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NASA maps California drought effects on Sierra trees. (Photo: climate.nasa.gov)

‘NO Climate Crisis’ Says Coalition of 1,600 Actual Scientists

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is ‘one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation’

By Katy Grimes, May 13, 2024 2:55 am

“There is ‘NO Climate Crisis’ says a coalition of 1,600 actual scientists” in a recent letter to the California Air Resources Board. In fact, the scientists find that “California is in no danger of unusual drought: The annual precipitation in California has fluctuated greatly over the last 150 years, with only a slight decrease.”

California also has record low levels of air pollution that are below the threshold of human health effects, James E. Enstrom, PhD, MPH has told us repeatedly for years. He’s also one of the 1,600 scientists signed onto the letter to CARB.

The scientists also insisted that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth.

The CO2 Coalition’s letter is particularly timely with Gov. Gavin Newsom taking his climate change road show to the Vatican later this week where he was invited to speak by Pope Francis at a Summit of mayors and governors. The Summit, which will be held from May 15th to May 17th, will cover “the impact of rising temperatures” in local communities, and “climate resilience.”

This one-page summary letter begins with a link to a 16-page detailed report containing the strong evidence.


An open letter to the California Air Resources Board

Dear Sir or Madam:

Good news: There is NO climate crisis in California. This claim was verified by the scientific data that were compiled by the CO2 Coalition, a nonprofit organization with the goal of determining and propagating the facts regarding carbon dioxide (CO2) and the climate (CO2 Coalition, 2024). The key findings provided below stand in contrast to the climate crisis claims made in the March 1, 2024, California Priority Climate Action Plan (Priority Climate Action Plan, 2024) and the California Climate Disclosure Rules (Senate Bills No. 253 and No. 261) (Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America, 2024). More details can be found in the attached letter and appendix.

  • Modest warming of California is beneficial and not a cause for concern: Globally, more people have died from the cold than from the heat since 2000.
  • Increase in agricultural production: The combination of lengthened growing seasons (from warming) and increased CO2 concentrations has contributed to this increase.
  • CO2 is essential: Plants need CO2, sunlight, water, and nutrients from the soil to produce food and oxygen, both of which are essential for human and animal lives.
  • CO2 is beneficial: Exposing plants to higher concentrations of CO2 increases their growth, food production, and drought-resistance; and greens the Earth.
  • California is in no danger of unusual drought: The annual precipitation in California has fluctuated greatly over the last 150 years, with only a slight decrease.
  • Ski resorts are experiencing more snow: Most (21 of 22) ski resorts in California had increasing snowfall from 2012 to 2023.
  • California is in no danger of drowning: North Spit, CA, has the highest rate of sea level rise of 0.005 meter/year, or 1.64 feet in 100 years, which is easily mitigated.
  • Less natural disasters over the years: Significantly reduced number of wildfires and acres burned were reported in the United States and globally; California has infrequent tornadoes, no landfalling hurricane from 1851 to 2023, and no tropical depression from 1950 to 2023; and tropical storms are rare in California, with the last two reported in 2023 and 1997.
  • Air quality in California keeps getting better: The concentrations of major pollutants have decreased over the years.

In conclusion, there is NO climate crisis in California and CO2 is essential for all life on Earth. If you need additional details, the CO2 Coalition will be happy to respond to any inquiries you may have, and the members of the CO2 Coalition will be happy to meet with you for further discussions. Several members of the CO2 Coalition have signed the No Climate Emergency Declaration (CO2 Coalition, 2023).


The letter is signed by Gregory Wrightstone, Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition.

The summary letter contains a link to the September 2023 “NO Climate Emergency” declaration signed by the 1,600 scientists, including long-time scientist and epidemiologist Dr. James Enstrom: https://co2coalition.org/news/over-1600-scientists-sign-no-climate-emergency-declaration/.

