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Christy Smith
Assemblywoman Christy Smith. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Christy Smith Indicates Support for Defunding LAPD, LA Sheriff in Tweet

Blames the LA police cuts and crisis on President Trump and #MoscowMitch” McConnell

By Katy Grimes, July 9, 2020 5:18 pm

Wednesday, Democrat Assemblywoman Christy Smith (CA-25) Tweeted indicating support of the Los Angeles City Council and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ decision to slash LAPD and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s budgets, blaming the cuts on an economic crisis created by President Donald Trump and “#MoscowMitch” McConnell.

Smith had been silent for weeks on the police cuts despite calls from Rep. Mike Garcia to take a stand on the issue. Garcia has been adamantly opposed to police defunding.

Torunn Sinclair, the Regional Press Secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee had first Tweeted:

@GilCisnerosCA and @ChristyforCA25 still have not commented on the $150 million in police budget cuts impacting constituents in their districts. #CA39 #CA25.”

Sinclair’s Tweet elicited Smith’s response:


Smith had been silent on the LA City Council and LA County Board of Supervisors’ efforts to defund the police, yet the CA-25 covers most of northern Los Angeles County, and would be dramatically impacted.

But as Austin Kruger noted in his Tweeted reply,

“Sacramento Politician @ChristyforCA25 supports the #DefundThePolice movement. Reminder: #CA25 is known as a “bedroom community for police and firefighters.” We should expect nothing less from Christy since she mocks the military service of veterans.”

On a Zoom call with campaign staff and supporters, Smith made light of Garcia’s supposed over-reliance on his background during the campaign,” California Globe reported in May. “Did you guys know he’s a pilot? I … you know … it had escaped me.” Amid much laughter, Smith adds, “OK, he’s got pictures of planes behind him and I’ve got constitutional law books.” An unidentified man opines, “I love that being a pilot gives him experience and knowledge in international affairs.” Smith joins in the chuckling.

Sinclair noted just some of what is being cut from the LAPD and LA County Sheriff’s budgets:

LA Times: Budget cuts will take LAPD ranks below 10,000 officers

KTLA: L.A. cuts LAPD spending by $150 million, taking police staffing to lowest level in more than a decade

LA Times: Proposal slashes L.A. County Sheriff’s Department budget by $162 million

Fox News: LA County officials push plan to close aging Men’s Central Jail in ‘care first, jails last’ approach

CBS LA: Sheriff Warns LA County Cuts Will Eliminate Sexual Assault Investigations Unit

New York Times: Los Angeles School District Cut Its Police Budget, Then the Chief Resigned

In the Special Election May 12 for California’s 25th Congressional District, newcomer Mike Garcia, a strong Republican candidate, flipped the Democrat-held district back to red, when he beat Democrat California Assemblywoman Christy Smith.

But Garcia only fills out the remainder of the term of disgraced former U.S. Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), who resigned after allegations and photos emerged of Hill and her husband involved in a “throuple” threesome relationship with a young congressional staffer.

Garcia faces Smith again in the November 3, 2020 election, for the new two-year term.

“Sacramento Politician Christy Smith time and again proves she will bow to the demands of liberal extremists instead of protecting and defending her community,” Sinclair added.

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10 thoughts on “Christy Smith Indicates Support for Defunding LAPD, LA Sheriff in Tweet

  1. SO glad we defeated this evil WITCH last month and that we get to do it AGAIN this November….

    Mike Garcia should get a lot of mileage with us here in the land of law & order….

    DEFEAT EVIL CHRISTY “Malibu Barbie” SMITH!!!

  2. ….and there you have it. This is the current day democrat party. Patriots you know what you need to do, get out and vote the rest of them out. We need more people like Mike Garcia in Sacramento.

  3. Perhaps all registered democrats should be denied law enforcement in accordance to their wishes. Seems fair and democratic to me.

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