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Three Years Later, Gov. Newsom Clings to Emergency COVID Powers – For the ‘Next Emergency’

‘The SMARTER Plan is not just for COVID-19; We can use these strategies and systems for future emergencies’

By Katy Grimes, August 1, 2023 8:35 am

“Did Gov. Newsom Really End CA’s COVID-19 State of Emergency?” the Globe asked March 1st  when the governor announced he was lifting his emergency COVID order. “Three years later, it doesn’t appear the governor is really giving up his emergency powers.”

Here’s why: Newsom may have lifted the specific COVID-19 state of emergency order, but he replaced it with “The SMARTER Plan” which should make everyone extremely anxious.

The SMARTER Plan should give you chills, as Newsom’s Covid19.ca.gov website explains:

“The SMARTER Plan is not just for COVID-19. We can use these strategies and systems for future emergencies.

SMARTER stands for:

    • Shots – Vaccines are the most powerful weapon against hospitalization and serious illness.
    • Masks – Properly worn masks with good filtration help slow the spread of COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses.
    • Awareness – We will continue to stay aware of how COVID-19 is spreading, evolving variants, communicate clearly how people should protect themselves, and coordinate our state and local government response.
    • Readiness – COVID-19 is not going away and we need to be ready with the tools, resources and supplies we will need to quickly respond and keep public health and the healthcare system well prepared.
    • Testing – Getting the right type of tests—PCR or antigen—to where they are needed most. Testing will help California minimize the spread of COVID-19.
    • Education – California will continue to work to keep schools open and children safely in classrooms for in-person instruction.
    • Rx – Evolving and improving treatments will become increasingly available and critical as a tool to save lives.

“The SMARTER Plan is not just for COVID-19. We can use these strategies and systems for future emergencies. We’ll improve the SMARTER Plan as we learn what works.” (Globe emphasis)

Shots, masks, readiness, testing, education of school kids, Rx – Pharma solutions. How is the Covid-19 pandemic over if Gov. Newsom is clinging to his Covid protocols?

However, this plan wasn’t created in 2023 – Newsom and his administration started on this Marxist scheme in 2022.

There are 8 billion people in the world; there were 6,952,522 COVID deaths, according to the WHO.

According to Swiss Policy Research, reported today by Dr. Robert Malone, The overall infection fatality rate (IFR) of the novel coronavirus in the general population (excluding nursing homes) is about 0.1% to 0.5% in most countries, which is most closely comparable to the medium influenza pandemics of 1936, 1957 and 1968.

“In many Western countries, about 50% of all covid deaths occurred in nursing homes.” That is the only statistic our governor and government should remain focused on – not testing and locking down the healthy.

Swiss Policy Research also reports on Vaccine injuries: “Covid vaccines can cause severe and fatal vaccine reactions, including cardiovascular, neurological and immunological reactions. Because of this, the risk-benefit ratio of covid vaccination in healthy children and adults under 50 years of age has been questionable.”

This is from Newsom’s 2022 SMARTER Plan announcement:

“In collaboration with external partners and the federal government, California will launch the first-in-the-nation impacts of COVID-19 longitudinal cohort study to examine the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on individuals and communities over time. Under the Plan, the state is pursuing a public-private partnership with a test manufacturer to drive down the costs of at-home tests while securing a reliable and timely supply chain for California. The state will also continue taking steps to ensure our health care facilities can continue to ramp up with additional staff and resources to respond to potential surges while minimizing strain on our health care systems.”

Read these statements carefully:

“California’s SMARTER plan should represent a turning point in managing the pandemic from taking whatever the virus brings us to being prepared to manage whatever challenges come next. This plan will act as a model for states around the country.”  – Andy Slavitt, Former Senior Advisor for COVID-19 Response in the Biden Administration.

