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Hollywood is Obsessed with Gay Rights – When Convenient

Afghanistan reveals celebrity LGBT support as hollow act of political partisanship

By Joel Brizzee, August 30, 2021 6:26 am

George Takei at the Phoenix Comicon, May 29, 2011. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

The United States is one of the most pro-gay countries in the world. In a relatively short period of time a minority group that was outcast from society, maligned by both major political parties, ignored during the AIDS epidemic and treated as second class citizens have come to find themselves enjoying equal rights, marriage equality, employment protections and are represented (if not glorified) in almost every industry today. Regardless of political or religious affiliation, the vast majority of Americans believe that gay men and women should be able to live a life of freedom, safety and enjoy the wealth of opportunity that America has to offer.

During the last twenty years, in particular, the LGBT population has benefitted from the activism of stars and starlets who advocated for LGBT rights. However, something remarkable is occurring. Regarding the plight of LGBT people in Afghanistan (and the Middle East at large), these Hollywood superstars are silent. Even worse, celebrities who identify as a part of this group also remain mute.

It’s difficult to write this editorial as I consider my own past. As a closeted gay man until I was 24, I remember quietly watching these stars on the big screen fight for change as they made impassioned speeches and gave bold interviews. They spoke to how gays should not have to live in fear or shame in America. I believed that these superstars were fighting for me because it was a fight I was too scared or too weak to take on myself.

Over the past couple of years, but more particularly over the past couple of weeks, it has become abundantly clear that these actors really are just actors. None of these actorvists, not one, has spoken out about the disastrous actions of the Biden Administration’s precipitous pull-out from Afghanistan and the harsh reality that gay men like myself will face as the country is taken over by extremists.

The heartbreaking consequences of Joe Biden’s feckless actions in Afghanistan are brutal for gay men. Yet, he’s still framed as the “most pro-LGBTQ President in American history.” What a joke. While Donald Trump and former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell were busy creating coalitions and initiatives to outlaw the criminalization of homosexuality around the globe, Joe Biden is now essentially promoting it.

Here’s the list of the strongest LGBTQ+ supporters over the past decade. Every single one of them has remained silent on the unmitigated disaster facing gays in Afghanistan: George Takei, Elliot Page, Ryan Murphy, Ellen Degeneres, Dan Savage, Neil Patrick Harris, Rosie O’Donnell, Patton Oswalt, Kerry Washington, Daniel Ratcliffe, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Cyndi Lauper, Kathy Griffin, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry, Barbra Streisand, Cher and Lady Gaga.

These celebrities benefited by tying themselves to a cause that was culturally popular and sexy to promote. With their silence now, it clearly meant nothing more to them than likes, follows, paparazzi and prestige. These hypocritical narcissists used gay people to further their own fame and deserve public ridicule for doing so. They, along with organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, the dominant gay organization (also silent on Afghan gays) expose themselves as the Democrat activists they are. They are silent because their leader in the White House caused this current human rights disaster and they know it.

What’s fascinating about this situation is that the only people who are calling attention to the brutal reality that Afghan gays are facing consist primarily of gay Republicans. For example, Chadwick Moore, Chief Editor of OutSpoken and Fox News contributor has written extensively on this issue over the past few months, shedding light on the stories of gay men in Afghanistan who now live in fear. Moore writes, “As the Taliban slowly regains some control in the country, threats of punishment under sharia law of gay men are similar to the punishments seen in Iraq and Syria. Gay men, and those accused of being gay, were repeatedly thrown from the tops of buildings, stoned to death by large crowds, and shot in the head.”

Meanwhile, back in America these famous, woke, leftist ideologues are busy redefining gender, arguing over pronoun usage and expanding the alphabet community’s acronym to a now ridiculous “LGBTQQIP2SAA.”

A terrifying reality for gay Afhanis

In interviews conducted by Insider, a gay Afghan man shares the current circumstance of a gay Afghan man. “Ghulam is so terrified of being identified as gay and put to death, that he has not left his home since the Taliban took over. We cannot go out because we are just scared for our lives.” In no way do I intend to minimize pain felt by gay Americans over the past 50 years. But in contrast to the situation Joe Biden has created in Afghanistan, I am beyond grateful I never lived in a country where I thought I’d be murdered if outed.

