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Looting in Oakland. (Photo: Youtube)

Why Won’t Gov. Newsom Release Names and Photos of Those Fomenting Chaos in Our Cities?

California is under Antifa siege, and awash in political special interest tools masquerading as Mayors and a Governor

By Katy Grimes, June 1, 2020 8:43 pm

Local Mayors like Sacramento’s Darrell Steinberg, Los Angeles’s Eric Garcetti, San Francisco’s London Breed and Oakland’s Libby Schaff, and Gov. Newsom, need to be held to account immediately for their inaction to the riots, and then for the destruction they surely helped cause.


Monday during his video press conference, Gov. Gavin Newsom admitted he has failed as an elected official. He largely said he is not a leader, is a part of the institutional racism, and that California under his leadership has filed.

What exactly did he say?

“Violent extremist organizations – they’re well defined, those same names, same groups……We continue to share that info in real time with local law enforcement.  They also share what they hear with us.”

Doug Ose. (Photo: Rebuild-ca.org)

Former Congressman Doug Ose, Chairman of Rebuild California Foundation, issued the following statement:

“I listened carefully this morning to Governor Newsom’s remarks.  This means that the identities of the persons fomenting the chaos in our cities and neighborhoods is known to law enforcement,” Ose said.  “I urgently call upon Governor Newsom to release any names and any pictures of the individuals involved.  The American public has a long history of assisting law enforcement in protecting our society from bad actors.  Those who are peacefully protesting the killing of Mr. Floyd and other transgressions want the bad actors removed.  Releasing the names and pictures of these bad actors is the right public policy, just as it is when murderers or gangs are running rampant through our communities.  Release the names.  Release the pictures.  Let the public help.”

Spot on. Yet, Gov. Newsom said that is exactly what he wouldn’t do.

Most Sheriffs and police departments not only usually release the information of the bad guy they are attempting to locate, they encourage help from the citizenry by putting over the airwaves the description(s) of the criminals, and the whereabouts.

So why are Mayor Steinberg and Gov. Newsom withholding this information, when there are many videos and photos of these thugs destroying downtown property and local small businesses?

California and other blue-Democrat-run cities and states, are under siege. Looters are destroying shops, groceries, clothing stores, electronics stores, and everything privately owned. Corporate companies are attempting to re-open, but are met with political correctness standards.

Democrat Mayors are accusing everyone else of their misdeeds, wringing their hands and claiming that the “peaceful protestors” have a right to “protest.”

Indeed, they do have a right to go back to Tony’s Deli (a very good Sacramento deli, by the way), but if Tony’s is still closed down by huge insurance premium payments following the destruction of his deli and replacement of plate glass windows and products, what comes next?

Is this a victory for Antifa – to shut down a local deli, or bridal shop, or chain restaurant? Or is the goal total destruction? Then what?

Is the destruction of American society the goal? Is the way to do that to destroy the local Birkenstock store, or the organic grocer?

Local Mayors like Darrell Steinberg, Los Angeles’s Eric Garcetti, San Francisco’s London Breed and Oakland’s Libby Schaff, and Gov. Newsom, need to be held to account immediately for their inaction to the riots, and then for the destruction they surely helped cause.

California is under Antifa siege, but did not have to be, had there been any actual leadership; the state is awash in political special interest tools masquerading as Mayors and a Governor.

Ose has it right: “Releasing the names and pictures of these bad actors is the right public policy, just as it is when murderers or gangs are running rampant through our communities.”

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21 thoughts on “Why Won’t Gov. Newsom Release Names and Photos of Those Fomenting Chaos in Our Cities?

  1. Thank you, Katy. I am at a loss for words for the lack of action from our elected officials. I’m also really, really tired of people unwilling to face the facts. These people looting and destroying innocent people’s properties and livelihoods are THUGS. The definition of a thug is “a violent person.” It has nothing to do with race. VIOLENCE. I am thankful that we have a President who has never been afraid to take action when needed. Prompt action. Shame on you, Governor Newsom. Shame on you, Mayor Steinberg. The citizens are watching. We deserve better. Put these Antifa criminals in jail, where they belong. We need strong families and communities to even fathom moving on from this nightmare, which is ongoing, and these “protests” are not the answer.

    1. It’s not just the thugs that are destroying innocent people’s properties and livelihoods. Governor Newsom has been doing this for several months, with NO end in sight. Newsom is not just a party to the destruction, he is willfully complicit in it. I am curious who Governor Newsom’s handlers are. He is not doing this alone.

      1. To try to home in on the “handlers” you mention we should spend some time taking a more up-close-and-personal look at the Gov’s cabinet and their backgrounds. Or the Zoom meetings of the 80-member economic development task force or whatever the hell they’re called. From what I recall of who surrounds this guy there must be plenty of fodder there.