“California’s success in this next phase of the pandemic depends on our focus on those who have borne the brunt throughout: essential workers, older adults, Latino, Black, and Pacific Islander communities, and those with more limited resources. The equitable response is the smarter response, and I hope the plans outlined here receive sustained attention and investment.”  – Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD, MD, MAS, Chair, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Vice Dean for Population Health and Health Equity, University of California, San Francisco

“California’s thoughtful approach to the pandemic has led to the lowest per-capita death rate of any large American state. Coming out of the Omicron surge, we have to apply all the lessons we’ve learned in the past two years, to be sure that we’re taking the smartest possible approach to this rapidly evolving threat. I was impressed by the SMARTER Plan, which does just that.”  – Robert Wachter, MD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

These statements are stunningly deceitful:

“California’s success in the pandemic…”

“California’s thoughtful approach to the pandemic…”

“California’s SMARTER plan… being prepared to manage whatever challenges come next…”

And Newsom just spells out how workers, students and school staff will continue to be required to be vaccinated, tested, boosted, and placing the COVID-19 vaccination on the mandated list of vaccines:

“Governor Newsom has implemented robust measures to protect Californians throughout the pandemic, including requiring that health care workers get boosted, expanding access to testing for students and Californians across the state, proposing to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of vaccinations required to attend school in-person when fully authorized for applicable grade spans, and implementing a standard that all school staff and all state workers either show proof of full vaccination or be tested at least once per week. Last year’s budget appropriated $1.7 billion to combat COVID-19 in fiscal year 2021-22. Now, Governor Newsom’s $3.2 billion COVID-19 Emergency Response Package, including $1.9 billion in early action funding that has already been approved, will help bolster the state’s ongoing vaccination and testing efforts, support workers, strengthen the health care system and combat misinformation.”

As Newsom boasts, “California administered more than 88 million vaccines,” but offers no statistics on the millions of Californians who have had serious medical complications from the vaccines, or those who died, as CDC adverse events statistics show, “particularly in male adolescents and young adults:” Myocarditis and pericarditis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, Anaphylaxis.

With the “SMARTER Plan,” Newsom is doubling down on COVID, including all of the policies that needlessly harmed, disabled and even killed Californians.

Here is more from the Swiss Policy Research and Dr. Malone’s substack:

  1. Lockdowns: In contrast to early border controls (e.g. by Australia), lockdowns had no significant effect on the pandemic. However, according to the World Bank lockdowns caused an “historically unprecedented increase in global poverty” of close to 100 million people.
  2. Children and schools: In contrast to influenza, the risk of severe covid in children is rather low. Moreover, children were not drivers of the pandemic and the closure of schools had no effect on infection rates in the general population.
  3. PCR tests: The highly sensitive PCR tests are prone to producing false positive or false negative results (e.g. after an acute infection). Overall, PCR and antigen mass testing had no effect on infection rates in the general population (exception: to sustain border controls).
  4. Contact tracing: Manual contact tracing and contact tracing apps on mobile phones had no effect on infection rates. Already in 2019, a WHO study on influenza pandemics concluded that contact tracing is “not recommended in any circumstances”.

These statements from Swiss Policy Research are also quite interesting:

  1. Media: Overall, media reporting on the pandemic was rather unprofessional, increased fear and panic in the population and caused a hundredfold overestimation of covid lethality. Some media outlets even used manipulative pictures and videos to dramatize the situation.
  2. Virus origin: Genetic evidence points to a laboratory origin of the new coronavirus. Both the Virological Institute in Wuhan (WIV) as well as some US laboratories that cooperated with the WIV performed various kinds of research on similar coronaviruses.

Governor Newsom, who is not a doctor, needs to be kept away from the levers of power – he sounds like a mouthpiece for the World Health Organization. And we are still questioning what he knows about the “Mysterious Chinese COVID Lab Uncovered in City of Reedley CA – and how this is all connected. We are told there’s another lab already up and running again in Fresno….

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32 thoughts on “Three Years Later, Gov. Newsom Clings to Emergency COVID Powers – For the ‘Next Emergency’

  1. Uggh, of course he is!
    But no he does not have tyrannical tendencies say his sycophants!
    He needs to kept out of all and any political office till the end of time.
    Newsolini is a Tyrant!

      1. By all means let’s call the petty tyrant what he is.
        He has ruined a lot of lives, most importantly school children!

  2. Does his SMARTER Plan have any legal authority beyond the normal executive powers granted to the governor?

    1. This is also what I want to know. There is NO WAY ON EARTH this arrogant, narcissistic, puffed-up, delusional horse’s ass of a governor beat the 2021 Recall without cheating. And there’s NO WAY he won re-election without his appointed sycophant S.O.S. cutting and pasting highly suspect election numbers from previous elections, themselves likely fabricated out of whole cloth. I know that may sound bizarre but that’s sure as hell what it looks like. Gavin Newsom was a disaster as mayor of San Francisco and every further step of the way, and has been a full-on wrecking ball for California for more than FOUR LONG YEARS, with each malevolent edict topping in chutzpah and damage the one before it.

