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Governor Newsom second inauguration, January 6, 2023 in Sacramento (Photo: gov.ca.gov)

California Gov. Newsom Rewrites State History During Second Inaugural Address

Newsom blames GOP and right for issues plaguing state, ignoring complete Democrat control

By Katy Grimes, January 7, 2023 9:47 am

California Governor Gavin Newsom was sworn in Friday for a second term.

With the state suffering under a plague of hundreds of thousands of homeless drug addicts living on the streets, a serious spike in violent crime and theft, highest-in-the-nation taxes and cost of living, failing public schools, a state-created water shortage, and hundreds of thousands of California businesses and residents fleeing to friendlier states, Newsom made his second inaugural speech all about him – and he attacked the toothless GOP in this Democrat one-party state.

“Time has done its usual trick on me,” Newsom said. “It says it has been four years since I stood in the shadow of this Capitol and delivered my first inaugural address.” “Four years, disaster and plague, they bend the clock in strange ways,” Newsom said. (doesn’t he know that he was governor these past 4 years during disaster and plague?)

“In nearly 30 years in politics, I have had the opportunity to see this process firsthand, learning as we go, and etching these learnings on the consciousness of a country that perhaps hasn’t yet caught up,” Newsom said. “When we started issuing same-sex marriage licenses in San Francisco in 2004, it felt as if history moved at light-speed, in the right direction, decades of advocacy culminating in that beautiful Winter of Love.”

(Newsom started issuing same-sex marriage licenses as Mayor of San Francisco in violation of state law. A few months later, the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Mayor Newsom, and the City and County of San Francisco had exceeded its authority and violated state law by issuing the marriage licenses.)

Newsom played a victim of the Covid time period, in denial of his decisions to lock down school children and businesses, force vaccines on millions of Californians, and mask the population indoors and outdoors, while he went about his life unmasked, attending events and parties, and while his children attended private school:

“It feels like both a flash, and an eternity.

“In the longest hours of my first term, trying to plot a course through pandemic, wildfire, mass shootings, and social unrest … I found myself looking backward, as much as I was looking forward.

Newsom took us on a journey back in time to his childhood, omitting the omnipotent presence of the Getty family in his life, while lamenting victimhood because of his divorced parents:

“I recalled the late-1970s, when I was 10 or 11 years old, a child of divorce and dyslexia, trying to find my bearings.”

“I was a kid, traveling back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge, between the two very different lives of my mother and father.”

“I couldn’t read, and was looking for any way to ditch classes. I’d fake stomach aches and dizziness. I’d bite down on the thermometer in the nurse’s office trying to make the temperature rise past 100.”

He also perpetuated the gross fabrication of a January 6th “insurrection” on the U.S. Capitol two years ago:

“…there are still forces in America that want to take the nation backward. We saw that two years ago, on this day, when the unthinkable happened at a place most Americans assumed was invincible,” Newsom said. “An insurrectionist mob ransacking a sacred pillar of our democracy, violently clashing with sworn officers upholding the rule of law. Just like the brave men and women whose heroism we inscribe, here on our own Peace Officers’ Memorial.”

“Since that terrible day, we’ve wrestled with what those events say about us as a country. The ugliness that overflowed on January 6th, 2021, was in fact decades in the making. Fomented by people who have a very different vision of America’s future. Red state politicians, and the media empire behind them, selling regression as progress, oppression as freedom. And as we know too well, there is nothing original about their demagoguery. All across the nation, anxiety about social change has awakened long-dormant authoritarian impulses. Calling into question what America is to become, freer and fairer … or reverting to a darker past.”

Newsom callously laid-out California’s cruel, evil history, full of bigotry, genocide, discrimination, and homophobia, omitting a few crucial details:

“California’s statehood, after all, was also sealed with a brutal genocide against native people.” (Newsom is cherry-picking history to serve his own political positions. The Spanish colonization of the Americas began in 1493. The Spanish Empire expanded across the Caribbean Islands, South America, most of Central America and much of North America, but was not confined to California.)

