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LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. (Photo: Wikipedia)

More California Elected Officials Violate Their Own Business Lockdown Orders

It’s obvious that politicians don’t live in fear of the coronavirus, so why should anyone else?

By Katy Grimes, December 1, 2020 7:56 am

In another stunning act of hypocrisy, after ordering restaurants in Los Angeles to close, former State Senator, now Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl enjoyed an outdoor meal at a Santa Monica restaurant last Tuesday, Fox News reported.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo appears to have broken health protocols in celebrating Thanksgiving with family members outside of his own household, NBC Bay Area reported.

“The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit has learned Liccardo celebrated with his elderly parents at their Saratoga home with an unknown number of other guests. While the mayor’s staff did confirm the dinner took place, they have not disclosed how many other people attended, how many different households were present, and whether any of those in attendance wore masks while not eating.”

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Gov. Newsom and his wife were caught in recent weeks dining in Napa Valley with a large dinner party at the swanky French Laundry restaurant, violating his own COVID stay-at-home orders.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on security cameras visiting a San Francisco hair salon for a wash and blow-out, in September.

As the Globe continues to report, it’s obvious that politicians don’t live in fear of the coronavirus, so why should anyone else?

“This is a private event – not public,” said Jim Reed, Liccardo’s Chief of Staff.  “We are going to redraw the line between what is personal and what is public because that line has become blurred.”

As for former Senator Sheila Kuehl, she had no problem fear mongering earlier in the day: “This is a serious health emergency and we must take it seriously,” Kuehl said. “The servers are not protected from us, and they’re not protected from their other tables that they’re serving at that particular time, plus all the hours in which they’re working.”

As the Globe reported Sunday, California with a population of 39,512,223, reports 1,206,278 “cases,” which is a 3.05 % positivity rate – in the bottom quarter of the entire United States.

Governor Gavin Newsom, and most county public health officials, are manipulating the data and numbers, and clearly are trying to keep Californians scared so the draconian lockdowns will not be questioned.

Because there is no science backing the lockdowns, it is evident Gov. Newsom and the state’s elected Democrats are attempting to force more California entrepreneurs out of business and onto government dependence. There is no science or data showing that dining at restaurants or drinking at bars spreads the virus.

Proving just how arbitrary his lock downs are, the governor allowed strip clubs and bath houses to remain open.

“Never before has a government ignored science and common sense, and demanded that the public mask themselves and halt all normal life, creating a culture of fear and loathing,” restaurant owner Kevin Boss said in a letter to the governor and Santa Barbara elected officials. “Never before in the US have government officials, elected and unelected, taken it upon themselves to virtually proscribe almost all human activity at a whim.”

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7 thoughts on “More California Elected Officials Violate Their Own Business Lockdown Orders

  1. Thank you so much for continuing to beat this drum, Katy Grimes! So necessary and appreciated.
    By their actions these people are telling you that this COVID Voice of Doom banner they are so fond of wielding is TOTAL B.S. To fully realize this would be to cut a huge chunk out of the Spell of the Fear Factor they are endlessly using to hypnotize the populace, if not eliminate it entirely. Repeating: THE SAME PEOPLE TRYING TO SCARE YOU DON’T BELIEVE THEIR OWN SCARE STORIES.

    The question is, what’s to be done, because the governor and mayors and county supervisors still want to cite businesses for non-compliance, fine them and turn off their power and water and pull their alcohol licenses and business licenses. The key might be for all the restaurants and other affected businesses to band together and open up at once? Can that happen? Has it been tried? Can they organize and put a stop to this nonsense with a tidal wave of normal activity? I’m hearing they’ve done a return to normality to some extent in Orange County. If it COULD be done it seems as though it would overwhelm the jackbooted control freaks.

  2. Many others in control around the globe are getting caught, too, but here’s one about our new possible surgeon general I thought I’d share: “Pennsylvania’s health secretary, “Rachel” Levine, who leftists pretend is not a mentally ill man telling people he’s a woman, forced sick people into nursing homes in May, even as he secretly removed his own mother. Levine, incidentally, is being floated as a possible surgeon general. That’s just what America needs: a hypocritical, self-entitled, mentally ill surgeon general.” Praying our LORD will be here soon. Revelation 6, 18

  3. Listen to audio of Sheila Kuehl that was played and mocked today on the John Philips Show, KABC 790. Pretty funny.
    “L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl Got Caught Dining Outdoors after Voting to Shut Down Outdoor Dining”
    See 12/1/20 show, 12 Noon hour. Segment begins @3:55 mark:

  4. Comrades

    Shush……..YOU’re ruled, you love to be led, especially by those “divisiveness” preaching hucksters…..

    Think on it, idol worship of a leader or two who partakes of a $340.00 meal is a deserved stress reliever, a goom-bye-ah while you live on Big Lots rice and Vienna Sausages.

  5. So He/Sheila is just as much a two faced liar as Gavin the Greaseball, huh???

    Throw all of the bums out, along with Julia “The Dyke Carpetbagger” Brownley….

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