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Assemblyman Jim Patterson. (Photo: Jim Patterson)

Lawmakers’ Request for Audit of California DMV Killed Despite Suspicion of Election Fraud

DMV’s Motor Voter registration program impacts federal elections

By Katy Grimes, July 1, 2019 2:05 am

In January we learned that the Department of Motor Vehicles and county voter registrars told the California Secretary of State Alex Padilla last year that the motor Voter program was not ready. Motor Voter automatically registers voters when they renew or obtain a drivers license. The DMV and registrars asked Secretary Padilla to hold off on the roll-out. But Padilla and the state went ahead anyway.

The new system had not been properly checked, according to the county voter registrars. They had valid concerns, said Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno). “The people of California are suffering with the DMV and it’s 1980’s technology,” Patterson said.

California’s Motor Voter program has been plagued with problems since its rollout in April 2018. The Department has admitted mishandling voter registration information for 23,000 drivers and double-registering as many as 77,000 others. In addition to this, as many as 1,500 ineligible voters were registered by the DMV – including an unknown number of non-citizens. Also, over 500 Californians may not have been able to vote in the November 2018 election because the DMV did not send their information to the Secretary of State’s office in time.

Patterson said his office is still getting reports from constituents whose Party registration was changed after a visit to the DMV. “This is how ballot harvesting is happening,” Patterson said.

Patterson is a member of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, and has been pushing for a bipartisan audit of the DMV, including the Motor Voter Program. Assemblyman Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) and Patterson made the bipartisan request to audit the DMV Motor Voter Program of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee at a special hearing in May.

Assemblyman Rudy Salas. (Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Last week Democrats on the JLAC committee declined to authorize an audit, despite concerns of voter fraud within the Motor Voter program. In addition to registering illegal aliens to vote, “a number of families with 16-year-olds are getting registered to vote – not just pre-registered, as legislated,” Assemblyman Patterson said in an interview with California Globe.

“The SEIU intervened on the audit request, and let the governor know, as they did with Gov. Brown, they didn’t want it moving forward,” Assemblyman Jim Patterson said. “They were really worried about the motor voter program and what would be found. The ruling Party didn’t want to have to explain the screw up of Motor Voter or even the Real ID program,” Patterson added.

By March, 2018, more than one million “undocumented” immigrants received driver’s licenses from the state Department of Motor Vehicles, which automatically registered them to vote under the “Motor Voter” program, California Globe reported. “Last September, the DMV sent out 23,000 “erroneous” voter registrations they blamed on ‘technical errors. Padilla proclaimed himself ‘extremely disappointed and deeply frustrated’ but legitimate voters could believe he was delighted. The odds are strong that illegals made up most if not all of the newly registered voters but Padilla wasn’t saying how many made it to the polls in November.”

“I am very disappointed that State Auditor Elaine Howle was not given a green light of an audit focus on Motor Voter… we were getting closer to having the Department of Technology, the Secretary of State, and DMV scrutinized,” Patterson said. He explained that is is constitutional to audit the Secretary of State, a Constitutional officer.

Patterson said he and Salas were given the same excuse as he received in audit requests and denials of the High Speed Rail system: “it’s premature – too early.” Patterson said Democrats want Governor Gavin Newsom’s appointed DMV strike force to complete their investigation, as well as Ernst & Young’s audit to be completed, prior authorizing Elaine Howle to do one. “What Elaine Howle provides is an absolute independent look at reality,” Patterson said. “She is not attached to the (Newsom) administration.”

Patterson said Sen. Richard Roth (D-Riverside), the JLAC Committee Vice Chairman who voted “NO” on the audit request, made it clear to him that he would seriously look at an audit after the DMV strike team and Ernst & Young complete their report.

Elaine Howle, CA State Auditor

“It took me three years to get the High Speed Rail audit,” Patterson said. “I think this will happen. But they don’t want to know the truth. Sooner or later the mess at the DMV will be audited.”