“Let’s not forget, the Chinatown I visited as a boy is a remnant of the bigotry of agitator Denis Kearney, and the Chinese Exclusion Act of the 1880s.” (Newsom omitted that Kearney was anti-capitalist, and was elected president of the Workingmen’s labor Union. Kearney was arrested twice for using incendiary language and inciting a riot.) “Tens of thousands of Japanese Americans were interned right here during World War II.” (Newsom omitted that the Japanese internment took place after an executive order by Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt.)

What a contrast of Gov. Newsom’s speech to the inaugural speech of his nemesis Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who wowed the people of the Sunshine State with his praise, accolades and appreciation:

“Freedom lives here, in our great Sunshine State of Florida!” DeSantis said.

“It lives in the courage of those who patrol the streets and keep our communities safe, it lives in the industry of those who work long hours to earn a living and raise their families, it lives in the dedication of those who teach our children, it lives in the determination of those who grow our food, it lives in the wisdom of our senior citizens, it lives in the dreams of the historic number of families who have moved from thousands of miles away because they saw Florida as the land of liberty and the land of sanity.”

While Gov. Newsom wagged his finger at oppressive California and its residents, Gov. DeSantis uplifted his people, thanking them while recognizing that “Florida has led the way in preserving what the father of our country called the ‘sacred fire of liberty.’”

Liberty is something we are in short supply of in California under Gov. Newsom and the Democrat supermajority.

The rest of Gov. Newsom’s speech was directed to a wider audience – the nation, as he pretends he’s not running for President in 2024:

“Since that terrible day, we’ve wrestled with what those events say about us as a country. The ugliness that overflowed on January 6th, 2021, was in fact decades in the making. Fomented by people who have a very different vision of America’s future. Red state politicians, and the media empire behind them, selling regression as progress, oppression as freedom. And as we know too well, there is nothing original about their demagoguery. All across the nation, anxiety about social change has awakened long-dormant authoritarian impulses.”

Newsom played the game of “I know you are, but what am I?” described by the Urban Dictionary as, “quite simply the most retarded comeback someone makes when they’ve completely lost the argument. This statement signifies that the argument has gone to a completely immature level.”

He continued attacking the right, GOP, and red states:

“They silence speech, fire teachers, kidnap migrants, subjugate women, attack the Special Olympics, and even demonize Mickey Mouse. “All camouflaged under a hijacking of the word ‘freedom.’” “But what they really want is more control – intrusive government, command over your most intimate decisions – when to have a family, how you raise your kids, how you love.”

That last statement is really rich coming from the Governor who still clings to his Covid State of Emergency powers three years after the order, and ruling by fiat, locked down 40 million people during Covid, issued more than 70 executive orders containing 561 provisions, and killed off half of the businesses in the state.

Evan Symon with the Globe spoke with Washington-based analyst and speechwriter Craig Haddock after Newsom’s inauguration speech on Friday who said:

“I mean, let’s begin with the whole tone of the speech. Usually what people go for, especially in reelection speeches, is to promote unity and working together. Governor Newsom just destroyed any hope of bipartisanship by going after the GOP. If he is looking at a presidential run in the future, these are just further nails in that coffin. Any good leader will at least throw out a few brownie points at the other party. I mean, even [Florida Governor] Ron DeSantis has. Newsom just didn’t.”

“Even worse, he kind of praised the division between the two parties over and over again, and made the whole situation black and white. He lumped pretty much everyone against him with extremists and those that broke into the Capitol on January 6th. I mean, it’s no coincidence of the inauguration speech date. He wanted that and pretty much said “Democrats good, Republicans bad.”

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45 thoughts on “California Gov. Newsom Rewrites State History During Second Inaugural Address

  1. What an unbelievable horse’s a** this guy is. I heard part of his “speech” and it would have been laughable if it hadn’t been so nauseating. I finally had to turn it off entirely.

