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Recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom Effort Qualifies for Ballot

1,626,042 validated signatures to force recall confirmed by Secretary of State

By Evan Symon, April 26, 2021 5:22 pm

The recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom was confirmed on Monday following the Secretary of State’s office updating their validated signatures in the recall effort to be 1,626,042, well above the 1.495 million needed.

While previous efforts in 2019 and 2020 failed to garner enough signatures, public outcry over the Governor’s handling of COVID-19 lockdowns and the harm it did to businesses, owners and employees statewide, as well as continued outrage over years worth of questionable and controversial decisions, letting $31 billion in unemployment fraud occur under his administration, and being caught lying about properly social distancing himself during the height of the lockdown late last year, fueled the signature gathering success of the latest recall signature gathering effort.

And California’s public school children still are not back in school.

According to the Secretary of State report released Monday, just over 80% of  the 2.18 million signatures were validated.

This is big: The largest blocks of support county-wise came from from Southern California, with Los Angeles County alone reported over 264,000 validated signatures, followed by Orange County with 215,000 validated signatures, San Diego County with 156,000, and Riverside County with 146,000. The Central and Sacramento Valleys also showed high numbers of signatures, with Fresno County clocking in 59,000 and Sacramento County showing a total of 61,000. San Francisco County, home county of Governor Newsom, only brought in 9,400 signatures – the greatest signature-population disparity in a county.

Los Angeles has been especially noted as a prime county for signatures, as the majority collected there had actually been registered Democrats rather than Republicans. Overall, more than 30% of the signatures gathered had come from non-Republicans, such as Democrats, Libertarians, and those choosing no party affiliation.

The validation of the recall capped off an effort nearly a year in the making, surprising many political experts by not only collecting upwards of 100,000 signatures a week, but by actually succeeding in a blue state with a majority Democratic registered voter population.

Governor Newsom recall election to happen later this year, as candidates line up for recall

“The People of California have done what the politicians thought would be impossible.  This recall movement to remove Governor Gavin Newsom from office has reached yet another milestone,” said Orrin Heatlie, Lead Proponent of the Recall Gavin Newsom campaign and founder of the California Patriot Coalition, in a press release on Monday. “Our work is just beginning.  Now the real campaign is about to commence. This is extremely important to us here in California and others across America. We hope that people who support our effort can make a donation to support our campaign.”

Other recall effort leaders noted similar tones on Monday.

“California is at a crossroad,” added Senior Advisor and Spokesman for RecallGavin2020 Randy Economy. “People are frustrated at the destructive policies, divisive politics and manipulative tactics conducted by Gavin Newsom since the day he became governor.  We cannot continue to allow one elected official in California to control each aspect of our lives without checks and balances.”

While there is no date currently set for the recall, the number of challengers in the election should Newsom be voted out has grown in recent weeks. Currently, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, 2018 GOP Gubernatorial candidate John Cox, former Congressman Doug Ose, and former Olympian and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner have entered the race as candidates who have a fair amount of support, monetary backing, or public recognition. Other possible candidates have been mentioned such as former Ambassador Ric Grenell, with others, such as former state Senator John Moorlach and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, not denying being interested in a run.

“They did it. They actually did it,” said former lobbyist Harry Schultz to the Globe on Monday. “Now it’s going to be a mad dash to the fall. Newsom is just starting to improve his image and support right now, so he is going to be on eggshells the rest of the year hoping to avoid anything big that can cost him votes. He’s playing it off as being confident that he won’t lose, but [former Governor] Gray Davis did the same thing 18 years ago. This is going to be a crazy rest of the year.”

The date for the recall election is to be set sometime after final signature validation on April 29th.

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Evan Symon
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21 thoughts on “Recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom Effort Qualifies for Ballot

  1. Finally some good news! Of course there were enough signatures now we have to be aware of how they manage all the votes! If Gavin seems comfortable then we have to worry what he and Nancy are up too. Recall Gavin 2021!!

    1. You are so right, Stacy.
      Right now his actions are telling me he is concerned.
      He waived the reopening nugget of June 14th at us. Perhaps he will move it up to Memorial Day weekend. We have much to celebrate.