        Also I remember video of one of Gov-to-be’s campaign stops at the time and all you see at the “sign-up desk” is ONE very pretty, very young-and-naive-seeming woman dressed in baby blue and silver (Gruesome’s campaign colors) signing preferred people in to the indoor event and keeping non-preferred people out. EVERYONE else were shifty-looking public union hacks in their royal purple SEIU (and other) T-shirts wandering around the area like zombies; no normal-looking volunteers unaffiliated with a union at all. Creepy.

    2. The LACK of action is PURPOSEFUL to try to knock off President Trump in the election.. It’s having the opposite effect though and we need to step up now as its clear that blue state Gov’ s and Mayor have released 20,000 felons in Kaly along with their comrades AntiFa to destroy the nation and try to bring it to it’s knee’s and then instill full blown Marxism. Its time to form private protection grps and self defense committees as the police won’t do it and retreat and the blue state Gov’s are wringing their hands about “peaceful Protesters”. We need to step up. The poltroon rioters back down when confronted with over whelming armed force.

  2. Could it be that this governor and these mayors don’t want these criminals caught?
    I can’t think of any other reason. And we’ve been given plenty of reasons to believe it.

    1. No, they don’t. The Left won’t even call them criminals. It takes away from their narrative. They want “unity” which actually means martial law and for everyone to become sheep. They want this police state to take place, so that they can then (once again) blame President Trump for all of it.

      1. YES — to blame AND I suppose to try (again) to wring a flood of money from, to continue the skullduggery.

  3. Law abiding citizens obey curfews.
    Law abiding citizens follow gun laws.
    Law abiding citizens Shelter in Place.
    Law abiding citizens follow traffic laws.
    THUGS and CRIMINALS do not give a sh@t.

    Now the criminals are being protected by uber progressive politicians who can profit off mayhem, change laws, enact progressive agendas.

    Here is another thought. Maybe just maybe like in the case of NYC Mayor, their kid’s mugshot might be in the mix.

    I also suspect many of those arrested are under age “misguided” affluent youth. How would that look? Not the angry affected, underserved, oppressed.

    1. That’s very good —- those are two excellent reasons that never entered my mind.
      By the way, what happened to all the maudlin concerns about and supposed necessity of “contact tracing” in light of all the spitting and close contact and sharing of bodily fluids I witnessed during the looting and predatory cruelty. Another reason to call B.S. on why Gov and Mayors don’t want to track these people down.
      But it’s all B.S., isn’t it, because there is every reason to believe that the leaders and the anarchists are working together.

      1. We shall see. Will there now be a large Corona outbreak? Will there me more asymptomatic super spreaders walking amongst us? Time will tell, in the meantime, our good leaders have put the fear into most people to stay home!

  4. Is it any surprise that the same Democratic politicians who protect and promote illegal aliens do the same for looters, rioters, and arsonists?
    Thanks for another great article telling it like it is and, as the left likes to say, “speaking truth to power.”

  5. Great article, Katy, spot on. Unfortunately, the only tool to replace these Democrat bozos is a fair and free election. This is no longer possible in California while non-citizens are allowed to vote, while the judiciary opposes the referendum process when used by conservatives, and with ballot harvesting legal. The folks who can make a difference are leaving the state because they have been rendered voiceless. At this point, financial failure remains as the only engine for change in CA. Hence, we must oppose any Federal bailout, period.

  6. In California, it’s essentially legal to loot stores (though actually burning them down is considered “bad form”). As long as you steal less than $950 worth of merchandise at a time (depositing your loot in a safe place before returning for more loot), the chances of you being charged and tried for this MISDEMEANOR are essentially zero.
    But longer term, the looting and burning will achieve a perverse form of social justice. The very communities that most need the services of businesses will find that, once these stores close or are burned down, there seldom will be replacements. After all, online sales involve FAR less overhead, including riot risk. Stores that DO remain will need to be incentivized by higher prices to offset the risks and future losses.
    Bricks and mortar stores in dangerous neighborhoods are no longer necessary for the bigger companies like Target and Walmart. Small business owners will often give up.
    This permanent closing of retailers will harm low income minority communities where the protests (and especially the looting) prevail. MOST of the people there are NOT looters, and rightly bemoan the loss of such stores.
    But I’m a bit less sympathetic than most to these innocent people who are seeing their neighborhoods ruined and jobs disappearing. It’s up to THEM (not our timid PC governments) to protect these stores. Instead most of these folks are sitting at home, holding their heads in their hands — or simply watching the violence unfold on TV.
    So, as I said — we are seeing a perverted form of social justice. Damn shame. But these residents must face the consequences of their actions. Or their INactions.

    1. Amazon is behind all this, the evil corporation trying to take over the world, what do they need? Small business to fail.

  7. The answer is self-evident. Antifa members are the shock-troops of the hard progressive left and will be defended. Consider that Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison’s son swore allegiance to Antifa while the group is in the process of being named as domestic terrorists.

  8. No Federal bailout money for damage caused by rioting in California. Newsom can pay to clean up his own mess.

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