    Meanwhile, word on the street is that our Gov and his family “fake-marched” to the Capitol. They walked part way, were driven the rest of it. Probably in a giant oversized gas-guzzling SUV, said a cynic. They managed to avoid the press and photographers on the ground but forgot to remember that a helicopter could photograph them from above, which is apparently what happened. Unfortunately I can’t find video of it. Maybe someone else here will have better luck.

    Also the phony “choir” was a nice touch (NOT). Their version of “Oh Happy Day” conveniently left out Jesus’ name from the original, implying that maybe it is the great and powerful Gov Gavin Newsom whom everyone should be worshiping instead.

    Loved the characterization of much of Gavin’s speech as “I know you are, but what am I?” Wow, no kidding. That is PERFECT. Childishness is the man’s middle name. About the level of the 4 year old who lies right to his parent’s face about the empty cookie jar, but nowhere NEAR as amusing….. or innocent.

    The icing on the cake is that in the photograph above Gov Newsom’s eldest daughter seems to be giving new CA Supreme Court Chief Justice Patricia Guerrero the sideways stink-eye as dad is being sworn in. Kinda looks like she DID NOT want to be there. Can’t say I blame her!

    1. Ha, ha, I took notice of his daughter as well!
      Great observations, ShowandTell.
      If this state was not in such peril, I would find this very entertaining. Sadly it is a disgraceful display of partisan politics.

      1. Oh I know, Cali Girl, the guy is way past being shameless. It IS beyond belief with the state in such a dangerous condition, as you said. And all he can do is be his usual spiteful, immature self, going straight for the throat of all that is decent and sensible. It’s completely absurd and ridiculous and the exact opposite of what we SHOULD be hearing from a governor. And I heard he didn’t even MENTION California for most of his stupid speech. INCREDIBLE.

    2. Are you sure that his daughter? Considering that Democrats have a penchant for transgenderism and the fact that Newsom has signed legislation making California a sanctuary state for trans youth, maybe one or more of Newsom’s children have transitioned (or will be transitioned)?

      1. Egad. But nothing —- and I mean NOTHING —- would surprise me now in our formerly great state’s current horror show.

    3. at the beginning of covid my friend was catering an event that ole “Grabby” Newsome was at and he was sneaking a cigarette in a breezeway and Gav asked him to bum a smoke and he replied “I bummed this one” and with no hesitation took it out of his hand took a slow puff and handed it back before being ushered back inside by his people. When he went back into work his boss told him to enjoy the extended break because he was on now clean up detail.

  2. Honestly, how can the man stand up there and lament that the Republicans are oppressive, when he locked us all down for two years and destroyed the lives of millions of school children, whom will never get that educational opportunity back! This belongs to the supermajority in this state, they own it!
    Let’s not forget he still has not relinquished his unchecked powers he holds due to the abusive use of the Emergency Powers Act!
    He really is a greaseball politician from head to toe! A true gaslighter, be sure not to light a match next to him, he may combust.????

  3. California is such a mess because of Newsom and his globalist WEF policies that his inauguration speech focused on fake news that has nothing to do with California. Look at the photo of Jennifer Seibel Newsom smiling adoringly at Newsom? Wonder what the advice that her mentor Harvey Weinstein gave her after she emailed him for help handling a sex scandal involving her husband — two years after she says the film producer raped her? Oops?

  4. What a hack job. This is a shameless, duplicitous, and profoundly misleading piece of propaganda. Just go away.

  5. why are you guys living here if it is such a mess and such a bad place to live? I don’t understand what good all this whinning is doing? Have any of you been to any other states?! Have you seen what is going on around the world? stop ur whinning, get off the couch and out of ur homes and try to make it better.

    1. Looks like we found two people, maybe three, who voted for Newsom, anyway. Or maybe they just work for him. Or maybe it’s just one person who uses different names. Whatever… the word is spelled “whining.” Unless you were trying to say “winning.”

    2. Someone sounds triggered? Maybe “Tara” is really Newsom’s wife Jennifer Seibel Newsom who doesn’t want anyone bringing up her past association with the infamous Harvey Weinstein?