Dr. Enstrom says one of the most prominent signers is 2022 Nobel Laureate John Clauser, who described the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as “one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation,” and was disinvited to speak before the U.N.’s International Monetary Fund (IMF) on July 25, 2023.

“The physicist believes that objective science on climate has been sacrificed to politics. The preeminence of politics is all the worse, he said, because so much money has already gone to climate,” the CO2 Coalition said.

“We’re talking about trillions of dollars,” he said, adding that powerful people don’t want to hear that they’ve made “trillion-dollar mistakes.”

“Concerns about such mistakes may have been what led to his dis-invitation to speak before the IMF,” the CO2 Coalition reported. “Dr. Clauser told The Epoch Times he’d received an email indicating that the IMF’s Independent Evaluation Office Director, Pablo Moreno, did not want the talk to go forward that day.”

“In an email, an IEO senior official told The Epoch Times that Dr. Clauser’s speech ‘has been postponed to reorganize it into a panel discussion. We are working to reschedule it after the summer,’ the official added.

“In recent years, the international economic and monetary agency has focused heavily on climate. Officials have laid particular stress on international carbon taxes. “The latest IMF analysis finds that large emitting countries need to introduce a carbon tax that rises quickly to $75 a ton in 2030,” the agency’s website on climate mitigation states.

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78 thoughts on “‘NO Climate Crisis’ Says Coalition of 1,600 Actual Scientists

  1. The so-called climate crisis is almost exclusively a mechanism to allow people in power to exponentially increase their power and control over literally everyone and everything. The earth was several degrees (Celsius) warmer during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and life flourished. Additionally, there can be no life without carbon. Good luck finding a grant-funded scientist who will correctly point out the earth is still at the tail end of an ice age. Those afflicted with Climate Derangement Syndrome now constitute the largest cult religion that has ever existed.

      1. Both syndromes are caused by ignorance of the natural world and lack of science edumacation. Particularly in Kalifornia, where science has been replaced with gender confusion in a campaign to make children available for use by the lqtgb whatever crowd.

    1. ARCTIC Summer Ice Hasn’t Declined in a Decade, Climate Scientists Covered It Up. The press and the global warming crowd deliberately suppress the fact that ANTARCTICA has had record cold, snow and ice accumulation for decades. Even the last few years, ANTARCTICA , snow and ice have hit record numbers.
      The number of catastrophic hurricanes and tornadoes has dwindled the last couple of decades.
      The so-called doomed Great Barrier Reef is thriving and growing.
      The oceans have not risen appreciably other than the normal waxing and waning of ice melt and evaporation cycles

    2. Dear Fed Up,

      You are certainly correct that the Climate Cult is a religion. You are also correct that the Climate Crisis is just a mechanism for the Ruling Class to justify spending tax dollars on anything they want. And you are correct that too many scientists play along with the climate nonsense for the grants they receive.

      But let me correct you about Ice Ages and Interglacial Periods. We are presently in one of the roughly 10,000 year Interglacial periods that occur periodically after 100,000 year Ice Ages. These are caused by changes in the Earth’s orbit, called Milankovitch Cycles. We are a few degrees C warmer during these Interglacials, because the massive continental glaciers melt and their white ice is replaced by much darker ground and vegetation that absorbs sunlight. Typically, this ends during the next 5,000 year Milankovitch “Great Winter,” when the continental glaciers are again able to gain a foothold. We may be lucky this time, because the Earth’s orbit has become almost circular, lessening the Milankovitch effects.

      For the last 140 million years, the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere has been declining from about 2500 ppm to 400 ppm today. Life flourished during this period. Today, we are dangerously close to the minimum (200 ppm) to sustain life on this planet. Hence, more is exceedingly beneficial. It allows us to feed the eight billion people who call this planet home.

      Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
      Corbett, Oregon USA

      1. Dr. Fulks, thank you for that useful information! Even at the ripe age of 73 I truly appreciate learning new things. FYI, Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the original founders of Greenpeace believes we are still at the tail end of a glacial period. That’s where my previous info came from.

