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Sen. Scott Wiener addresses Assembly Appropriations Committee re: SB 107. (Photo: screen capture assembly.ca.gov)

Sen. Wiener’s ‘Refuge for Trans Kids’ Bill Headed to Assembly for Vote

California already an ‘abortion sanctuary state,’ will now become ‘transgender state of refuge’

By Katy Grimes, August 3, 2022 5:06 pm

State Sen. Scott Wiener is celebrating today — his bill, SB 107, which will erode parents’ rights by allowing minor children to travel to California for trans procedures, puberty blockers, known as “gender-affirming health care.”

Should SB 107 pass, non-parent adults could bring minor children to California for experimental and damaging transgender medical interventions, without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

The bill would make California a destination state for “transgender” procedures for minors.

Sen. Wiener Tweeted: “Our transgender state of refuge bill (SB 107) — ensuring families with trans kids can seek refuge in CA if other states criminalize them for allowing their kids to get healthcare — just passed its final Assembly committee & heads to the Assembly floor. Thank you, colleagues.”


“This is an accepted medical practice,” Sen. Wiener told the Assembly Appropriations Committee Wednesday. He described the “accepted medical practice” as “Parents allowing their children to have health care.”

Other states look at the issue as trying to prevent harm to minors.

Wiener characterized Texas and Alabama, two states which have overturned policies allowing minors to transition to another gender, as “trying to remove the ability of parents to provide health care to their children.”

“There have been recent actions in other states targeting transgender youth, their parents, and medical providers who perform gender-affirming health care,” Wiener says.

Ohio (OH HB 454), Kansas (KS HB 2210 & SB 214), and Missouri (MO SB 843 & HB 2649), have bills pending before their legislatures targeting gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

The Assembly Public Safety Committee bill analysis explains:

According to the author [Wiener], “SB 107 reduces the harm done to transgender youth and their families by making it clear that other state’s laws that punish people for providing or receiving gender-affirming health care is contrary to the public policy of California.

“SB 107 would prohibit the enforcement of a civil judgment against a person or entity who allows a child to receive gender-affirming health care. Similarly, this bill would also bar health care providers from complying with subpoenas requiring the disclosure of medical information related to gender-affirming health care that interferes with a person’s right to allow a child to receive said care.

“Lastly, SB 107 would prohibit law enforcement agencies from making, or intentionally participating in, the arrest of an individual pursuant to an out-of-state arrest warrant based on another state’s law against receiving, or allowing a child to receive, gender-affirming health care.”

A lawyer/mother at the hearing said SB 107 is unconstitutional and violates parental rights by offering protections to non-custodial parents to abscond to California for trans gender treatments. “Every Attorney General in the country should be filing lawsuits against California for sterilizing or experimenting on minors,” she said.

Another mother had Greg Burt with the California Family Council read her statement to the committee. She said she left the Democrat Party because of the “de-gendering.” She said her daughter was on puberty blockers and became suicidal. “The public school was pushing the gender change.” When her daughter received therapy and wanted off the puberty blockers, the mother was investigated by Child Protective Services. “Only time will tell what the puberty blockers did,” she said.

The Protect Child Health Coalition said:

“SB107 would create a series of unprecedented and dangerous exceptions to California law and customary practice regarding cooperation with other states’ legal proceedings. For example, it would forbid the release of medical information, even in a civil or criminal proceeding and even in response to a valid subpoena.”

“Even more shocking is what the law says about parental custody determinations. It would actually authorize parental kidnapping (when a non-custodial parent illegally takes a child from the parent who has legal custody) if the purpose of the kidnapping is to subject the child to radical gender transition procedures.

“California must stand with LGBTQ kids and their families, especially when they’re under attack across the country,” said Senator Wiener in a statement following the hearing. “SB 107 ensures that California is a refuge state for trans kids and their parents, so they can be safe here. Parents should never be separated from their kids or criminalized for simply allowing them to be who they are. We need to hold firm in our support for the LGBTQ community and stand with LGBTQ youth.”

SB 107 is co-sponsored by Equality California, Planned Parenthood, and Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis.

