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Flier made by Rio Americano students. (Photo: provided to the Globe by student parent)

Outpouring of Support for Rio Americano High School Student Suspended For Not Masking

‘We have rights too, vaccinated or not;’ #NoMaskWednesday

By Katy Grimes, August 18, 2021 7:03 am

Tuesday the Globe reported on a student at Rio Americano High School suspended for not wearing a mask in class, despite having a doctor’s medical exemption. The girl’s mother reported her daughter was harassed, threatened and bullied by the school principal, teachers and the school resource officer, despite being told to back down by the school district’s lawyer.

The school Principal even called the sheriff on the mother when she asked him why he ignored the doctor-authorized medical exemption from the mask and face shield, and on what grounds he was suspending her. All of this is recorded on the mom’s phone, including the exchange with a Sheriff’s Deputy.

Despite the public humiliation and harassment, the student endured as much as possible, and stood her ground.

She was rewarded with #NoMaskWednesday.

Late in the day, her mom reported “Kids from Rio Americano High School reached out to my daughter with this flier they made. It is now circulating around on social media. I believe 1,500 views.”

Flier made by Rio Americano students. (Photo: provided to the Globe by student parent)

Students and teachers witnessed the mother stand her ground as she defended her daughter. The mother and daughter now know they are supported.

There is strength in numbers.

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14 thoughts on “Outpouring of Support for Rio Americano High School Student Suspended For Not Masking

    1. I am still waiting for the people of CA to stand up against this tyranny. so far i still just see the sheep lining up .

  1. I was neutral on vaccines and once believed in Germ Theory, but after doing a lot of study and research, I now subscribe to Terrain Theory. A virus is defined as a non-living particle or molecule. Still, somehow everyone buys the “scientific” Germ Theory lies that a non-living particle/molecule can infect a living cell and cause diseases.
    Did you know there is no purified and isolated sarscov2 virus or any other viruses? Furthermore, a German microbiologist, Dr. Stefan Lanka, proved that the measles virus does NOT exist in a German court. So what’s in every vaccine we have taken since birth? What’s in the experimental C19 mRNA injections that are falsely called a “vaccine”? How can an experimental C19 mRNA “vaccine” be called a “vaccine” when it’s still undergoing clinical trials? That’s like saying a pre-med student is a certified Medical Doctor. So what does make people sick? We can start with toxins in our food, water, and environment. How about all those toxic cleaning chemicals we use to sanitize our homes that allegedly kill “disease-causing bacteria and viruses.” How about junk food in our diet? How about a lack of proper nutrition? Examine the evidence and question the medical establishment, Pharma, and government narrative that “vaccines” are good for you and the only method to save you from a non-living made-up COVID19 virus? Do you trust them with your health? Do you trust them with your life? See here and examine why money-making Germ Theory is a fraud. https://bit.ly/3mb2ayr

  2. Smart Kids! so glad the kids are not falling for the BS! I love this No Mask Wednesday idea!! I’m proud of these young citizens!!

  3. Hi my name is Bobby, my wife lost her job last year for refusing to wear a mask, she went the whole pregnancy of my six month old Alexander without being allowed to see a doctor, We strongly know it is our GOD Given right to refuse to wear a mask or anything against our will. To get our child’s immunizations along with the immunizations of out girl Alexia, we traveled a forty minute drive to another state to get their immunizations. We had tried prior to go to a different health department, only to be turned away after being informed that they required a mask for their premises, we informed the workers of the facility that there was no mask mandate for the state and had been no mandate in the sate for some time, only for them to unknowingly wrongly state that there was a mandate for federal buildings which no mandate existed at that time, I cursed like crazy leaving that place, now to be denied access yet again from getting my children immunized without a mask. While my wife worked for walmart, the company that fired her upon posting a note asking if there was no hazard pay why should there be mask, my wife developed a breathing problem from the mask that lasted a while after she was fired, we know mask will hurt people and THE LORD Lets me know there is no need for a mask, and I will fight for that, please contact me if anyone would like the full story. https://www.facebook.com/bobby.martin.167/

  4. Freedom has emerged at Rio Americano High School! Keep supporting each other. School administrative leadership has failed to protect students. Students continue to exercise your FREEDOM and LEADERSHIP!

  5. Never forget that good people out number the nasty ones 5 to 1. Never give an inch to these fascists and they will eventually be forced to back off.

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