        Again, thanks!

  2. The climate change “crisis” is truly the crime of the century. It is used as an excuse to increase government control over the people in undermining individual and economic freedom. It is responsible for catastrophic environmental and economic impacts caused by offshore wind and land based wind projects. The amount of the people’s money spent by governments on this hoax is beyond comprehension. This must be stopped, now!

    1. The “Climate Crisis” is a fraud being used to transfer tax payer dollars to select politically connected people and companies. A secondary bonus for the corrupt ruling class is they get to try and dictate how people travel, eat and generally live. All their predictions have been wrong and no one is ever held accountable. They travel in their private jets, party on their mega yachts and live in their mansion beach houses by themselves while preaching that the world is about to end.

      1. “‘Do as I say, not as I do,’ because I’m smarter and more important than you, and I have a private jet to prove it.”

  3. I agree with your article. What I do find odd is that there is massive flooding going on in Brazil and I find out about it at church because my Pastor asked the congregation to pray for Brazil. I am surprised that the climate alarmists aren’t using Brazil as an example of climate change. I did see an article online that showed the massive devastation from the flooding and explained that some of the locals in Brazil are blaming cloud seeding for the flooding. Interesting times. My Pastor found out about the flooding from missionaries that serve in the region.

    1. Hal, when the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted on Jan 15 2022 it sent 146 trillion grams of water vapor into the stratosphere (NASA estimate), and ever since then there has been unusually high rainfall around the world. This is certainly an example of “climate change”, but it has nothing at all to do with CO2 emissions.

      1. Next thing you know, the climate cult will be outlawing and attempting to tax volcanoes for their eruptions….

  4. Memo to Gov Gav:
    Climate Change is a hoax and YOU are the reason for California’s deficit, not climate change!
    Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end for the biggest scam in world history!
    Heck even the little troll Greta Thunberg has shifted to a new cause!

  5. Meanwhile Pope Francis claims that climate change has brought the world to the “breaking point” in his introduction to a 3-day climate summit to be held in the Vatican on May 15 – 17 that Gavin Newsom (aka Count Dracula ) will be attending. Pope Francis singled out the United States as particularly responsible for the climate “emergency” because of the “irresponsible lifestyle” of its citizens. The pope failed to mention that in aggregate, China’s emissions are more than double those of the United States, and America’s air is among the cleanest of any nation, while China’s air quality is among the poorest.

    Pope Francis stated that climate change is “no longer a secondary or ideological question, but a drama that harms us all,” adding that climate change manifests “a tragic and striking example of structural sin.”

    The Pope is a Marxist and WEF globalist stooge?

    1. Again, the former Argentine bouncer spouts whatever the global elites ask of him. This is not the word of God. Jesus brought the message of love, hope and most of all, No Fear!
      God wants us to enjoy the beauty he created and to be a free people and accept and love his savior.

      1 John 4:18 – There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

      Proverbs 29:25 – The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe.

      It appears to me that this Pope has not taken to heart the words of the Bible. So I ask why is he teaming with the King of Lies, Gavin Newsom the guy who pushes against God’s precious word, thou shall not murder! Abortion is just that!!!

      1. If you look up photos of the art in the Vatican it is outright Satanic. This tells you his real agenda.

      2. Amen, sister! It seems that many people who should know better treat the earth as an idol. If you look at most of the people who are currently praying to the planet, you will find their paganist beliefs are not too different from those unenlightened pagans from several thousand years ago.

    2. Yes. Yes he is. A massive mistake by the Catholic Church to place this Marxist in charge. Unfortunately, he has stacked the deck with his followers so that the next elected pope will likely follow his lead. Is a schism coming?

    3. Does anyone really belive that this Pope has any inside information or special or insight on any important topic? I hope not!

    4. Does anyone really belive that this Pope has any inside information or special or insight on any important topic? I certainly hope not!

