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Homeless transient living on sidewalk at Union 76 gas station, W Street, 16th Street. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Sacramento Shelters for the Homeless ‘Not Accessible Yet’ But Million$ Spent

Taxpayers are being bilked by government in the name of solving homelessness

By Katy Grimes, October 17, 2022 7:33 am

How is Sacramento doing with its shelters for the homeless?

In April, the Globe reported, “The City of Sacramento is spending more than $44 million to provide eight homeless shelters and camping options, most not yet built or ready, and three Project Homekey motel conversions. According to city officials, “most of that comes from state and federal grants that are not certain year to year.”

Six months later, this is the status of the eight proposed and existing homeless sites we reported on in April:

  • Joshua’s House is a private hospice facility not yet built on a city-owned lot in North Sacramento – says it will open in late 2022.
  • Miller Park Safe Ground is a 60-tent low barrier shelter has been opened since Feb. 8. The City Council gave a public city park to homeless.
  • Auburn Boulevard Respite Center is located at the former Science Center Museum, near a residential neighborhood as the Globe recently reported. Neighbors are livid.
  • North 5th Street is an existing 145-bed shelter.
  • Downtown Service Hub is an unnamed location that is the subject of ongoing negotiations to purchase the building and use it as a central hub for homeless and the service providers who work with them – no update available.
  • Colfax Yard is a vacant city-owned lot not yet ready for official use which was used as an unsanctioned parking spot by homeless – “derailed by state agencies” for toxic cleanup.
  • Roseville Road RT Station is currently used unofficially by homeless parking vehicles, with plans for a “safe parking facility for 70 vehicles and 100 guests, poised to open in the coming month.” No update available.  In May, the city said it was working on a three-way agreement among the City, RT and Cal Trans. Hurry up – the “guests” are getting anxious.
  • The 102-acre Job Corp site was purchased in January 2022 as federal surplus land, not accessible yet. No update available.

Over one year ago in August 2021 the Mayor and City Council approved a Comprehensive Siting Plan listing 20 sites that could provide space for various types of shelters for homeless. The council is trying to normalize homelessness by spreading it out throughout the city.

The County of Sacramento did the same, and mostly has just written about their plans since then. “Homelessness has been increasing in recent years, with visible signs of its impact on individuals and families and in our neighborhoods,” the County says. “​As the largest provider of social services and a major funder of a variety of homeless services, Sacramento County remains committed to working with stakeholders, including cities, Sacramento Steps Forward, Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, service providers and community members to develop and deliver the most impactful solutions to homelessness.”

Okay. As the largest provider of social services and a major funder of a variety of homeless services, why is homelessness only growing in the county? Expensive housing is not the answer. In fact, it is counterintuitive.

Here’s why the elected city and county officials and staff bureaucrats make oodles of plans, and hold oodles of meetings about these plans – because if they ever actually eradicated homelessness, the million$/billion$ in federal/state funding (taxpayer funding) would dry up.

Our government is using the homeless as a funding stream, while pretending to care for them, and using them as a new voting base, now registering them to vote.

Meanwhile, every day we hear news reports about violent drug addicted and mentally ill homeless people attacking, stabbing, shooting, killing innocent victims. In September, a Midtown man was attacked by a homeless man with a belt at a convenience store.

A woman was attacked in Wm. Land Park in Sacramento by a homeless man on her daily run.

In January, a large animal veterinarian friend reported a violent homeless guy with a hammer attacked a horse in the head, and had beaten the horse all over his body with the hammer. He also killed 12 of 15 pet birds in the chicken coop.

In 2021, Land Park resident Kate Tibbitts was brutally murdered in her home by “homeless” transient Troy Davis, out on the streets despite his recent parole violation. He raped and murdered Tibbitts, killing her dogs and setting her house on fire,” the Globe reported. Tibbitts’ horrific murder remains a fresh imprint on locals’s psyche, but seems to be an inconvenient memory for local politicians.

Also this week, Yolo County DA Jeff Reisig wrote that he was meeting a friend in downtown Sacramento after work. Here is his account:

“A sad story…I decided to meet a friend after work in downtown Sacramento today. As I exited my parked car on J Street, I immediately noticed some fellas doing a drug deal on a busy corner. Not good. I proceeded to walk down a main street littered with garbage and an occasional needle. The smell of urine and marijuana permeated everywhere. As I approached my destination, sirens screamed past me as I noticed police and fire dealing with some kind of situation on K Street. I noticed that the outdoor dining tables along the street were mostly empty. As I walked into the establishment, I found it odd that I was the only person in the whole place at 6 p.m. on a beautiful evening. I asked the only employee if business was always so slow. He said that since the mass shooting in April 2022 and all the ‘other issues,’ things had been really dead. He said many neighboring businesses had recently closed as people just didn’t seem to be coming back. I understand why. It doesn’t have to be this way in Sacramento or any other city in California. Lawmakers in the Capitol and city leaders own all of this and only they can fix it.”

Sacramento’s politicians are systematically destroying the region and killing off businesses. What will stop this gross government corruption and redistribution of wealth? Elections matter. Start with throwing out your local elected officials and work your way up.

