier this year. If something like that were to happen again and innocent lives are lost, the blood will be on the hands of the progressive leftist zealots promoting hate, ironically the same type of hate and intolerance they pretend to unite against.

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2 thoughts on “Trans Activists Promote Hatred They Claim to Unite Against

  1. Isn’t there already sufficient public awareness related to mental health issues?
    The government should not be wasting time or money on this nonsense (and projecting the notion that “trans” is anything other than mental illness).

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