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Gov. Gavin Newsom press conference on gun control. (Photo: screen capture Governor's press conference)

Gov. Gavin Newsom Calls for More Gun Control Legislation Following Texas School Shooting

‘So many are feeling anxiety and fear; I hope you look to the state’

By Katy Grimes, May 25, 2022 2:55 pm

Before parents had even identified their dead children after Tuesday’s horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, California Gov. Gavin Newsom Tweeted about gun violence and crowed that California’s gun control laws work, implying there would be more to come.

Wednesday, undeterred by political inappropriateness, Newsom held a press conference to announce he would be signing the 12 new gun control bills lawmakers drafted overnight, and said “when California moves, other states move.”

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” comes to mind with this haste. This statement is the infamous mantra from a top official in the Obama administration, and attributed to “Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinsky.

It appears that Gov. Newsom takes those words to heart.

“So many are feeling anxiety and fear. I hope you look to the state,” Gov. Newsom said, claiming that gun control states have better outcomes and less gun violence.

Only minutes into the press conference, Gov. Newsom said, “I wasn’t going to bring this up but…” and then he criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s press conference earlier in the day. Newsom cited CDC statistics claiming that Texas has 67% more violent gun episodes than California.

Newsom wasn’t going to say anything, but happened to have CDC stats handy.

“This state is going to lean in, we are leaning forward. Consider California as an anecdote to all of the above,” Newsom said. “We mean business, we are resolved We’re going to turn this around.”

“Don’t give in to the cynicism and all that crap you heard today in that press conference (with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott),” Newsom said, “and the perversion of the Second Amendment.” He said the Second Amendment needs “well-regulated gun policy.”

Notably, in his press conference, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott praised the response of police officers who stopped the attack from getting any worse. One officer who responded to the shooting lost a daughter in the attack, he said.

Gov. Gavin Newsom press conference on gun control. (Photo: screen capture Governor’s press conference)

A Sacramento reporter noted that California already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet there was a “mass shooting” only a few blocks from the Capitol recently. “Will more gun laws help?” he asked Gov. Newsom. Then the reporter asked about hardening (security) at schools, while Gov. Newsom laughed.

Rather than answering, Gov. Newsom said, “we know these policies work to save lives.”

Another reporter addressed the gun control bill Newsom proposed, and signed into law Tuesday, authored by Sen. Bob Hertzberger, SB 1327, which allows private citizens to sue gun manufacturers, modeling his proposal after the framework used in the Texas law banning abortions past six weeks. “How legally sound can this be?” the reporter asked.

“Don’t take my word for it, take the Supreme Court’s word. It’s modeled after the Texas abortion law,” Newsom said.

As the Globe has reported, The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (2005) is supposed to protect manufacturers from lawsuits going after the gun rather than the person who pulled the trigger.

In June 2021, the Globe reported that District Judge Roger T. Benitez threw out California’s 32-year ban on assault weapons, while also clarifying the deliberate and incorrect use of the label “assault weapon.”

So Gov. Newsom instead called the federal judges who have overturned California’s illegal gun laws “extremists” and “radicals.”

“Are you fast-tracking these bills with urgency clauses,” another reporter asked. Gov. Newsom said he’s working with legislative leaders and is hopeful some bills will be expedited.

“The problem is you’ve got all of these politicians bought and paid for by special interests,” Newsom said when asked about federal legislation.

A reporter called Newsom out for conflating the Texas law banning abortions but allowing abortion providers to challenge the six-week ban, with California’s new law to allow private citizens to sue gun manufacturers.

“We need to get dangerous guns and weapons of war off the street,” Newsom said, not answering. And then he walked away.

Watch the press conference here:


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33 thoughts on “Gov. Gavin Newsom Calls for More Gun Control Legislation Following Texas School Shooting

  1. Call me suspicious but does it seem that The Demons draft bills for anything that comes to their crazed minds and then just wait. Anticipating and hoping a tragedy will occur so they can pretend to care and then “oh by the way” here’s a hundred ways we are going to use this to further reduce your freedom.