    5. Is Newsom riding his bicycle to the Vatican, to minimize his “carbon footprint” ???
      Asking for a friend….

      1. Nice!
        If not a bicycle then maybe a nice long swim across the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas!
        It would make Gaia happy.

    6. ALERT — The Pope has just issued an edict to all churches that, effective immediately, all sacramental wine is to be replaced with the more socially accepted Klimate Koolaid.

      1. Love this!
        The fake Pope must be confused between Jim Jones and Jesus.
        Take this Kool Aid in remembrance of me….

  6. “Climate Fetish” Book– An urban myth is a fictional tale or conspiracy theory that circulates widely, is told and retold and presumed true by mere repetition. Urban myths are spread and illuminated in mass media, and become part of popular culture. Urban myths circulate from no singular source and can survive as fearmongering news items. Myth-making eco-propagandists have become mainstream news media assets. Urban myths can be dangerous propaganda that causes civic alarm and paranoia often for nefarious political advantage. Examples are the global Y2K internet collapse, white privilege, Russian collusion, World War III and endless doomsday scenarios. For over a half century, environmentalists have menaced us with fear-mongering scenarios of man-made ecological apocalypse. The environmental movement is the most densely-organized movement in human history. There are over 15,000 environmental nonprofits in the U.S. Having run out of green campaign grievances for their tax-exempt fundraising, radical eco-groups have come up with the most fantastic, intractable and theoretical problem of all – controlling dynamic, natural global climate variabilities (atmospheric thermodynamic radiative forcing). In scapegoating climate change for every inexplicable natural phenomenon and natural disaster, green-government tyranny would subvert capitalism itself with “climate austerity.” Partisan green-government regulations inflate the costs of goods, services, activities, food, and energies.

  7. The X link below was posted at Citizen Free Press this morning under the headline “Gavin Newsom has no shame.”
    Subhead on the tweet: “Gavin Newsom blames climate change for the massive budget deficit in California. [!!!] When everything else fails, blame the climate.”

    In these dark times it is nevertheless a JOY to see the entire nation become more savvy by the minute about Newsom. Although it’s difficult to measure, I can’t help thinking Katy Grimes deserves A LOT of the credit for first getting the information out there into the national ether about this disastrous California governor and who this Gavin Newsom really is.

  8. “LIVE NOT BY LIES” (or by eating bugs)

    Climate Change policy has as much to do with protecting the environment as Covid policy has to do with protecting health. They are both scams for money and power.

    Appealing to Newsom et al., including his cronies on the California Air Resources Board, to give up their Climate Change Scam based on facts and evidence has as much chance of success as appealing to the Chinese Communist Party and the Mexican cartels to stop making and selling Fentanyl based on facts and evidence that Fentanyl is killing 100,000+ Americans every year.

    The coalition of kleptocrats and communists pushing the Climate Change Scam use Lenin’s principle:

    –“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

    And this is especially effective when few people push back with the truth. (BTW, how many Republicans go along with the scam?)

    We should publicize the cost the Climate Change agenda imposes on the working men and women of California, America, and the world because polls show most people are very price sensitive about paying money out of their own pockets to fight Climate Change. However, as long as we accept the premise of the Climate Change Scam, freedom, prosperity, national sovereignty, and offering a middle class standard of living to the working men and women of the world inevitably lose.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in “Live not by lies,”

    –“And thus, overcoming our timidity, let each man choose: Will he remain a witting servant of the lies (needless to say, not due to natural predisposition, but in order to provide a living for the family, to rear the children in the spirit of lies!), or has the time come for him to stand straight as an honest man, worthy of the respect of his children and contemporaries?”

    Let all freedom loving and truth loving people take every opportunity to be the boys and girls with the courage to say, “The Global Warming Emperor is standing there stark naked.”

    It’s either that or learn to eat bugs.

    1. Gregory: You insightfully wrapped up all the devious, divisive, and DIE-abolicle climate distortions with COVID, the economy, and communist control. The consent of the governed is managed by tyrannical lying leaders like “let them eat bugs” Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Pope Francis, Governor Newsom…
      They even claim mass migration, the border invasion is the result of climate change.