    2. Absolutely, Stacy. Vigilance is key!
      To stay on top of developments from the RecallGavin team (Orrin Heatlie, Mike Netter, Randy Economy, with Eric Early and/or another guest often sitting in) listen live from anywhere Friday nights 7-9 p.m. at KABC 790 AM. The show is called “Friday Night at the French Laundry.” If you miss the live show the podcast is typically posted a few days later.

  2. I’m very happy about the news, but Supervisor Matt Haney of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors can’t stand that the recall is official now. On Twitter, he wrote: “The election may cost up to $400 million. What a pointless waste. The Governor was elected to a 4 year term by the people. He’s done nothing to deserve being recalled 2 years into it.” This know-nothing/do nothing supervisor in San Francisco actually wants people to believe Newsom has done “nothing” to deserve the recall. I let him in on all your investigative articles on Newsom’s gruesome deeds thus far, Katy Grimes. Thank you for all your work and for ploughing ahead on this nasty piece of work called a governor.

    1. Oh brother! Did Supervisor Haney also weigh in on the EDD fraud, $31 BILLION worth of waste under Newsom’s sublime leadership?
      Charles, it’s great that you sent him the Katy Grimes’ List of Newsom Nonsense. Maybe he’ll plunge in and read it tonight, who knows? 🙂

    2. Haney says the recall will cost $400 million? Since when did tax payer dollars matter to leftists? Haney needs to read California Globe articles about the spending by leftys in this state and the country for that matter. $400 million is a drop in the bucket compared to what the Democraps have pissed away in this state especially on BS climate change, climate crisis, global warming, global cooling our whatever BS term they are calling it this week. Thank you Katy Grimes and Evan Symon for your excellent articles leading up to this recall announcement!

      1. You’re right, John about obliviousness of leftists to their own disgusting waste and overspending. Besides, that $400M figure is W-A-A-A-Y overstated. Oh yeah, they lie, too —- I forgot. Not!

    3. Right on Charles for sharing Katy Grimes articles and acknowledging her great investigative, truthful work! It takes a village and our village is growing!

  3. Strip shopping centers are half empty all over my formerly thriving city, as businesses small and large have disappeared due to impulsive, power-greedy imbecile Newsom believing a more than year-long economic lockdown would be the cure for the Wuhan Flu (99.98% recovery rate FYI). Even worse, open, closed, open, closed, open, closed. What did you THINK would happen? Ask any CA business owner today if they would like him to remain their governor. Ask any parent with school age children, if they think the C19 school safety measures were (and are) a smart choice. California, you need someone tough like Ric Grenell to clean up the sidewalk poop that is CA. RIC WHERE ARE YOU?

  4. Newsom’s legacy will live on. I mean that in a negative way. The businesses that have gone under permanently will not recover over night, if ever. Business owners must never forget what his draconian measures have done to the economic viability of this state. Parents must never forget the learning that will be forever lost for their children.
    He and his staff manipulated the scientific data and never reversed course to the detriment of many in this state.

    1. Right on CaliGirl, his legacy will be a negative one along with Biden/Harris! Biden still wears two masks so we cannot see him speak. They chime in his prerecorded structured responses! We never see his mouth move for a reason! Food for thought……

  5. If we have a free and fair election Newsome will be recalled and a sensible candidate will be elected. If Newsome is not recalled, it will be due to voter corruption. Newsome must go. So far my pick would be Ric Grenell.

  6. Happy Chumps
    This Day Will Live In Infamy?
    Fracking jobs gone…..manufacturing gone…..water gone…..canneries gone…dairies gone…..unemployment billions gone…..fire mitigation management nonexistent…..homeless problem worse…..SF, LA, SD, Sacramento are unaffordable/unliveable…..tax dollars squandered on failing schools and unauthorized residents……riots, looting, car jacking, welfare fraud, alien birth tourism, trafficking…..
    What else?

  7. Congratulations to all who made this day possible. Lets not allow the opposition’s narrative of this being a Republican Coupe to dominate the news by staying silent as some Republican Candidates, Organizations, Local and State Party Operatives attempt to take all the credit for getting it on the ballot. While many individuals who are registered Republican took an active part, this success was a result of Californians of all political parties and Independents stepping up and taking action. Well done to all of you. We are in this together and will succeed together.

  8. Commiefornia was the testing ground for Dominion ….
    Look at the Secretary of State’s website to see how pervasive they are by County…
    They truly have dominion over California voters, and that explains the voting results for the last 25 years….

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