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CTA graphic. (Photo: CTA.org)

Why is NEA Pushing COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing for all Students?

‘The COVID vaccine does not benefit children’

By Katy Grimes, July 3, 2021 8:13 am

The National Education Association announced this week it will call for “mandatory safe and effective COVID-19 vaccinations and testing for all students and staff before returning to face-to-face instruction in the fall.”


According to the NEA, “COVID-19 has already killed over 600,000 people. Black and Latinx communities have suffered twice the deaths, and this inequality will deepen as variants spread. The pandemic respects no boundaries. We must fight for a policy that puts human life first.”

Actually, the COVID pandemic does know boundaries – it stops in children. Children are not vectors for the spread of the COVID-19 virus according to Harvard Health and numerous other studies.

According to Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, epidemiologist and professor of medicine at Stanford University, and director of Stanford’s Center for Demography and Economics of Health and Aging, the COVID vaccine does not benefit children. Speaking on a panel Wednesday, he added that the government cannot use the same argument to mandate the COVID vaccine as the Small Pox vaccine, which was deadly to most. “What intent does the state have in mandating in older people?” he asked. “Health intervention,” he said, but added that this vaccine needs a distinction from the MMR or Small Pox vaccines.

As for mandating that children must be vaccinated in the fall before going back to school, Bhattacharya said “this is deeply, deeply unethical. My calculation is that the vaccine is not that good for children. There’s almost no benefit to children. And everybody agrees with that,” he added.

“In that context, you’re just denying children the right to go to school,” he said. “Why would you do that? It’s much more harmful for them to skip school, like the last year and a half in California.”

“Are we going to compound that with another year of missed school for kids whose parents say rationally ‘my kids are not going to benefit from this [vaccine]. Why force them to take it?’” Bhattacharya asked.

“It’s a deeply unethical thing to do,” Bhattacharya said. “We’ve already undermined trust in public education in the country with the policies many of the states have adopted. This will just further that problem.”

“The mandate itself completely undermines trust in public health,” Bhattacharya said. “Like ‘if the government is forcing me, then what’s wrong with it?’”

“It’s perverse,” Bhattacharya added. “Why not just trust the public like adults? Tell them ‘here are the benefits and risks, here’s what it will do.’ That is the best way to get people to vaccinate when it makes sense.”

Parents throughout the country are pushing back against such unnecessary mandates. In California, the California Teachers Association labor union has greatly resisted reopening schools saying, “No school in a county where COVID-19 cases and transmission rates are in the Purple tier should be open for in-person instruction.”

CTA school re-opening. (Photo: CTA.org)

This turned out to be a shakedown for more funding.

Most public schools, if they reopened at all, were only open for in-class instruction two days a week for three hours. Many parents felt that was a total waste and kept students home to finish the year.

The CTA never did address that schools throughout the country opened safely to in-classroom learning months ahead of California. It wasn’t the virus that kept California’s schools closed – it was politics.

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13 thoughts on “Why is NEA Pushing COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing for all Students?

  1. “Why is NEA Pushing COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing for all Students? The COVID vaccine does not benefit children”.

    ANSWER: Just look at their website (https://www.nea.org/). These are the same people advocating for Critical Race Theory and Transgender in women’s sports. Another leftist-controlled top down organization – the largest “white-collar” union. Either get in line and receive your “reward” or get out and take the “punishment”.

  2. Political? NEA is a top Biden donor ($230,000) in 2020 election cycle, called them “indispensable”
    Metabiota is heavily funded by Hunter Biden’s Seneca Rosemont
    AMA warned against masking children, and Robert Malone creator of mRNA vax warned against vax
    See with new eyes, hear with new ears… PRAY!

  3. K. Grimes is a HUGE voice for the ‘people’. Her articles are a seed of hope in critical thinking, logic, common sense, and mostly… TRUTH! California Globe is fortunate to have a journalist/writer of this caliber on staff!!!!

  4. I’ll never understand how people/unions/politicians/hollywood stars/athletes….became such medical experts and feel their opinion is factual! Even more baffling is how people are swayed by these opinions and never consult their own physicians. We have politicians deciding what is best for our physical and psychological well being. People really have lost their minds, literally.

    1. Agree, Stacy.
      I have distressing news, my primary care physician told me to do whatever Fauci says!!!
      He has been my trusted doctor for nearly 20 years. Needless to say, I did not listen to my primary care concerning mask and vax!
      Most physicians are listening to top down orders unfortunately. That is why many of us cannot get HCQ or ivermectin in California.

      1. WOW, Caligirl!! Physicians really can’t think for themselves any longer either! Miss the old hang a shingle out front doctor days! Now the physicians are paid and directed to do what their HMO says to do. If they don’t, repercussions occur similar to Katy Grimes’ past article regarding the John Muir Medical physicians who spoke their minds to the Contra Costa County public health official. I never consulted my physician for advice on the emergency use only vaccine or masks. I don’t like the fact that my primary care office has given me the impression their primary goal is not my optimum health but the governments opinion. For instance, they have asked me on two occasions if I own any guns or if there are guns in my current household! What? What does that have to do with my chest pain, dr? Oh, the state wants to know? None of your business! I certainly would expect that question directed towards a suicidal or major depressed individual but this was on a standard questionnaire. Sorry, I got on a rant. God Bless America! Happy 4th of July!

  5. Never before have we quarantined the healthy.
    Has there ever before been a purposeful human scientific experiment as vast and destructive as this worldwide one has been?
    One day, and I hope it’s soon, the entire truth will come out about what has been done here and why. Many people are in a trance and will never believe it, but many more who signed up out of fear will be outraged at how completely they’ve been had. When that day comes I wouldn’t want to be one of those who so baldly and purposefully deceived the public. You know, the ones who sold their souls for a mess of pottage.
    Great comments here today. Appreciated them all. Happy Independence Day!

  6. Robert Kennedy Jr.’ group CHD has a lawsuit against the LAUSD to stop them from implementing these vax, mask, social distance style torture to kids. It is so awful to see the people who are damaged by these shots and those who have passed. Homeschool your kids to keep them safe, and vote YES to recall this fascist dictator who hates humanity.

  7. I’m eternally grateful for the few brave voices like Dr. Bhattacharya speaking the truth in these dystopian times. They help me remember that I am not the crazy one! Unfortunately, in California, irrational fear prevails. Parents keeping their children in masks because “they’re unvaccinated”! Never mind the ones putting their kids into the vaccine trials.

    I spoke at our school board meeting to demand they remove the mask requirement for students. They placed the blame on the county department of public health, who in turn blames CA DPH, and CA DPH is now sending out e-mails saying they are following CDC guidelines. Cowards, all of them. At this point I’m just waiting for schools to NOT reopen in person in the fall, and for the state to mandate more lockdowns. It’s quite bleak.

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