  9. The bugs thing is part of the de-humanizing of people. They pushed “vaccines” that kill you, masks and standing 6 feet apart and all other sorts of de-humanizing behaviors on people as training. Bugs will actually poison you. Just say no is right on.

  10. The problem with California is that most of the power is wielded by a handful of politicians from the most dysfunctional part of the state: the bay area.

  11. I heard an audio clip yesterday of greasy gavin trying to blame the state budget deficit on climate change. We truly do live among idiots.

  12. Wow, what a fascinating bunch of comments, full of sheer ignorance of climate science, the climate emergency, and how the denier cabal has you all obediently believing that we can dig up carbon that was safely locked away 250 million years ago, burn it today in vast (and increasing) amounts, and spew ±50 BILLION TONNES of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year — with no negative impacts.

    It’s pretty simple science, but you have to be willing to spend some time to learn it. I mean, water is good for us, right? But if you drink it and drink it and drink it and drink it, it will kill you. Same with salt. You cannot eat endless amounts of salt without it killing you. It throws your body out of balance, just like spewing too many greenhouse gases (GHGs) is throwing the global climate out of whack — or out of balance (in fact, it’s called an energy imbalance, because the GHGs retain more heat in the atmosphere) compared to the last 11,000 years or so when our species developed agriculture at a pretty steady CO2 concentration of 280 parts per million (ppm). Agriculture is dependent on a stable climate while we’ve now increased CO2 by over 50%, destabilizing farming and food growing all over the world. How could there possibly be no impacts on agriculture and our food security?

    Please, may I suggest that every time you hear someone deny climate change or the climate emergency, just quickly check out what they’re saying. Skeptical Science ((https://skepticalscience.com) is a good place to start. Do a quick online search of reputable peer-reviewed science journals (just read the abstracts and conclusions) or climate science organizations. I know you’ve been taught to not trust them, but why weren’t you also taught to not trust the fossil fuel corporations funding the disinformation you’re being fed? Pretty one-sided, eh?

    Or just follow the money (it’s a fascinating, but deadly, web of disinformation). For example, John Clauser (mentioned in the article) — not a climate scientist, just an ecologically illiterate physicist, bless him — is on the board of the CO2 Coalition, which grew out of the now defunct George C. Marshall Institute, which was funded by the profits from oil and gas interests and received substantial funding from Exxon’s Exxon Education Foundation.

    How could we expect ANYTHING coming from the CO2 Coalition to tell you the truth about the unintended consequences we’re now experiencing from our burning of fossil fuels? They receive funding from the Koch political network as well as the Mercer family, apparently a key T**** donor that supports groups that attack climate science.

    Why, for the love of your children and your country, wouldn’t you want to know the truth about what’s happening to the future — and today for millions of people around the world already — due to global heating and climate destabilization? I guess if you’re stuck in a worldview, you’re stuck and it doesn’t matter what’s happening to your kids’ future. That’s their problem. I wish you, and your children, well.

    1. In my lifetime, I have survived an ice age, a hole in the ozone layer, acid rain and global warming. I think I can handle a little climate crisis.

      You’re fodder for evil, kiddo, being led around by your (passionate) nose.

    2. Ah yes, I knew one of the green cultists would eventually be showing their head here. Would not be surprised if they are one of the nutjobs from Grass Valley that stands in front of the Auburn city hall every weekend waving a “Stop Oil” sign while wearing clothes made from said oil and eating food produced thanks to oil. You know, “follow the money” works both ways and when you look at who is pushing the “green” stuff it’s not out of some altruistic desire to “save the planet” but out of the pure desire for money and power. We have been told for the past 50 years that we only had 10 years to “stop climate change” or else we would go extinct and yet here we are still. You can only cry wolf for so long. I also find it ironic that the green cultists always scream “won’t you think of the children?!?” while telling us that we need to stop having children. So pathetic.

