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More Than 2,400 Californians Now Suspected of Voting in Nevada’s Election

Another 1,000 dual-state voters found

By Katy Grimes, December 2, 2020 2:58 pm

According to the Election Integrity Project, Nevada, more than 2,400 persons who are registered to vote in Nevada, subsequently registered in California, but voted in Nevada’s November 3 election.

EIPNv had previously reported 1,411 such voters. An expanded analysis, matching mailing addresses and phone numbers, found approximately 1,000 more suspect voters. To lawfully vote in Nevada, one must continuously reside in the state and one’s county for 30 days and one’s precinct 10 days preceding Election Day [NRS 293.485].

Federal law allows persons to vote in their old state if they have moved within 30 days of the election. These findings will be submitted to the Secretaries of State in both Nevada and California.

The appropriate U.S. Attorneys will be notified:

• There are 2,410 Nevada registrants who closely match a California registrant on first, middle and last name, and date of birth. Common names, which might be coincidences, are excluded.

• Of these, 491 have a California mailing address that matches their Nevada residence address, 400 have the same phone number in both their California and Nevada records, and 46 have both a matching address and phone number.

• These registrants’ California voter registration dates are later than their Nevada registration dates, indicating all 2,410 now reside in California. The California registration dates are 90+ days prior to the November 3 election, indicating the voters are not lawfully eligible to vote in Nevada.

• As of November 24, Nevada’s official histories of counted votes show, despite their apparent residency in California, 1,390 voted by mail, 710 voted early, 224 voted at the polls on Election Day and 86 voted provisionally and were counted. • Of the 2,410 suspect voters, 615 had not previously voted in Nevada, though they were registered.

• The number of suspect votes by district can be found here.

• It is being determined whether these persons also voted in California. EIPNv further identified 97 Nevada registrants who voted in the November 3 election though they are documented as having moved from their registration address or having never lived there. These findings were documented via canvasser interviews of current residents at these registration addresses.

In March, the Globe reported that the Election Integrity Project California warned that an all-vote-by-mail ballot election in the state and the state’s largest cities, means hundreds of thousands of likely deceased or relocated could “receive” ballots; thousands of duplicated voters would be mailed two or more ballots.

EIP said the entire state has bloated voter lists so this problem will be even worse if state lawmakers pass legislation to mandate mail ballots to all Californians.

“In fact, we are about to publish that 13 counties now have more registered voters than eligible citizens, as of Feb 18, 2020,” EIPCa’s chief analyst, Ellen Swensen told California Globe.

EIPCa also warned that hundreds of thousands of ballots for California’s November election were mailed to registered voters who have probably moved or died, while more than one ballot was mailed to thousands more.

And the Secretary of State had all of this information, but failed to act ahead of the election.

California Globe has been told by many readers of people who moved out of the state, but still received a California vote-by-mail ballot.

Now, more than 2,400 Californians voted in Nevada’s election.

What will be the next Election 2020 surprise?




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20 thoughts on “More Than 2,400 Californians Now Suspected of Voting in Nevada’s Election

  1. Very, very sad when grown adults have to cheat to win, but they’ve been doing this for far too many years….and you wonder why the public schools are a mess, like our state, etc. that is controlled by these cheaters. 2 Peter 3:13, “Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” Hebrews 13:14, ” For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.”

  2. Isaiah 29:15

    Woe to those who go to great depths
    to hide their plans from the LORD,
    who do their work in darkness and think,
    “Who sees us? Who will know?”

  3. OUTRAGEOUS. We must put a stop to this. Election integrity is fundamental, essential.
    I will never understand why these cheaters want to throw our beautiful country in the garbage.
    Thanks so much Katy Grimes and California Globe —- appreciate this information so much.

  4. I have no doubt that there was dubious voting in Nevada. However, with cell phones comparing current telephone numbers with old numbers probably is not useful. I move more than a year ago, but retain my old state’s area code because my only phone number is for my cell phone. I do not intend to ever change my telephone number despite moving with the intent of never moving again.

  5. It’s not mentioned what party these dual-voters belong to, but I think we all know. You know, in the Olympics if an athlete is found to be cheating, they forfeit their medal. Elections are more important than sports, so I believe there is only one remedy.

  6. This is outrageous and those who did this must go to prison and pay fines. It’s the only way they will learn. We need everyone to e-mail or call their respective Senators and Representatives to tell them we will NOT tolerate this! If need be, show up at your State Capital!

    1. You can show up at the state capital but that NEVER gets on MSM. There needs to be a LARGE group to be heard, just like the BLM riots or “peaceful protest” as Gavin calls them. The efforts put forth to gain attention to these issues have not been reported by MSM therefore has gone unnoticed. Chinafornians need to get some balls and brains.

  7. Seems like the constant outrage and recall efforts might not be the key. Don’t get me wrong. I am outraged. I also signed the recall petition and encouraged many others to do the same, but to address this at the level where it is being created (government) seeems to be an endless cycle and a waste of time. Look no further than Gallagher and Kiley’s court case. They won! Hooray, and high fives fellas. You get an A for effort… but now? Look what it got us. Absolutely NOTHING. Time to push back. Small business owners and independent run restaurants, open your doors. If health dept officials show up, the citizens need to block their entry, treat them the exact same way Republican poll monitors were treated, tell them to GTFO and show them the door. Get their name. Identify their vehicles. Time to stop being outraged and time to take it back or we are done. Problem with people in CA, is they are a trained little rule followers. Sheep. And those mask wearing sheep are bullying others to follow their lead when it should be the other way around. We are normalizing sickness and it’s time to stop!

  8. It is heartbreaking to think how many people are willing to degrade themselves to steal an election and deny the will of the people.

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