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Governor Gavin Newsom at a recall event in Santa Ana on September 5, 2021 (Photo: YouTube screen capture)

Gov. Newsom Swings Through Southern California Campaigning With Prominent Democrats

‘The GOP is taking back congressional seats, affirmative action was soundly defeated, and the Governor is facing a recall; It’s too many things to be a fluke’

By Evan Symon, September 6, 2021 11:52 am

During the weekend, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) were among the top Democrats making rare appearances in California campaigning with Governor Gavin Newsom against the recall election.

Newsom, who still has a narrow lead in beating the recall according to most polls, focused largely on ethnic communities and the female vote, capitalizing on recent polls that show Newsom having the majority of support in the recall from both demographics.

Senator Warren helped kick off Newsom’s Southern California tour at a rally in Culver City on Saturday. During her speech with Newsom, Warren largely focused on what other GOP-led states have done recently to issues largely affecting women, such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott backing a bill that largely restricts abortion and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis helping the state block funding against schools issuing mask mandates.

“Look at Texas – a governor who is working hard to take away a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body and to block access to abortion,” said Warren on Saturday. “Look at what’s happening in Florida – a governor who’s saying that when public schools want to try to protect kids and teachers with masks that he’s going to cut off their funding.”

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

However, Warren largely focused on getting people to vote against the recall, speaking out against the current recall candidate frontrunner, radio host Larry Elder, and warning Democrats that he may bring in similar changes. In particular, she noted that, due to the poor health of  Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Elder may pick a Republican for the seat and help disrupt the current Democratic Senate majority.

“I’m in California because the fights are happening right now at the state level,” added Warren. “It’s democracy that’s at stake here. If [Democrats] don’t show up [to vote], people in California could wake up tomorrow and Larry Elder could be their governor and the rights that have so defined California for so long, just gone.

“It comes down to you, California. Voting yes in this recall election means installing Larry Elder as governor. Voting yes means installing one more Republican governor to undercut women, one more Republican governor to put our children at risk, one more Republican governor to grease the skids for the fossil fuel industry. If Larry Elder gets the chance, he wants to take away that Democratic majority. That Democratic majority that gave us a rescue package on COVID so that there was money for our states, so that there was money for vaccines, so there’s money to reopen our schools.”

Klobuchar in California

On Sunday, Newsom attended Los Angeles rallies in MacArthur Park and Chinatown where he was joined respectively by Congresswomen Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Judy Chu (D-CA), pushing for more Democrats to vote and to not count on the Democrat majority of the state.

“One hundred and fourteen thousand jobs created just last month. That’s California, and that happened, not despite our values. That happened because of our values,” said Newsom. “We embrace unions, we embrace social justice, racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice – all of those things are at risk if we don’t turnout the vote.

“In the next nine days, we have an opportunity to reject the cynicism and reject this Republican-backed recall. The consequences of California turning red not blue are profound in terms of the agenda that the senator is advancing, Biden is advancing. ”

Newsom then headed down to Orange County to a Santa Ana rally with Senator Klobuchar. Klobuchar highlighted many of the same issues as Warren the day before, but also gave a special focus to COVID-19 vaccinations and mandates.

“The pandemic, we are turning the corner because, in part, of his good work in getting the vaccine out there,”  stated Klobuchar on Sunday. “Suppressing the vote, going into the Capitol, stopping our democracy. This is the day where the citizens of California can stand up and say no, we own this democracy.”

Larry Elder, also campaigning around Los Angeles, noted during the weekend that, he would replace Senator Feinstein’s seat with a Republican if it came up, with his campaign downplaying the two Senators coming out to back Newsom during the weekend.

“Involving others to try to rescue him merely shows that he’s in trouble and are desperately afraid of being kicked out of office very soon,” explained Elder Communications Director Ying Ma in a statement.

Campaign experts also noted the unusual steps Newsom and the Democrats were taking in the recall election.

State, National Democrats fear a GOP win in California, effects it may have in 2022

“They have been ramping up ads and visits like these for weeks,” explained former lobbyist Harry Schultz to the Globe on Monday. “Turn on a TV or watch a video on the internet and it won’t be long before one of his ads plays.”

