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Governor Gavin Newsom at 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention at the George R. Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, June 1, 2019. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Did Gov. Newsom’s Capitol Staff Break Campaign Laws on his Red State ‘Political’ Tour?

Was Newsom’s trip ‘on state time and the taxpayers’ dime?’

By Katy Grimes, April 20, 2023 7:50 am

Did Governor Gavin Newsom and/or his staff break state campaign laws while he toured red states trolling Republican governors?

Fox News did a rather thorough report Wednesday on Newsom’s trip through red states, “running for one job while doing another.” They asked if this was done “on state time and the taxpayers’ dime?” (video below)

The Governor has leeway to campaign, but not using his Capitol staff. As Fox News reporter William La Jeunesse pointed out, most politicians have two sets of staff – campaign staff and their legislative, Capitol staff.

Gov. Newsom launched a new organization paid for by a Super PAC, “Campaign for Democracy,” claiming “America is in an existential struggle for democracy.”

Newsom toured Southern Red States, even managing to irritate Democrats. The Washington Examiner reported, “Local Democrats in red Southern states are not as thrilled about Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s (D-CA) tour as he is. His vocal attempts to overhaul Republican states and turn them blue seem to be missing the mark for residents, who are hopeful about a surge in Democratic control but are realistic about their obstacles.”

“He took on conservatives in southern states where his left-leaning policies are not typically welcome by GOP-dominated counties and cities,” the Times said. “The goal, funded by a super PAC using $10 million of his leftover campaign money, appears to be helping Democrats win in red states and districts.”

Newsom accused Republicans of banning books, stoking racism and banning abortion in Florida, Arkansas and Alabama.

Fox News focused on Newsom’s communications staffers and aids who were Tweeting out his trip during work hours:

  • April 10, Alex Stack, retweeted a video blasting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.
  • April 4,5, 7, Deputy Comms Director Brandon Richards slams authoritarian Republicans.
  • April 5, Comms Director Izzy Gardon Tweets “regressive ideologues must be called out.”

Fox News contacted the Governor’s office which replied, “Those accounts are personal accounts, sent from personal devices.” When Fox News said the Tweets were sent during business hours, there was silence from Gov. Newsom’s office.

Using government resources to attack your political enemies appears not only authoritarian,  but also illegal, and an abuse of power.

“The Campaign for Democracy was founded to expose and fight rising authoritarianism across the nation.” Gov. Newsom’s Campaign for Democracy‘s mission “is to confront and defeat unAmerican authoritarianism.” Using government resources to attack his political enemies appears to be the kind of authoritarianism he claims to be fighting.

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4 thoughts on “Did Gov. Newsom’s Capitol Staff Break Campaign Laws on his Red State ‘Political’ Tour?

  1. If a brutal, murderous mobster can be legally nailed on tax evasion charges, I say go for it.
    If a sadistic, dishonest, totalitarian, law-breaking and state-destroying California governor can be legally nailed for spending taxpayer funds on his presidential campaign, works for me!
    Newsom has done this illegal activity before and he’s doing it again. DUH!
    Interesting that Newsom and his staff ignore reporters from a powerful national news network the same way they ignore local California reporters. (As if we didn’t know that’s what he would do.)
    Newsom will again absurdly deny, however, using his usual self-righteous and hyperactive-word-salad-y B.S., that he was campaigning for president and try to slither out of it that way. Hey, all he was trying to do on his Red State Tour was educate residents about how awful they have it compared to blissful California! I mean, there’s no FREEDOM in Florida —- what is a conscience-afflicted person such as Newsom supposed to do when he sees THAT? It’s his moral duty to say something about it! And it’s not HIS fault that every sane person paying attention knows at a glance that he is campaigning for president. He’s not doing that! He has sub-zero interest in running for president. He told us so! Weren’t you listening?
    I suspect Newsom has some big surprises coming his way now that he has stepped out onto the national stage wearing his giant red bulb nose and huge clown shoes. Have you noticed he’s already being mocked in every corner of the U.S.? Will reality finally hit Gov Bad Seed? Guess we’ll see..

  2. Newsom (aka Hair gel Hitler) and his Democrat SS think they are above the law? Maybe they are? Which Democrat controlled government agency will hold them accountable?

  3. Notice how EVERYTJING is an “existential threat” to this narcissistic psychopath???
    It’s a “tell” to his particular strain if megalomania…
    AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS, America!!!

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