Patterson said several in the media, including California Globe, are not letting the need for a DMV audit go. “They are smelling something really wrong,” he said. “There is political danger when Elaine Howle is turned loose on the High Speed Rail, the University of California and others. Rudy Salas and I will continue. This was a setback, but I will be back with another audit request, because until it happens, we are denying the Legislature and the people of California the one independent auditor.”

“Like High Speed Rail, the problems with the DMV will be so self-evident,” Patterson added.

California’s Motor Voter issues are also under scrutiny because California officials moved up the state primary election from June to March. The goal was to be an influencer in determining the Democratic nomination for president. And because of the impact on federal elections, California is under a microscope, making the audit more important than ever, according to Patterson.

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19 thoughts on “Lawmakers’ Request for Audit of California DMV Killed Despite Suspicion of Election Fraud

  1. When peaceful recourse is denied then violent redress becomes justified, it becomes manifold.

    Democrats are the enemy of America.

      PARY IF U WILL!!!!!!

      1. The “progressive” haters of this country and its founding documents have been making war on the American people for over a century. The only difference between war and what we have now is we’re not fighting back

  2. The election process is thoroughly corrupt in California, and we are hostages with no rescue in sight. Other than leave the state, what can we do?

    1. I would say it would have to be crowds of Patriots, flooding the Capitol, and DEMANDING ACTION …This entire administration of Democrats, are corrupt as hell, and NEED TO BE REMOVED….2nd amendment style, as it was given to us to rid us of TYRANNY….trust me…they’re all that and worse.

  3. The party that blocks voter ID, registers non-citizens and felons, and harvests ballots, is the party of vote fraud, democrats, I’m looking at you!

  4. I don’t think most illegal aliens actually dare to show up at the polls, nor do 16 year olds, but absentee ballots were generated for these groups in 2018 and it is THESE ABSENTEE BALLOTS that were then harvested to turn an election.

    The whole idea of motor voter — and it’s no mistake of you ask me — is to generate as many absentee ballots as possible for operatives to acquire and mark up to Democrats’ advantage.

    Gee, what a huge surprise (not) that SEIU intervened on an independent DMV audit moving forward. It’s pretty obvious they have a lot to gain from pushing and maintaining Dem office-holders, thus they participated in and funded the ballot harvesting that was also done by DREAMers (as even L.A. Times reported), and all of them were paid $20 an hour to blanket districts in the thousands in the 2018 election.

    Are we going to sit by and let this happen again?! This a time-sensitive problem; in other words it may become too late to fix, with a lot of unpredictable and unfixable fallout, and the Dem legislators and Padilla and Newsom (and his damn DMV Strike Team) who are dragging their feet know it.

  5. It looks like, we are going to have to as creative as the demrats, one way, or another, we will be heard in the 2020 election. we may just all need to take a bus to the capitol and place our votes there, right in the Oval Office.

  6. Stealing votes from citizens, and obstructing basic inalienable rights is allowing California to become another country as responsible people seek refuge in other states. County election boards should issue statements that voters need to register in person until the DMV accountability is resolved.

  7. So when do we organize and begin recall procedures on these treasonous snakes???
    Start with Padilla and get Newsom???
    And get it RIGHT THIS TIME and elect McClintock as Governor….or Moorlach…

    You know, someone with A BRAIN!!!

  8. Why is the RNC allowing the Democrats to get away with voter fraud? There is a simple way to expose potential fraud based upon available numbers.
    A simple answer to identifying voter fraud:
    Take the total number of votes cast and divide by the number of legitimate correctly certified registered voters to determine the turnout. Typically, in the midterms it is about 40%. If it is significantly above, there is a strong indication of potential fraud.
    Next take the number of votes cast by assumed party affiliation Next take the total number of votes cast by voter registration by party. The ratio should be relatively close for each of the three voter groups. If one is much higher again there is an indication of potential voter fraud.
    For example, in Broward County there were over 1.2 million registered voters (how many were illegal) and 1.2 million plus ballots recorded giving a participation rate of 112% VS the expected of 40% to 48%. Based upon the model there should have been about 570,000 ballots, where did the extra 630,000 come from? The only answer massive voter fraud. Time to bring in the feds to do a complete review and hold those accountable for their actions.

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