Homeless vagrant in doorway of a closed Jamba Juice. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

The Globe just reported:

Sacramento County is registering homeless drug addicts and homeless mentally ill individuals to vote, rather than providing care and treatment, for which the County has been paid millions, and maybe billions.

Last month, it was announced that Sacramento County was to receive $25 million from the state to address homelessness along the American River Parkway – that’s just along the American River Parkway. How much has Sacramento County received to “address homelessness” in total?

For $25 million, the County could have long ago erected a large homeless campus on county-owned property and triaged and treated the county’s homeless.

Instead, they’re sporadically approving tiny homeless villages: “a 44-unit tiny home village near Florin Road just west of Highway 99 and 100 tiny homes at Florin and Power Inn roads,” Capradio.org reported.

“Those plans include private cabin-like shelters for each resident, meals, laundry services, case management, restrooms, showers and 24/7 security.”

Sacramento’s homeless are receiving more concierge services that the Ritz Carlton provides for paying clientele.

Homeless transient passed out on outdoor stage in Wm. Land Park. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)
Homeless transient passed out in Wm. Land Park. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Our government is using the homeless as a funding stream, while pretending to care for them, and now using the homeless as a new voting base, registering them to vote.

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19 thoughts on “Sacramento Shelters for the Homeless ‘Not Accessible Yet’ But Million$ Spent

  1. Maybe concerned Sacramento citizens need to offer to relocate the homeless in front of the lavish home of Mayor Darrell Steinberg in the Pocket neighborhood and also in front of the homes of the Democrats who completely control Sacramento’s City Council? Katie Valenzuela, Councilmember for District 4, shouldn’t mind a homeless encampment in front of her house because she claims to be for housing and economic justice?

  2. Democrats do what democrats do….
    Use marginalized groups to gain power and control.
    Come on man, the homeless do not need to be housed or treated they NEED TO VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS! This might as well be their mantra.

    It is sick and dare I say evil!

  3. The Katy Grimes quote should be repeated, over and over:
    “Our government is using the homeless as a funding stream, while pretending to care for them, and using them as a new voting base, now registering them to vote.”

    Years ago, I remember how surprised I was to discover that Dem politician “leadership” were not trying to solve or reduce homeless/vagrancy but were actually trying to encourage it because they benefited from it in many different ways, not least financially. Edward Ring’s definitive 2019 CA Globe article “The Homeless Industrial Complex” alerted many readers to how this actually worked. I think many of the cynical among us had not yet become THAT cynical to think that politicians and others were benefiting off of the backs of the alcoholic, drug-addicted, mentally ill people who were living in their own filth on our urban (and suburban) streets. And that those politicians wanted this horrific state of affairs to continue. For money. And power.

    Even more surprising to some of us was that Katy Grimes, Edward Ring and The Globe’s further exposure and publicity about what was really happening — and why — did not discourage malevolent Democrat politicians, such as Gov Gavin Newsom, city mayors, county supervisors, and the rest of the phonies who are the beneficiaries of this scam, from changing course and actually trying to solve the problem. Really, it’s absolutely shocking to realize it, when you look at it cold and not as something to which we have allowed ourselves to become accustomed.

    And now, unbelievably, the addled homeless/vagrant population is being used by these disgusting subhuman politicians for Democrat VOTES. For them, the scourge of homeless/vagrancy, and all of its threats, not least to public safety, is looked at by CA “progressive” leaders as THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. No exposure of their scam and certainly no plea from either those on the street or from a horrified public will stop them.

    The ONLY WAY to call this meeting to order is to vote out these money-and-power hungry Dem/Progressive politicians and vote in a new crowd, using discernment, of Republican leadership. Nothing else will work.

  4. How bad is the corporate media control narrative when out of a population of 40 million this is the only one that doesn’t push pure DNC propaganda? I am here in the Bay Area and there is not a single website or media outlet that does not toe the line with Democrat Party. Maybe a few commie ones but think about that in terms of representation. There are over 5 million registered Republicans and over 5 million no party preference…and yet Kron4, KTVU, San Jose Mercury News, SFgate/chronicle, the verge, wired, engadget, etc, not to mention ALL algortithmic control……all favoring the DNC power structure…no deviations allowed. How does that happen?

  5. I’m a sheltered and now stalked 47 yr pld woman who sleeps at the a st shelter down town. Where would I start about how uneducated the employees of all tiles are there regarding any type of housing and placement. Orange filthy unwashed showers curtains down to unstructured employees. The only thing they do there is smoke cigarettes and sit around and profile residents. Being that most of the employees are programming themselves do to criminal backgrounds they shouldn’t have access to personal knowledge of people there it’s creepy. Yet an incident take place and the footage from the servalence system that takes most of the budget for the place. It’s riddled with drug addicted users in and out of the property. It’s scary to know these people aloud do use right on the sidewalk and housed in a shelter that is a place to sleep safely. RIGHT!

  6. This is a state wide issue! I live in Gilroy, CA. and we have lots of homeless camps with all of the problems. Along with the camps we have people sleeping or passed out at stores and other places of business. A good friend of mine has a large warehouse and has a dumpster outside. He said, “I don’t mind them sleeping here but could they put the trash in the dumpster?”

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