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AB 5 Has Lifelong Democrats Voting Red for the First Time

‘The Democratic party no longer represents the middle class or working class–they’re elitists’

By Katy Grimes, May 18, 2020 8:01 am

Anti-AB5 Facebook ad. (Photo: Facebook)


Exit polls in the recent CA-25 Congressional race between Democratic Assemblywoman Christy Smith and Republican Mike Garcia revealed a lot of voters voting red as a protest over Assembly Bill 5, the bill authored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) which has limited Californians’ ability to work as independent contractors and freelancers.

Last week the California State Senate Labor Committee heard Senate Bill 806 by Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield), to repeal and replace AB 5 with a new test which supports much more worker freedoms, and saves business-to-business relationships.

Facebook post.

Despite her assurances that the bill will cover all workers, unlike those with carve outs, Democrats killed the bill.

The responses below are from mostly Democrat freelancers and independent contractors who say they are fed up with California Democrats. Notably, most say it was Democrats who voted to pass the bill, and the same Democrats refuse to do anything to help the out-of-work freelancers – it’s only Republicans proposing fixes or full repeal of AB 5. Here are some of their comments from news articles, and Facebook:

“Voted democrat since 1976. Republicans were bad before and are far, far worse today. Because of AB5, and the absolute deafness of California democrats, I voted republican in the local elections last round and will do it again in November. Watching online as my artist friends, long time liberals are doing the same, all of us with a bad taste in our mouths. But if you’re going to take away our profession, then we will take away yours.”

“…the only way to fix this is to STOP VOTING for Democrats–the Democratic party no longer represents the middle class or working class–they’re elitists…”

“I have been reading post after post of Democrats (like myself) who are disgusted with the California Democratic party. The problem, however, is that complaining amongst ourselves is preaching to the choir.”

“First the Democrats got a majority in the legislature. Then they got a super majority. Then, with the Governor, they got a trifecta. Then they no longer felt any need to address the concerns of their constituency. From One Democrat who will vote for those who are still listening.”

Surveys on Facebook also show how many Democrats are disenfranchised by the Party:

AB 5 survey. (Photo: Facebook)

“It occurred to me that we need to share our disgust with those who might become alarmed by this growing revolt… The California Democratic Party.”

“We’ve only got 170 days to get out the vote against the people who thrust AB5 upon us.”

“I’m Sick of how lawmakers who defend AB5 do so by Criminalizing Employers, business owners in general terms. NOT ethical. OMG’sh, SENATORS PLEASE STOP and others, saying your goal is to protect us by taking our ‘freedom of choice’ away from us.”

“Keep voting blue and this crap won’t stop.”

“Freelancers came out in full force today to offer public support for Senator Shannon Grove‘s AB5 Repeal-and-Replace bill, SB806. Unfortunately, it failed to pass in the five-person Labor Committee by a vote of 4-1. Most notable were the condescending comments by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-19), who referred to our freelancer careers as mere ‘lollipops.’ Those of us who watched the hearing live are still seething about Senator Jackson’s many misinformed statements. Much gratitude to Shannon Grove for continuing to fight the good fight on behalf of worker freedoms.”

“yep! Between AB5 and Newsom’s handling of Covid, I will never vote blue again.”

“Thank you from a life long democrat who is an artist who wishes CA would repeal AB5 altogether and stop putting thumbs in a dam that’s ready to break.”

“The easiest way to get rid of AB5 is to FIRE the California supermajority and elect Republicans. Elections have consequences. Please accept reality and #WALKAWAY

“Gonzalez needs to go. Tesla needs to stay.”

And from Sen. Shannon Grove: “The Governor just announced his May Revision to the #CABudget… I wanted to point this out: The over $20 Million for #AB5 enforcement still remains in the budget. Are you kidding me? #CADeservesBetter

“That’s 20 million $ to turn California’s Employment Development Department into the KGB.”


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29 thoughts on “AB 5 Has Lifelong Democrats Voting Red for the First Time

  1. Wow! I cheered when I saw this further evidence of what I thought was happening, and what I thought should be happening, that many Democrats are finally fed up and are walking away as a result of AB5 and the Dem politicians’ handling of the lockdown.
    Welcome, welcome, and take it from someone who walked away 17 years ago: You won’t regret it and you won’t look back.

  2. The Democrat party has never been the party of the little guy. They’re the party of slavery, Jim Crow, separate-but-equal, the KKK & abortion clinics in poor neighborhoods to help stem the tide of dark-skinned people. 100% accurate.
    As a Latino I can’t for the life of me figure out how any person of color can support the Democrat party.

  3. But will it matter is the question. There is so much fraud in California and no one talks about the invasion we all walk around like this is perfectly normal…..I miss the California before Brown destroyed it……Last comment this captcha SUCKS

    1. He started to destroy it in his first 2 terms, he should never have gotten his 3rd and 4th. His performance as Mayor of Oakland during the Repair and Refitting of the Oakland bay bridge should have been a clue of the latter terms. I’m not disagreeing with you but his damage goes back farther than many know.

    2. We need an independent party in California that is neither blue or red. We need a party that cares about all workers, including independent contractors. We need a party who will not take our freedoms over phony flu nor take our freedoms in order to boost the unions. I firmly support unions but I do not support unions that want to take away our jobs from us. That is an athema to Union. One way we could immediately help our state would be to support the new California movement that would split most of the state away from the major cities. The rural areas are very different than the major cities. In the rural areas, many of us do not believe in the phony Flu Game. We see that our freedoms are being taken away and are very frightened.

  4. Love your reporting and am an avid follower but reading what happened and the comments, mixed with my 30 years of Sacramento Awareness, there has been no awakening, just a personal Ox got gored and some are just not happy about it and THAT is the unique California Body Politic. Don’t give a damn about much of anything until a personal Ox takes the big hit. Reading the comments In the column shows exactly that, not, gee we’ve been abusing fellow residents by forcing our collective lifestyle into State Law. When LGBTQ rights come up without explaining exactly what persecution they are enduring it’s the Straw Man of their creation. I do not see this as a start, to my thinking the State GOP has lots more work to do, out reach of Principals would be a big help.

    1. Even if it is not a full-on “awakening” (yet), small steps that may lead to bigger ones when it’s seen that the boogiemen stereotypes are not there as people have been led to believe seems like a hopeful start.

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