      1. “Tara” —- that was an honest question and we would all like to know the answer.
        Given Newsom’s Long Path of Destruction for All, support for him is a mystery. One answer is that his backers who post here either have a money and power stake in his continuation as CA governor or they are utterly hypnotized. We can’t “make them” wake up but I certainly hope they do because it is going to as painful for them as it has been for us if we continue down this path, whether it is with Newsom or anyone else who has the same brand of upside-down thinking. His has been a cruel, sadistic, and tyrannical reign. Who among his backers or his critics can honestly think of ONE good thing —- one specific, concrete thing, not just name-calling the opposition —- Newsom has done for the State of California or its people?

    3. Hi Tara,
      Since you are so inclined to give advice to those that are critical of Newsom’s governance, I feel compelled to give you some very simple advice:
      1. Wake Up
      2. Look Up

  6. “But what they really want is more control – intrusive government, command over your most intimate decisions – when to have a family, how you raise your kids, how you love.”

    ^^^^ See “Projection” in your favorite psychology textbook….
    For more insight, see “Gaslighting”….

    This guy is a complete horse’s ass….

  7. Katy Grimes, you need to go and work for Fox. If you lean anymore to the right, you’re going to fall over.

    1. Fox? Fox is not “right” or conservative. Fox called the 2020 presidential election for Biden before the polls closed, Fox refused to acknowledge any election voter fraud, and Fox commentators supported a deep-state globalist RINO like Kevin McCarthy. At best, Fox is controlled opposition to the rest of the legacy corporate media that is far left and globalist. As for Katy, she’s a sensible moderate who calls out BS when she sees it–like she did with Newsom.

  8. He is awful. If he becomes President we will be in sad shape. California is probably the most expensive state to live in. We are taxed to death and he does nothing about it.

  9. So clearly the globe is not a credible news entity It’s more if the same crap of folks who can’t just give me the facts and let me make my own judgements, instead it presents it’s biased opinion, fabricates facts, ignores facts – you’re a complete idiot if you saw the live coverage of the capitol attack and say it was anything other than an treasonous insurrection foment by a loser narcissist who can’t acknowledge his failures.

    This crap should t show up in the news feed. Guess I won’t use NewsBreak anymore.

  10. Gov. Newsom can try to deflect from all the problems that Californians face because of his regime, but the fact remains that he needs to be brought before a tribunal and be held accountable for crimes against humanity for locking healthy Californians and small businesses down (while excluding himself and his cronies) during the scamdemic and for mandating experimental mRNA shots that have injured and killed thousands of innocent Californians. He and his soul have a lot to answer for?

  11. Katy effectively dissected the hypocrisy of Newsom’s alienating speech. Newsom’s legacy (and that of his Democrat party) will be of DESTRUCTION by making California a sanctuary state for transgender mutilation; of DEATH by making California an abortion sanctuary state and for mandating ineffective “vaccines” that have proven to be deadly clot shots; and of DIVISION by making California a sanctuary for criminals and promoting programs that discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion and social class.

    1. Boom, well said, Mario.
      Maybe it is a good time to be a salmon in California right now. Newsom believes in freedom of fish but not the two legged residents unless you are from a special list.

      1. Exactly, Cali Girl.
        It was weird how Newsom constantly used the word “freedom” in his speech. He said the word “freedom” was hijacked by Repubs, which as we know was a reference to DeSantis. This is Gavin’s psychological projection and is, of course, absurd on its face. But what is really chilling is that when NEWSOM uses the word “freedom” he specifically means the following: Freedom to live in your own filth and shoot up on public streets, freedom to have your breasts removed if you are a minor girl who has been bullied into thinking you’re a boy, freedom to have as many abortions as you want up to and beyond the moment of birth and have the govt pay for them, freedom not to be detained, arrested, charged, convicted or incarcerated no matter WHAT crimes you commit or how many citizens have become your victims…. and this is only a partial list of what Newsom considers “freedoms.”