      Just because Newsom pronounced the creation of something like this absurd and bogus SMARTER plan, doubling-down because that’s what sociopaths like him do, doesn’t mean he is LEGALLY able to do it and carry it out. Never mind that Gavin Newsom should be down on his knees now apologizing and begging forgiveness from Californians. As we all WELL KNOW, when this power-mad goon sees he has screwed up royally his next move is to clamp down extra hard on whatever the decree happens to be, no matter how bizarre and surreal and irrelevant.

      What, if anything, can be applied to these endless attacks as a practical matter? Lawsuits? What are we missing here? Is there anybody out there who would be willing to weigh in with some legal or other expertise on this matter? If my reaction to this endless B.S. is any indication of how majority-CA is feeling right about now, then I’d say Californians are way, way, way, WAY BEYOND DONE with this gel-haired bozo of a governor.

      1. Exactly. The entire Covid-19 scam was conducted under the color of law. The perpetrators have remained in power through propaganda, election fraud, and the corruption of the courts. This goes well beyond California. We need solutions, preferably ones that don’t involve decades of IRA-style civil war. Off the top of my head, I’m at a loss. However, I think the example to follow lies in how the British were kicked out of India, or on a smaller scale, how the 55 Mph speed limit was ended. When a majority of the population simply ignore the government’s edicts, there is little that can be done to enforce them.

        1. I agree that what you’ve described appears to be the only answer, John Dunlap. It always comes back to that, doesn’t it? For the big stuff AND the small stuff. The politicians/wannabe-rulers always try to undermine a unified resistance and they are usually successful —- at least at first. For example, if somehow a majority of people had simply ignored Covid orders from the beginning we arguably wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now.

          Using fear, which is contagious, the politicians et al lie and use propaganda to infect the gullible; the ones who cannot then be appealed to with facts and logical arguments, and it is those people (the frightened and the sheep and the “Karens”) who throw a monkey wrench into the works of everyone’s escape and return to “normality.”

          And, by the way, those who resisted WERE threatened by those in power. They were intimidated, shut down, barred from places of business and free movement and assembly, etc.; it wasn’t their imagination. There WERE real consequences for sensible people if they refused to kowtow to the mandates from the dictators, at the state level and at the local level. Some resistors were able to sue and some did prevail but obviously that wasn’t an option for everyone and didn’t always work anyway.

          As we’ve seen and experienced, it is a VERY LONG SLOG to reach the point of a unified front of common-sense resistance. In the case of Covid lies it has taken YEARS, with loss of freedoms and societal destruction in the meantime. Through Gruesome’s emergency powers and executive orders, laws were changed, we end up with vote-by-mail which makes future change nearly impossible, and much much damage was done, with other problems taking center stage. The dictators can destroy quickly, using lies and propaganda and taking advantage of human nature. For the people who have been destroyed, it can take years, decades to rebuild. As you know.
          Thank you very much for your reply.

  3. My advise, as a Californian, do not trust Newsom, he is bad news. I do not believe he won the recall in this state, it was rigged. California elections have been rigged for years, the destruction of the state is the consequence of the rigged elections. A one party system, a fine example of what happens when one party is in control. Text book!

    1. I agree with your comments. You can look at Election Integrity Project CA web site and you will see that they are currently suing the state and 15 of the largest counties over how California elections are being administered. They are at the 9th district court of appeals. They have won a couple of rounds and have lost a round or two. The bottom line they are still pressing forward with this lawsuit.

  4. As Katy questioned, maybe there is a connection between hair-gel Hitler Newsom hanging on to his emergency powers and the CCP connected COVID bio labs in Fresno County? As usual, there’s not a peep from California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Patterson and the RINOs in the legislature about Newsom’s dictatorial powers and the bio lab?

    1. TJ: It certainly would be interesting, even amusing (hear my hollow laugh) to one day learn that a creepy illegal lab operated by Chinese nationals is what Gov Gruesome meant by “the state pursuing public-private partnerships” and “collaboration with external partners,” as the excerpt from his 2022 SMARTER Plan announcement says above. Would it be too much to ask that we learn about it in the form of a confession from his jail cell? Probably….

      1. The state is entering public/private “partnerships” like the University of California does… the public takes the losses, the privateers take the profits.

