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CA Gov. Gavin Newsom at the Great Wall on 10/26/2023 (Photo: gov.ca.gov)

Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 1 for Newsom for President! 

There has been the deliberate avoidance of cutting-edge social issues that have always been catnip to Newsom

By JS Scifo, February 12, 2024 2:55 am

There are two things that stand between Gavin Newsom and the White House: Joe Biden and his own record as governor.

There’s not much Newsom can do about the former, but he’s trying hard to correct—at least cosmetically—the errors of the latter.

Thus, we see Newsom’s recent attention to water storage (Sites Reservoir) and his sudden concern about retail theft.  His concession to reality by keeping the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant on line is another example.  There has also been the deliberate avoidance of controversial social issues in his coyness about reparations and refusal to ban youth football, just the kind of cutting-edge social issues that have always been catnip to Newsom.

Proposition 1, the proposal on the March ballot to transform mental health services in the State, is at the center of Newsom’s efforts to rebrand himself as a pragmatic problem solver.  And although nominally focused on mental health and substance abuse, Prop 1 is all about homelessness.

Of all the state’s dysfunctions, none is more damaging to Newsom’s attempts to “make the sell” to Americans than the State’s worst in the nation homelessness.

Unlike other issues that are less concrete—like, say, the high cost of living—homelessness, and the dysfunction that comes with it, are manifest.  They permeate every corner of the State.  Their immediate impact on quality-of-life is undeniable.  Gavin Newsom simply cannot run a competitive race for president when parts of Los Angeles and San Francisco—the nation’s premier cities after New York and Chicago—resemble dystopian hellscapes.

So Proposition 1 is Newsom’s attempt to get credit for solving a problem that he and other state leaders contributed to by allowing the homelessness situation to spiral out of control.  It is nothing more than a $6.4 billion talking point Newsom will use in his 2028 campaign for president, all at taxpayer expense.

Even if the resulting services are completely ineffective, Newsom will latch on to some bogus statistic he can use to tout his efforts.

I can almost imagine the commercials now: “When faced with a homeless crisis decades in the making, Gavin Newsom led efforts to establish mental health and housing programs that have resulted in [insert dubious factoid here].”

Cut to candidate: “While other governors focused on banning story hours, I was focused on solving problems and helping people. Promises made; promises kept.”

Already, press releases and fact sheets released by the governor’s office overflow with superlatives. Prop 1 is a “historic transformation” with “real results” and “increased accountability.” And if that weren’t enough, there will also be “reform with results” and “accountability with results” And rest assured, the resulting public services will be “world class.” I bet.

Which makes one wonder, if mental health services are the solution to homelessness, why didn’t the original Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63), the millionaire’s tax approved by voters in 2004, prevent the current mental health, and resulting homelessness, crises?  

Could it be that mental health and substance abuse are not causes of homelessness but the symptoms? Or rather, maybe the ball of pathologies that we broadly call “homelessness” is really the result of a general societal collapse that leaves people unprepared to care for themselves. 

Add to this the high cost of housing (in part the result of state laws and regulations that make building difficult) and the ready availability of drugs (especially marijuana, which the voters—in all their wisdom—legalized in 2016 and the heavy use of which is now linked to psychosis) and you have a recipe for disaster.

The reality is, there are no policy solutions to homelessness. Let me rephrase that: the policies that might have helped to minimize, and even prevent, homelessness from becoming a crisis—namely, the basic enforcement of law and order—are exactly the policies that the progressives who run California did not want to employ at the time homelessness was an emerging issue.

Instead, progressives chose tolerance and understanding and then belatedly threw billions of dollars at the issue, to no effect. As the crisis exploded beyond the big cities and central downtown cores to every suburb and hamlet in the State, progressives simply ignored the problem until they could ignore it no longer.

Make no mistake, Prop 1 is more (or at least as much) about Gavin Newsom’s presidential ambitions as it is about mental health. A vote for Prop 1 is vote for Newsom ’28 (or sooner?).

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7 thoughts on “Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 1 for Newsom for President! 

  1. Mr Scifo has written a thoughtful and humorous (to me, cause if you don’t laugh you will cry) article reflecting the inevitable rise of the next President of the USA (hey Kamala is VP!) and reflects how California, and most of America, is shooting themselves (oops, wrong metaphor) in the foot.
    You want Real Democracy in America, which somehow morphed the Republic we grew up in, look to California. Drugs are legal. It may take that to brainlessly pay taxes to a government that doesn’t spend them on citizens.

  2. Shortly after the governor’s departure, the area was cordoned off by workers donned in hazmat suits and scoured for suspected deposits of personally signed business cards.

  3. Appreciate the rich irony, which was very effective, as well as the other good points made in Scifo’s piece.
    To pile on with how devastating Prop 1 would be and how it is all about a superficial attempt by Gov Gruesome to rehabilitate his AWFUL reputation by being able to SAY he is doing something about the endless homeless/vagrant problem, read the column at the link below.
    $6.4 BILLION more of misused funds (slush funds, really) that is only about Gov. Gavin Newsom and his campaign for “me, myself, and I.” But what else did we expect, given this sociopathic megalomaniac’s record?
    “Susan Shelley: Proposition 1 is an expensive scam that must be rejected on March 5”

  4. With Democrat voter fraud and rigged voting machines, hairgel Hitler Newsom has nothing to worry about? Look how the deep state installed a corrupt brain dead corpse like Biden into the White House?

  5. Prop 1 is just another Democrat money-laundering scheme, wrapped up in typical feel-good virtue signaling….
    Vote NO and send these LIARS and their army of “experts”, “consultants” and “advisors” packing and HANG ONTO YOUR HARD-EARNED money rather than giving it away to these PARASITES!!!
    There are clauses buried deep in the details that FO NOT REQUIRE. DRUG TREATMENT AND SOBRIETY, so this is all a giant boondoggle to feed the DemocRAT homeless industrial complex….
    Vote NO and STOP THE MADNESS!!!

    1. You’re so right, CD9, shelters and other such whatever would continue to be “wet,” meaning drugs and alcohol and whatever else you can think of would be ALLOWED and in addition no treatment required. Now how the heck is that fair to anyone who earnestly goes in them and tries to get their act together and who needs a clean and reasonable and drug-alcohol-free environment in which to do it? It doesn’t, duh.
      Another reason for homeless who really want positive results for a better life to check out Sacramento’s Union Gospel Mission (and similar) as well as its sister L.A. Union Rescue Mission (and similar), who are faith-based missions. And by the way, not holding my breath, but the govt should be following the basic model of such institutions. The basics of what is needed can be done in a secular manner of course, so the heck with that old excuse.

  6. JS Scifo is so right that Proposition 1 is Newsom’s attempt to get credit for solving a problem that he and his fellow Democrats contributed to by allowing the homelessness situation to spiral out of control. Instead of trying to salvage his failed governorship, Newsom needs to be hauled before a tribunal and be held accountable for his many crimes against humanity that includes locking healthy Californians and small businesses down (while excluding himself and his cronies) during the Covid scamdemic which were undemocratic, authoritarian, autocratic, oppressive and tyrannical. Newsom needs to be held accountable for mandating experimental mRNA shots that have injured and killed thousands of innocent Californians. He and his wretched soul have a lot to atone for!

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