  12. All you hater’s on here including Katie need to start using your minds for some constructive thinking!!! Mr. Newsome cares about the people that live in Ca. weather you see it or not! that’s the difference between him and someone like Florida’s Governor who didn’t care how many live’s were lost during a very bad covid year!! My Grandchildren did wonderful during the lockouts while both parent’s continued to work. if parent’s can’t help their children get through a pandemic and keep them safe then you people calling Governor Newsome out have flipped your lids!! How about you see how many children lost their parents to Covid in Florida and are now part of the system! To be ignorant enough to say that wearing a mask is against your constitutional freedom is insanity and ignorance begets ignorance and that includes all you negative hating people that think you know what life is about!!! Gavin Newsome was caught at a Restaurant without his mask because he was eating!!! Get a grip or this Country will never recover from the insanity that we’ve been privy to see!!! If you want to live in the wild west and you don’t give a damn about the humanity that you live without then leave our State of Ca. it’s as simple as that!!!

    1. Ahh Willena,
      Please educate yourself on school closures and masking.
      Let me start you off with a mask study that the mainstream media does not want you to read.
      Masking 2 year olds only psychologically damages them. Have you seen the two year olds, crying and struggling to breathe with a mask on, all the while the adults around them like Newsom have to wear them?
      Your grandchildren must have exceptional parents. Now imagine the single parent, working full-time while trying to step in as full time teacher and not having access to wi-fi or additional teaching materials or child care. How do you think those families managed?
      The greatest segment of society that were damaged from Newsom’s lockdowns and mandates were POC and low income children. I suppose we do have different takes on what is considered compassionate public policy.
      If you are at all interested, Sweden never locked down and did not mandate masks, they had less deaths and the children excelled in school.
      How did California schools fare? Hint, we rank at the bottom.
      I suppose you think it is humane to allow the mentally ill, drug addled homeless to wallow in the streets of California as well.
      Newsom is a political creature who uses useful idiots to do his bidding.
      Fools who hide from knowledge will always be fooled. Newsom counts on it!

    2. First of all, Willena, Gavin’s last name is spelled Newsom and not Newsome. Secondly, you said that ignorance begets ignorance? Well, you seem to be an expert on that! Now make sure you’re wearing at least two or more masks at all times, keep at least six feet away from other people at all times, and get another vaccine booster along with your flu shots.

  13. why ?? please someone explain …Why Democrats and Media lie and lie some more? why Democrats and Media think Americans are gullible and stupid??? why Democrats and Media want to destroy America and American life ? please someone explain ????

  14. Remembering when the guv took the jab , started to have health issues, went to mexico and then crickets till “his reappearance”. Is the one “they” call gavin really gavin?

  15. Hairdo is an evil liar, but those of us who live in this state and have been paying attention already know this. At least with this speech his true nature is finally becoming more obvious to others. On the flip side, he has totally shown is hand now and continues to undermine any prospects he might have for political advancement. Plus, the numbers speak for themselves. More people are leaving California (and New York, and other “Blue” states) and head to “Red” states like Florida in droves. Ultimately, people vote with their feet and their wallets and those votes are not in Hairdo’s favor.

  16. newsome is fluent in maoist tactics blaming his opponents and accusing them of doing things that he is actually doing himself….

  17. My son was killed by an illegal alien in Newsom’s SF while he was mayor. It was his direct illegal activity that led to my son’s death. He unilaterally decided that the state’s driver’s licensing laws did not apply to SF and, in 2009, told illegal aliens they could drive without a license. A year later, an illegal alien previously caught driving without a license (the wrong way on a one-way street) killed my son. The man charged with driving without a license a few months before he killed my son had the charges dropped, and of course, he continued to drive. (As a side note George Gascon was the police chief, and Kamala Harris was the DA who refused to prosecute). I later learned that unlicensed drivers were responsible for over 7,500 traffic fatalities yearly. A little over half of the drivers were illegal aliens. Hardly a minor offense, and Newsom was warned by the police rank and file (not Gascon) that his “policy” would result in many death. I blame him more than the illegal alien. The illegal alien drove because we let him. Newsom let him because he sought votes in his bid to become Governor.

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