    1. Denise, you make an excellent point. Something terrible always seems to happen that they can count on to exploit. These are disgusting, cynical, power-mad people, but it appears they are collapsing in a heap.

      SB 1327 is TERRIBLE law. And by the way, Newsom is looking to get punched in the nose one of these days with smart-aleck responses such as, “Don’t take my word for it, take the Supreme Court’s word. It’s modeled after the Texas abortion law,” Newsom said. He must be in the middle of writing a book called “How to Make Enemies and Alienate People,” subverting the classic “How to Make Friends and Influence People.”

      But obviously he’s no writer. And he’s no logician, either. Just an arrogant political hack who unfortunately happens to be governor of CA. This awful SB 1327 and the Texas abortion law are not analogous. For crying out loud.

      Shameless Newsom had better be careful. He is “leaning in” and “leaning forward” and stretching simple logic so much he’s likely to fall flat on his face one day. Kinda hoping that day comes soon.

  2. Surprised to see that Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom was not in Davos yucking it up with Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum masters and planning the demise of humanity? No doubt they decided their boy toy Gavin should stay in California instead to better implement their New World Order globalist agenda of complete control over the masses?

  3. [“So many are feeling anxiety and fear. I hope you look to the state,” Gov. Newsom said, claiming that gun control states have better outcomes and less gun violence.]

    As long as Newsolini is the governor of California, I can attest to the fact that I have more anxiety and fear.

    He is an embarrassment to this state. Only a greasy politician such as himself would take this horrific tragedy and use it to promote his gun control stance and bash the people of Texas.
    I pray for the innocent children and their grieving families. My heart aches today.

    1. You’re so right, Cali Girl, about more anxiety and fear caused by having Gruesome as governor. Mine is measurable, I’m sure.
      And I’m with you —— it’s so maddening and heart-rending when these creeps insist on exploiting an awful, awful, awful incident such as this one to get what they want politically. That it won’t help and will only hurt just adds insult to injury.

  4. No empathy at all, no regard for the families or town, just cold politics. 12 bills drawn up OVERNIGHT, sure. They must have known a manchurian candidate was being put into play…Maybe they should be considering if he was on any Pharma drugs. I’m betting some of those Texas shootings have to do with an INVASION from the southern border, of which Newsom has offered no assistance. A 79 year old woman in Florida had an intruder the other day, first tried to chase him off with a broom, then fired a warning shot, he kept coming so she killed him. What would have happened if she couldn’t defend herself. I suppose he wouldn’t consider her life valuable.
    Another guy posted Democratic-run Puerto Rico, and warned only bad guys have guns, violent video.
    Newsom has violated his Oath (defend the Constitution), and his allegiance is to the WEF (treason).

  5. The deadliest school massacre in US history that took the lives of 44 people, including 38 students in Michigan more than 90 years ago, and it didn’t involve a gun. It was known as The Bath School bombing that occurred in 1927.

      1. Of course he laughs Raymond. He has a compliment of at least twelve plainclothes Highway Patrol Officers to protect him and his family 24/7. And those officers carry 40 cal. handguns with 15 round magazines and of course fully automatic rifles in their SUV’s.

  6. Murder without guns is happening every day in California…. 419 facilities that perform abortions, 161 are abortion clinics. How many have died of Fentanyl poisoning? How many children will die from experimental vaccines that they do not need? I wish I could show the video of the father who rushed his son to emergency immediately after he was vaxxed, he died in the hallway. It was never about the children…. Are Democrats staging mass shootings for gun control? How does an 18 yr old from a poverty-ridden area purchase two guns valued at $5,000 + optics and ammo, who was he talking to on discord that said “Texas 13 days…” and 13 days later?