  5. Words of another; profoundly true.
    All the manufactured drama is leading to one inevitable conclusion. They will burn it all down before we ever have the chance to bring them to justice thus plan according!

  6. Looks like “Hairgel Hitler ” Newsom is executing his World Economic Forum “Young Global Leader” playbook to the letter…
    Coordinating the “next p(l)andemic” just perfectly so they can throw the 2024 election to the Democrat cabal just like they did to get Joe BuyedIn (s)elected to the presidency…
    We are going to have to organize our pushback against this tyrannical “plan” as well as their CBDC, social credit score and 15-minute cities, along with their natural gas appliance bans and electric vehicle central-command structures….
    California is the tip of the spear to push back HARD against these Communist agents of the evil forces in this world….

    And Newsom looks like a complete dumbass in this picture…
    For a narcissistic a-hole like he is, this picture will likely drive him to distraction….

  7. We are being destroyed by the invocation of the Cloward Piven strategy for destruction on steroids.. Burden America with crippling debt then demand of those remaining and possessing anything of value, IE real estate, will be forced to reconcile the debt with a worthless currency: This is how the end of America will manifest.

  8. Katy is so correct that a narcissistic wanna be dictator like Newsom needs to be kept away from the levers of power. Newsom needs to be hauled before a tribunal and be held accountable for his many crimes against humanity that includes locking healthy Californians and small businesses down (while excluding himself and his cronies) during the Covid scamdemic and for mandating experimental mRNA shots that have injured and killed thousands of innocent Californians. He and his soul needs to be held accountable!

  9. COVID was created purposely as we now know for a fact. It was used so the Democrats could steal the election through the use of mail in ballots, among many, many mules harvesting ballots. It was never a threat. They fear mongered so people wouldnt want to physically go out and vote. And it worked for them. And it will continue to work for them in all upcoming elections. How convenient they are predicting an upsweep right before the Republican primaries. The Democrats are so pathetic, they know they cant win on their own so they HAVE to cheat in order to keep their power, whether it be through using a virus that ended up being similar to a cold, or by persecuting their political rivals. I feel sorry for people I see still wearing a mask while walking alone outside. People really are gullible and wont do their own research to find out the facts. I personally will NEVER wear a mask again, unless I am dying in the hospital and have no choice. But in a store or restaurant? Try to make me. Next time there will be more businesses that dont go along with this nonsense, so there will be options. I will never patron a business that forces us to wear a face diaper.

  10. Newsom is basically foretelling the Democrats next plan – They just wont lock us down they plan to administer poison so no one can avoid it. They are planning authoritarian control – he is basically saying it in that SMARTER plan. Anytime they use positive acronyms – its always the opposite. The goal is FULL CONTROL over the people.

    always remember Newsom said “IF you like it or not” – That is his motto, he appointed himself King of SF when he said that – now he follows same path as King of CA

    Newsom is locked in step with CHINA – remember the billion dollar mask without bidding

  11. The ghost of Chairman Mao hovers over Reedley. Straight from his little red book a new generation of Cultural Revolutionists and Berkeley Free Speechers have devised a Pale Horse plan to create and spread new pestilences designed to kill off the masses. Welcome to hell governor.

  12. As far as the recall goes, the proponents of the recall movement had stated that they said this was unverified but from a reliable source that there were counties that the vote had 75% to remove the governor and 25% to keep but the results from the machines were 60% to keep and 40% to remove. When there is that big of a discrepency it should be investiagted by the S.O.S. but she did no such thing. Instead, he chose to protect her boss. I do think there were other factors one being the inlfux of cash from Biden. Newsom used that cash to help people pay their back rent. This is a bribe. He even admitted on TV, The Late Late Show with James Corden, that he was a politician and here he was giving away money. He should have been ousted from office on that alone. He also paid back the union memebrs who took a ten percent pay cut. I think he did a deal with the prison guard unions and allowed them not to take the jab in return for voting no on the recall. Let us not forget he changed the rules of the recall in the middle of the game to benefit him. He signed into law and shortened the length of the time to the recall election. This is who Gavin Newsom and his cronies are. They bribe people. Newsom did this when he was mayor of San Fransisco. It’s sad.

  13. Bring back one day elections with voter ID. But do we have enough normal people left in this state to rid ourselves of the CCP (aka demo rat) party that is metastasizing in cali-4-nia?

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