Rosie O’Donnell chaperoned a bus filled with Broadway performers to the White House the #KremlinAnnex protest against President Trump on August 6, 2018. (Photo by Victoria Pickering)

And yet, stars like George Takei, an out gay man and Hollywood activist, ignore these men completely. I guess he’s too busy tweeting about vaccine mandates, Marjorie Taylor Greene and even defending Joe Biden’s Afghanistan mess by blaming Trump for it. He clearly voted against the interests of his own community by supporting Joe Biden.

Elliott (formerly Ellen) Paige received fame twice by being a part of the LGBT community. In 2014 at the Human Rights Campaign Time to Thrive conference, the actress came out as a lesbian and praise was lavished upon her. Later, in 2020, she came out again as transgender, change her name to Elliot and then praise was lavished upon “him” ever since. Elliott has benefited greatly from the gay community yet says nothing for the sufferings of those under the brutal Taliban regime. It’s shameful.

Even Rosie O’Donnell, a woman known for being a trailblazer for gay rights when she came out in the 90’s is simply tweeting support of Biden, orange man bad nonsense, and completely ignoring the devastating consequences of Joe Biden’s heartless actions. Maybe Donald Trump was right about her.

Lady Gaga, the most famous “straight ally” and strong supporter of Joe Biden, has been busy doing what she does best: self-promotion. She is known around the world for this famous lyric: “No matter gay straight or bi, lesbian transgender life, I’m on the right track baby I was born to survive.” Sorry to burst your bubble, lady, but the gays in Afghanistan are not going to survive. They will be hunted down, butchered and forgotten by you. Your “Poker Face” really is impressive because your activism is utter bullshit.

A book could be written about this issue and some outlets are finally calling out Hollywood’s silence generally on Afghanistan. The examples are almost endless – Kerry Washington enjoyed being the recipient of GLAAD’s Media 2015 Vanguard Award, but says nothing today. Daniel Ratcliffe received the Celebrity Straight Ally award in 2015 from the British LGBT Awards, and Harry Potter can’t be bothered by the cries of gays being murdered. Anne Hathaway is the same. So is Lena Dunham. All of them are.

While these actors may still hold weight concerning other causes they highlight, their record of LGBT activism is forever stained . Their past actions mean nothing. They were hollow, vapid and worthless. These brave speeches and bombshell interviews were nothing more than vacuous words meant to titillate ears and feed their unquenchable thirst for self-grandeur.

Stop listening to them.

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8 thoughts on “Hollywood is Obsessed with Gay Rights – When Convenient

  1. If you do not want to be treated differently for being gay or trans or bi or whatever then, stop acting like your sexual preferences somehow make you special. your sexual orientation is neither an achievement nor a holiday. You have not accomplished anything by simply being attracted to someone

  2. Thank you for calling these Harveywood narcissists out on their hypocricy and self-promoting BS… if they don’t think it’ll get their “promotion” out to pander to their “fans”, they’re too busy to actually be involved with the serious plight of others….
    Narcissists, all…

  3. Actors do what would put them into a better light even if they don’t agree they will always look to what can “promote” themselves.

    They are phony and always will be looking for attention no matter the cause. Afghan situation means nothing to their stardom so they have no interest, just like BLM has no interest in Chicago black on black crime…it does not promote themselves in good light — politicians are same and trample on those who are more honest than themselves. There is no bulworth to speak about realities.

  4. @ME
    You said exactly what I was thinking. Who cares what you do with your genitals, and what is there to have “Pride” in when doing so? We really don’t care what you do in private, it’s your own business, as what we do in private is ours. Why do you feel the need to trumpet it to the world? So you can shove it in our face? Do you realize that turns people off that would otherwise be sympathetic to you? I’ve always been a kind of live and let live person, but all this “activism” has turned me off, big time. I’m no longer sympathetic at all. I’m tired of all the whining. You got what you wanted and more, now could you please sit down and be quiet for a change? Really. Please. Enough already.

  5. There are a number of conservative and liberal gays (or whatever) who do NOT think that being gay makes them special. It’s wrong for people writing here to think that ALL gays think the same. They most definitely do not.
    LIBERAL gays are guilty as charged. The right of center gays seldom drink the “I am special” Kool-Aid.

  6. being gay, bi, or trans does not make you a race and it’s an insult to the real civil rights movement! and it’s give an inch take a mile! here’s a story about the bathroom crap! boy in Georgia says he identifies as girl ends up molesting girl in bathroom, they sent him to another school and does the same thing! time to find a cure if this lgbt crap!

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