“Newsom flying in all of these people, including Harris and Biden soon, are really last ditch efforts. Newsom is not trusting those polls and wants to make it clear that Democrats are still on top in California.”

“And the margin is important. Newsom has a recall on him, so his political future is largely in jeopardy. But on a broader scale, a GOP win in California can really shake things up in 2022. Mid-terms are always a change-up year for both houses of  Congress, so if other close races across the country see that California of all states chose a Republican, it can really energize them. Even if Newsom pulls off a win, a close vote, definitely a closer margin than 2018, can signal a turning tide against them. If California of all states is becoming more Republican, why not them?”

“This election is not only terrifying Democrats in California, but it’s terrifying Democrats nationwide. It’s why Warren and Klobuchar had to come out on a holiday weekend away from their families. It’s why Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party are putting their election machines behind Newsom. It’s why they are vastly outspending the GOP. Even if they win this they can still lose. They’re losing a top Democratic leader in Newsom already, but they’re also losing 2022 potentially. 2024. And more focused on the state, it still shows that the GOP, while having been out for a few rounds, may be on it’s way back in California, or at the very least, are still on their feet. And no Democrat even wants to comprehend that right now. They have thought California as their since Schwarzenegger was out of office. Now look. The GOP is taking back congressional seats, Affirmative action was soundly defeated, and the Governor is facing a recall. It’s too many things to be a fluke.”

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the latter of whom had earlier cancelled a campaign event in California, are among the top Democrats set to appear with Newsom in California in the next eight days as recall election day grows nearer.

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Evan Symon
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11 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Swings Through Southern California Campaigning With Prominent Democrats

  1. Newsom isn’t even touching the issues that have fueled the recall: tyrannical abusive and nonsensical covid restrictions [just look at the rest of the nation vs California] homelessness, EDD fraud, education [if you can call it that – mostly in California its just welfare for people who call themselves teachers] third world power grid that is responsible for billions of dollars in property damage and deaths – he has spent the last 18 months faithfully executing the national democrat agenda and now he and that agenda are going to be formally rejected. He is preparing for it. Sold the family pile and is preparing to leave the state. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  2. So the DNC sent out their heavy hitters to help Newsom….
    Two failed presidential candidates, Warren and Klobuchar. When is Kamala coming? ????
    They inspire me to VOTE YES ON THE RECALL.

  3. Klobuchar and Warren ,obviously white, attacking a black candidate from Compton is amusing in itself. You have to ask why they fly from their States to protect a feckless governor.

  4. Oh yeah, having Elizabeth “Crazy Eyes” Warren and Amy “The Blob” Klobuchar is going to swing the independent voters over to Gruesome Newsom’s side, after he’s ruined just about eveything he’s touched in this formerly Golden State….
    These people are so insular in their thinking (FEELING, actually) that they couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper sack…

    We gotta recall this jackass because he thought he was a lock for the White House as did Headboard Harris, but she went to the front of the line because of her gender and racial background….

    Furthermore, Herr Schwab has Newsom on his “young guns” list for the evil WEF “Agenda 2030” dream team (look it up) so we have to take him out of the running there too…


  5. Democrat Senator Klobuchar from Minnesota campaigned for Newsom in Orange County and prattled about him taking action on “climate change?” Good grief she is completely tone deaf on what matters to most Californians?

  6. Looks like a bunch of privileged white supremists campaigning for the poster boy of white privilege . You Demoncrats started this crap so OWN IT!

  7. The censorship in the MSM is incredible. There was a massive demonstration for vaccine choice in Sacramento at the Capitol but there is absolutely no coverage of it anywhere. All the coverage was about Newsom campaigning against the recall with Kamala Harris in So Cal. The only coverage I found was an AP article that made fun of the people who were there as a few hundred radical antivaxx activists who were distributing misinformation. Live stream showed a peaceful and organized demonstration with thousands of people – families brought their children – good looking clean cut individuals – with well made signs with appropriate slogans advocating for choice and against mandates. The media will stop at nothing to promote the narrative.

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