      1. Don’t forget… Who resides in Malibu, lied on gun registration app, whose wife threw the gun in a dumpster across from a school?… Remained in possession of gun as a known crack addict and ‘alleged’ pedophile (see Laptop)… and people aren’t supposed to protect family and community? Think we should all just have ‘burner phones’ and ‘burner guns’, constantly handing them off as you pass someone on the street, like a ‘city bike system’….LOL

    1. I would wager that the FBI is behind this shooting. They are involved in almost all the other shootings. The NWO genocide cannot proceed if people can defend themselves.

    2. Wow! A mic drop comment!
      It is just all so upsetting. This state and this country are in decline. This is not about “gun control”. Our younger generation are suffering from moral decline.
      I would like to know how an 18 year old high school drop out was able to purchase expensive new guns with expensive ammo on a part time fast food pay check. Could he be possibly be connected to drug cartels? This is a border town that has been overrun with illegal border crossings. It has been said the drug cartels have begun to control our side of the border.

  7. Perhaps governor short bus should make breaking the law against the law. That’ll fix those darn law breakers.

  8. I would wager that the FBI is behind this shooting. They are involved in almost all the other shootings. The NWO genocide cannot proceed if people can defend themselves.

  9. Wow, Newsom is telling parents to ‘look to the state’…..
    he better be careful what he wishes for , considering how dirty he did parents over the last few years.
    I love that Katy Grimes is a constant thorn in his side . Keep up the good work.
    Re: FBI or who is responsible ?
    When the timing is so perfect to help push through the Brandon administration’s narrative ,
    one can not help but wonder who is to blame.
    If gun control works so well, how come we in California can not feel safe in our own communities anymore?
    The good news is that we do not need weapons to take back OUR government because we all saw how quickly they crawled under their desks when Americans went in to OUR house on Jan 6.
    Yellow bellied lizards!

  10. The Communists in Sacramento are pretending that gun control laws are to reduce gun violence. It doesn’t take a genius to see that. They will be the first to shoot you for not following along with their narrative. 100 million people were slaughtered under Communism over the past century.

  11. Federal Marshals showed up with 4 minutes not to take out the shooter but to taze and handcuff parents who wanted to help their kids. They then stood outside the school for at least 36 minutes while they listened to the sounds of kids being murdered. Only when the Border Patrol showed up was the shooter taken out. The Feds were in on the murder of these children and teachers!!!

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong; I found it very interesting that when you point your finger at someone or something else, you have (3) fingers pointing back at you. It’s sad that a young man who went into that school in Texas “THROUGH AN UNLOCKED DOOR” and nobody is asking “Why was the door unlocked??”
    It’s plain and simple this young man was wrong!! The problem I have with this whole tragedy is:”Why was the door unlocked and who was responsible for ensuring the school campus was secure?????”
    As to the pointing of fingers by both Beto and Governor Newsom. “These 2 are like Two peas in a pod” so quick to blame and not willing to step back and give the families time to get a breath of air after the. Loss of their family members. I’m hoping that because of their actions they both have destroyed their prospects for their political futures from their “Soapbox Preaching”
    There is more to this picture like it was planned, and in all places like Texas
    Just saying
    Watch the movie: American Ultra
    What caused this young man to do the carnage that he did????

  13. Gun control just insures that more criminals have guns than law abiding citizens. We can see the results in California elevated crime.

  14. I do not know what else the Californians need to see before you guys organize and fight this tyrannical state government. I moved to Texas last year to escape what is to come to your once great state. This is not to say that Texas is exempt from these atrocities but you have so many people who are more concerned in preserving their personal paradigms than seeing reality for what it is. All these actions by so-called legislators contribute to the overarching agenda of future oppression, dominance and control.

    Being the proverbial frog in a boiling pot is not the solution but forming a community of like-minded individuals would be a great start. I’m trying to organize where I’m at and I see the frustrations and hopelessness that one is to experience in the process. Communities are harder to find these days because of all the social engineering that we’ve been subjected to.

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