      The truth of the matter is the climate is always changing, there is no “climate crisis” and humans are highly adaptable. The Earth has been both hotter and colder in the past and will be hotter and colder in the future. That’s all we know for certain. Thinking that we can influence the climate by massively raising the cost of living for everyone on the planet is bonkers and will only lead to even more misery. Also, the moment any of the green cultists tell us that we can’t even consider nuclear power as an option, we know that they are not serious. But thanks for the laughs.

    3. Please tell me – what product was it that was used to wash your cranium?
      It is SO wiped clear that I would like to use it on my shorts after hearing the blather people like you spew.

    4. What is a T**** donor????
      So in addition to climate hysteria, you apparently also suffer from TRUMP derangement syndrome???

    5. Yes, Skepticalscience.com describes Dr. Clauser as a professional denier. He has never published a single peer-reviewed journal article on the subject. Yet he is held up as some sort of expert. Whereas,
      “Greater than 99% consensus on human caused climate change in the peer-reviewed scientific literature – “IOPscience

      It is 6 times cheaper to prevent increased climate change than it is to. mitigate it. It’s your money too, brother.

      1. Dear Jan,

        One of the great misconceptions about science is that we make decisions based upon “consensus.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Science is decided by logic and evidence only. As the motto of the first scientific society, the Royal Society, says “Take nobody’s word for it.”

        Dr. John Clauser is the 2022 Nobel Laureate in Physics, not a “professional denier.” That gives him FAR more stature than the propagandists at Skeptical Science.

        As to your claim that humans are now controlling the weather and can easily change our climate for the better, please provide your logic. The most recent data I have seen from Mauna Loa shows that CO2 is continuing to rise, despite all efforts to stop it. Yet the global temperature over the last decade has only risen in response to ENSO and other ocean cycles.

        Where is the Climate Crisis? There is none.

        Our atmosphere is carbon poor. We are still near the minimum to sustain life on this planet. The recent increase has allowed us to feed the eight billion people who call this planet home. NASA has documented the greening of the planet.

        Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
        Corbett, Oregon USA

    6. Gee, if only you were around when I ate all those lead paint chips…
      Oh well, I guess the government will take care of me and feed me the pablum you are so willing to lap up.
      Gotta go, it is time for my next booster.

    7. Dear “Greenhearted,”

      If you want reputable information about Global Warming, let me suggest that you consult a scientist, not a propaganda website such as Skeptical Science. Even my colleague and fellow astrophysicist James Hansen will tell you some things that are true. For instance, he points out that nuclear power is the only way to decarbonize our economy without reverting to a 19th century existence and starvation.

      Hansen is the world’s premier alarmist, because he believes that carbon dioxide is capable of great warming. That is easily refuted, because the absorption lines of CO2 are largely saturated. That means that more does very little. Even if we were able to double the amount in the atmosphere from 0.04% to 0.08% over centuries, the net warming would be only one degree C. Alarmists like the 2021 Nobel Laureate Manabe claim 2 or 3 degrees C, due to a positive feedback from water vapor. But the 2022 Nobel Laureate Clauser shows that water in the form of clouds is a negative feedback.

      Furthermore, carbon dioxide is the basis of life on this planet, and we are near the minimum in the atmosphere for life to continue, NOT near the maximum. We are able to feed the eight billion people who call this planet home due to enhanced atmospheric CO2. In the presence of sunlight, plants combine the two benign byproducts of our civilization (water and carbon dioxide) to produce glucose, a simple sugar from which all life is built.

      The simple scientific fact is that there is no climate crisis. Carbon dioxide is hugely beneficial.

      Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
      Corbett, Oregon USA

    8. Dear Green Whack,
      I suggest some classes so you won’t be so easily gulled. Carbon is the basic building block of life. Every living thing leaves a lump of charcoal behind when it is burned, just as you will. Let’s just hope you don’t pass remaining ignorant of the basic facts of nature. No one is denying that the climate changes. Currently we are coming out of an ice age and is is supposed to be warmer. I suggest you consider yourself lucky that you exist for a short time in an inter-glacial period. Enjoy life instead of trying to make your neighbors miserable with your pessimism and slurs regarding physicists. I realize that misery loves company, but you have hitched your wagon to a malevolent star this time. FYI? Every time you exhale, CO2 is emitted. Ever bother to wonder why you are outgassing stuff you think is poison? Better pluck that log from thine own eye before worrying about the mote in your neighbor’s.

  13. This government should spend time addressing real issues:
    Illegals killing Americans
    Massive fentanyl deaths from border crossers
    Inflation destroying families who can’t afford food
    Multiple wars
    Worst education system in the world

  14. Don’t forget Y2K. Remember, scientists all said airplanes would fall from the skies, trains would derail, your bank would lose your life savings, and heart and lung machines would become useless hunks of plastic and metal. Trust the scientists who have been wrong over and over again.

  15. the art of science is ever evolving, never settled. take the most famous equation of tem all, the theory of relativity. once thought settled, a group of quantum physicists are showing impressive results that may deem
    E=mc2 irrelevant.

    how is it, since science is ever evolving, that two of the left’s biggest scams, covid and global warming, global cooling, and the latest…climate change, are settled and the debate over (al gore)? I mean… even their definition is ever-changing, yet the science behind it isn’t.

    anybody. and I mean anybody with only one half of one working brain cell, can spot the fraud a mile away.

  16. My and my wife’s original state is California and we were born in the late 50s. We met at UCLA in the mid 70s. I became and Electrical Engineer focused on telecom as I worked for Pacific Telecom to pay my way through college and live. I learned about Climate in an elective course. I found out that the initial temp readings around the world were in the late 1800s then early 1900s and then each time the areas were more dense urban and usually at airports. In the early 1900s the airports had planes that were propellers but by the 1960s there were jets heating up the temp readings. The temp readings are not everywhere and are not in many rural areas throughout the world.

    California today does not mention that the coast and inland has oil and tar feeding into water and land. There was oil rigs in the 60s off the coast of SoCal, but the environmentalist groups push to stop them. One thing I learned from my class is that the world’s weather is cyclic. Overtime we have had major events affect temp and weather throughout the world such as a volcano blowing in the late 1800s in Oceania or a previous asteroid, which is thought to have killed off the dinosaurs. The Pacific Rim of Asia, Oceania, South America, and North America is tied together and is affected by volcanos above and below the ocean as well as plate movement causing earthquakes.

    1. Your post brought back memories of my childhood beach trips, which were always followed by LABORIOUS sessions to SCRUB the tar off the soles of my feet from the NATURAL oil & tar seep that exists off California’s coasts…
      Since the State allowed offshore oil drilling, however, the natural PRESSURE that CAUSED those childhood oil & tar seeps has DIMINISHED and nowadays, a trip to the beach does NOT include a tar-removal session…
      Nature has MORE CONTROL over our lives than the “GreenHearts” of the world care to think about, so they elevate themselves above God/Nature, in a frantic effort to exert control over their lives and environment… in extreme cases (like the poster above), they extend that desire for control BEYOND THEMSELVES to EVERYONE AROUND THEM, which is a prime definition of megalomania… “a person who is obsessed with their own power”

  17. Its nice to finally see the truth published once in a while.

    Manmade Climate Change is an absolute FRAUD!!!

  18. Communism, the government of starvation, is using global warming to destroy the government of plenty, Capitalism.

  19. He who SMELT it DELTA it !! .. God save my home state maybe I’ll return ..Go Steve Garvey !! AZ is becoming an extension of it ..Hobbs is just another Commi b**ch AZAG/US Atty all appt’d by O’bidiot !! .. Thank God Rancher Kelley was acquited RIGHTFULLY so eventhough illegals deliberately killed my CAT ! Disabled Veteran he was my VA certified Companion pet the f**%ing Marshals did absplutely nothing to help me get him off the pos whos from Commi4nia wouldnt let me get him off his property sick f&%k ! .. wetbacks sicked their pos pitbulls on him one threatened Bodily Harm and theor was a gang a wk later walking their pos mutts down the rd intimidation it was a Hate Crime/Discrimination .. AG wouldnt do sh** or Marshals ..commi f&^ks ! .. God help me fix this because if I do I’ll go to jail !!