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22 thoughts on “Sen. Wiener’s ‘Refuge for Trans Kids’ Bill Headed to Assembly for Vote

  1. That’s a NO! —– on SB 107. For God’s sake. This Frankenstein-like experimentation to change the gender of minor children by freak doctors who should have their medical licenses removed CANNOT continue. Go look up “de-transition,” “gender change regret” and watch some videos of what teenagers are going through because of this very bad decision that cannot be reversed!
    “This is an accepted medical practice,” Sen. Wiener told the Assembly Appropriations Committee Wednesday. He described the “accepted medical practice” as “Parents allowing their children to have health care.”
    Seriously? Have we caught on yet that this is becoming a lucrative industry in medicine? Our first clue is that $$Sen Wiener$$ is pushing it. What does he care if minors suffer?
    I’m writing to my Assemblyman, right now, urging him to Vote NO on this bill. Which should be a no-brainer for any sensible person.
    Find your Assemblymember here:

  2. FDA reported puberty blockers can cause brain swelling and vision loss… Even ‘pioneering’ transgenders say they’ve gone too far targeting the most vulnerable. Everything Show and Tell said is on target. It is also the reason Newsom wants to provide pre-school services (4 yrs old is their ideal age for beginning indoctrination). This is a sick and perverted WEF agenda.
    California parents: File against their ‘Surety Bonds’ and end this… Bonds For The Win (bondsforthewin.com)

      1. Fed Up, thank you so much for this! I heard a passing reference to the collapse of the Tavistock Clinic from one of the committee opposition speakers but hadn’t had a chance to look further.
        There was an article in the Daily Mail in 2018 that I found extremely disturbing because these “activists” were targeting vulnerable autistic children (who were probably sent over to the Tavistock Clinic) and I knew it would be coming to the U.S. soon, as we now see it has:
        “Whistleblower Teacher Makes Shocking Claim That ‘Most Are Autistic'”
        This coincided with Todd Gloria’s (now San Diego mayor) AB 2119 (now law) from 2018 — likely with the other usual suspects as co-authors, Wiener, Low, etc. —- that targeted vulnerable minor foster children in CA to be able to get Medi-Cal funded transgender hormones and surgeries without permission of a parent or guardian. (Details below)
        I tried to publicize all of this as much as possible in 2018 but it proceeded despite coverage and opposition and was quietly signed at that time by Gov Jerry Brown.
        God bless the whistleblowers! Extremely courageous people because, as you can see, to speak up is apparently just like attempting to call out the mob!

        1. Excerpt from a 2018 email about AB 2119:

          “The same outrages as these may happen very soon to vulnerable foster children in California under AB 2119, which was passed and signed into law despite much opposition in Sept. 2018.
          “AB 2119 received almost no coverage in the mainstream California press.”

          “Text of AB 2119, FYI:

          Excerpt:(A) ‘Gender affirming health care’ means medically necessary health care that respects the gender identity of the patient, as experienced and defined by the patient, and may include, but is not limited to, the following:
          (i) Interventions to suppress the development of endogenous secondary sex characteristics.
          (ii) Interventions to align the patient’s appearance or physical body with the patient’s gender identity.
          (iii) Interventions to alleviate symptoms of clinically significant distress resulting from gender dysphoria, as defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition.”

  3. I started watching the video posted in this article but had to stop after 90 seconds because I was about to get sick. This son of a bitch Wiener has to be the most sick and perverted politician that I have ever seen! This is the same person who pushes legalization of hard and psychedelic drugs, he wants bars and taverns to stay open all night, he pushes gun control, he is against the death penalty which the voters in this state approved in two consecutive general elections, and he promotes legal sex with minors! SF voters what the hell is the matter with you?

  4. This is sick beyond belief. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wiener offers his spare bedroom to trans-mutilated surgery victims – for “convalescent” purposes, of coarse.

  5. Wiener the toxic human biohazard is at it again pushing his body mutilation bill for minors? Democrats are the party of death, destuction, and deviance.

  6. So Wiener’s bill SB 107 is co-sponsored by Equality California, Planned Parenthood, and Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis? Is Eleni Kounalakis one of Klaus Scwhab’s World Economic Forum globalist flunkies like Gov. Gavin Newsom is?

  7. Does this guy EVER propose any legislation that is NOT focused on his personal sexual orientation and proclivities???

    Give it a rest, man….

  8. Weiner belongs behind bars. He is a sick pervert in an atmosphere out to harm our vulnerable children.
    Have we been asleep at the switch while all this has been going on? Shame on all of us who know better!

  9. Scott Weiner is a singular force of evil amongst a sea of evil in Sacramento. The new motto of California will be “Come to the Golden State where we will pay you to kill your child and if you don’t want to do that, we will pay to have them chemically castrated and surgically mutilated”. This state is run by a cabal of evil, sick people.

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