  20. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. —H.L. Mencken

  21. Thanks guys! Well done A touch of sane reasoning is wonderful to read about, but will be ignored as there is government money to be had in the vast climate scam. Hopefully people will eventually wake up and stop voting for these stupid, retarded, Democrap cult politicians.

  22. A most encouraging ‘read’ followed here, in the main, by sensible following Comments reflecting a growing awareness that the ‘people’ are progressively coming to realize that they’ve been ‘gamed’ (conned) by the vast army of well funded EcoLoons on the one hand & Carpetbaggers on the other reaping the rewards of the climate alarmist religion as they help themselves to the $trillions of taxpayer subsidies now being spent (wasted) by left leaning governments in favor of the unreliables (of wind & solar). What a scam. For those who still ‘believe’ in the climate catastrophe, just take yourselves over the http://www.extinctionclock.org web site & find your self a climate prediction that’s come to pass. I won’t hold my breath in anticipation of you finding something any time soon. There is no climate emergency! Use the ballot box & get rid of all the politicians who continue to ‘push’ the climate alarmist scaremongering mantra. Boot them out!

  23. A most encouraging ‘read’ followed here, in the main, by sensible following Comments reflecting a growing awareness that the ‘people’ are progressively coming to realize that they’ve been ‘gamed’ (conned) by the vast army of well funded EcoLoons on the one hand & Carpetbaggers on the other reaping the rewards of the climate alarmist religion as they help themselves to the $trillions of taxpayer subsidies now being spent (wasted) by left leaning governments in favor of the unreliables (of wind & solar). What a scam. For those who still ‘believe’ in the climate catastrophe, just take yourselves over the http://www.extinctionclock.org web site & find yourseves a climate prediction that’s come to pass. I won’t hold my breath in anticipation of you finding something any time soon. There is no climate emergency! Use the ballot box at your next election & get rid of all the politicians who continue to ‘push’ the climate alarmist scaremongering mantra. Boot them out!”

  24. A most encouraging ‘read’ followed here, in the main, by sensible following Comments reflecting a growing awareness that the ‘people’ are progressively coming to realize that they’ve been ‘gamed’ (conned) by the vast army of well funded EcoLoons on the one hand & Carpetbaggers on the other reaping the rewards of the climate alarmist religion as they help themselves to the $trillions of taxpayer subsidies now being spent (wasted) by left leaning governments in favor of the unreliables (of wind & solar). What a scam. For those who still ‘believe’ in the climate catastrophe, just take yourselves over the http://www.extinctionclock.org web site & find yourselves a climate prediction that’s come to pass. I won’t hold my breath in anticipation of you finding something any time soon. There is no climate emergency! Use the ballot box at your next election & get rid of all the politicians who continue to ‘push’ the climate alarmist scaremongering mantra. Boot them out!”

  25. I recently fell into the rabbit hole of reading about ice ages, Boreal period, Earth’s record of glacial and greenhouse periods, sun spot activity and solar insolation. A Wikipedia reference said current green house gas will delay the coming ice age. I recommend anyone with an open mind consider what caused the last large glacial melt. Scientist cite several possible factors including volcanic eruptions, variations in Earth’s orbit and magnetic shifts, solar insolation. We are currently in an interglacial period of an ice age, between greenhouse periods. Carbon dating discovered a massive increase in sunspot activity during the last glacial melt and sea level rise. The average temperature of Iceland rose 7C in a short period. This level of sunspot activity and corresponding solar insolation has not occur again until the 1940s.

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