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Salinas Valley ag land. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Climate Change Agenda: Media Hyping ‘Extreme Heat Warning’ When CA Temps are Not ‘Extreme’

Shelter in Place coming so you don’t die from the heat!

By Katy Grimes, June 3, 2024 2:45 am

For a week now most news outlets have issued dire warnings that California will be under an “extreme” heat wave this coming week.

Fox News reported breathlessly Sunday evening that temperatures in California will reach as high as 120 degrees this week, without identifying where.

Fox News “Extreme Heat” warning. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

In recent years media weather reporters overstate the heat – often exaggerating “extreme heat” as much hotter than the actual forecast. And when they are wrong, they never correct it or admit it.

My weather apps have been adjusting down all week since claiming Sacramento temperatures would hit 106 by Wednesday.

Here is today’s:

Some governments have been caught taking temperature readings at ground surface which shows several degrees higher than the ambient temperature. Temperature reading is supposed to be taken 5 feet above the ground.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

“Sacramento is expected to see its first 100-degree day of the year soon, according to the latest predictions from the National Weather Service. The high temperature for Wednesday is forecast to reach 101 degrees.”

Here’s their forecast – 103 and 104 degrees midweek. OMG – Sacramento has never seen these excessive temperatures in early June… or have we?

As the Globe has reported every year, news media tries to scare people over seasonal temperatures, seasonal changes, and natural weather happenings.

Last year in June 2023, the Globe reported:

UC Berkeley/LA Times Poll Claims “Californians Fear Worsening Weather Swings Due to Climate Change.” In fact, the Los Angeles Times claims “Nearly 70% of registered voters say they expect that volatile fluctuations between severe drought and periods of heavy rain and snow — what some call weather whiplash — will become more common in the future due to climate change, according to a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times.”

It was BS in June 2023, and it is BS in June 2024.

Extreme Weather Watch reports Sacramento June Weather Records for 1877–2024 starting with the hottest Sacramento June day in recorded history was 115 degrees in 1961:

We’ve been covering dubious weather reporting for several years. Last year the Globe reported:

…the LA Times links to another climate change poll from the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) from July 2022, which “found that nearly 7 in 10 Californians think the effects of climate change have already begun, and 8 in 10 say climate change is a serious threat to California’s future economy and way of life.”

The Globe covered this dubious report last August:

“A new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California cleverly conflates climate change, drought, wildfires and the oil and gas industry through dextrous questions and weighted demographics.”

It was clear that the PPIC was fusing “drought, wildfires and the oil and gas industry” into one great cause: Climate Change.

“Whenever there’s a wildfire, Newsom and all the others in denial over their epic policy failures, come shouting ‘climate change,'” Ed Ring reported in 2021. “They have the audacity to tell us to turn our thermostats up to 78 degrees and refrain from using electric appliances, and they claim these fires are evidence of why this is necessary. They embark on a ‘renewables mandate’ that jacks utility prices up to the highest in the nation in exchange for unreliable power.”

“More than anything else, what Newsom and all the rest of these politicians who want California to set a ‘climate example’ to the world are in denial of is their own misanthropy. They know perfectly well that California only emits one percent of the world’s CO2. They know as well that China and India are not about to stop using fossil fuel to grow their economies. They know that fossil fuel accounts for 85 percent of global energy production, with hydroelectric and nuclear power accounting for another 11 percent. All renewables account for only four percent of global energy production. Four percent.

California’s drought conditions are actually historically normal. So are our occasional heavy wet winters. It’s not hard to plan for this – if politicians were honest. Our water projects were built and designed to provide a steady 5-7 year supply of water for the entire state, even in drought years.

50% of California’s water supply goes to environmental uses right off the top. Of the remaining 50%, urban use is only 10% and agriculture uses 40%… and state water officials and legislators have considered a ban on decorative grass.

But their real motive is setting up another crisis and another lockdown opportunity.

Last August we reported the Sacramento Bee claiming “July was Earth’s hottest month ever.” The Bee used climate hype and propaganda from the World Meteorological Organization – an agency of the United Nations.

Marc Moreno highlighted a “New York Times article which claims ‘climate change’ means ‘the end of the summer vacation as we know it’ – ‘Our relationship to travel has reached a tipping point.”

Moreno warns, “This is the COVID PSYOP ending and the climate PSYOP beginning. This is the New York Times signaling that the ruling class is telling us that vacations are now a thing of the past. They’re trying to set our mindset to give up on vacations. And they’re giving up our freedom of movement…What the New York Times is claiming is that somehow people have to stay home, and it is literally in the article suggesting people need to huddle around their air conditioners at home because the weather is too extreme — because our previous travel has made the earth uninhabitable. This is insane, unscientific, silly.”

As we reported, the Climate pimps are working overtime to convince everyone that there is a Climate Crisis worthy of another pandemic-level response – lockdowns, confinement, business closures, loss of rights and freedoms… and no travel?

Just watch the “elitist politicians” making hysteria environmental claims like Governor Gavin Newsom, as they fly around the world in jets to climate conferences, get chauffeured in gas guzzling SUV’s, stay in luxury hotels in emerging countries, own beach, mountain homes and ranches, and live the opposite of how they legislate.

We know they are liars. Push back. Hard.


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25 thoughts on “Climate Change Agenda: Media Hyping ‘Extreme Heat Warning’ When CA Temps are Not ‘Extreme’

  1. Why have the weather map color codes changed. In the past, you didn’t see the burnt orange or browns until 90 or 100 degrees. Lately an 80 degree area is at yellow and 50/60 degree is the green. Its all manipulation.
    As the bible states, “Train up a child in the way he should go: And when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
    The powers that be are using that philosophy in training the kids with their twisted methods. The up and coming generations will be lost…are lost. The government doesn’t care what the oldsters think; they’ll be dead soon. (Re)educate the young.

  2. The “climate crisis” is probably the greatest scam in the history of mankind. We’ve only had reliable worldwide temperature data for the past 137 years. The Earth is 4.54 billion years old. All information on temperature prior to 137 years ago is speculation. Some of the speculation is based on scientific analysis. Some is not. For decades textbooks informed students that during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods the Earth was 2-3 degrees warmer (Celcius) than today. Life flourished during those periods. Good luck finding that information in any textbook today. It would contradict the scam. Worse, millions of useful idiots have embraced the climate scam as a cult religion. These same idiots constantly proclaim that climate change is the greatest existential threat to mankind. Apparently they don’t pay attention to the costs of groceries or fuel – or the current number of nuclear weapons.

    1. Yes, Hal. Isn’t it shocking that 40 years after that hysterical news story Florida is still not half under water. The real shock in that news video was seeing the twin towers in the background. That was real and I’m still pissed off.

  3. I was in the East Bay in the late 70’s in mid June and early July and it was in the 110’s back then…
    Thank you for debunking this latest “crisis” that the Democrats are ginning up to create economic and power-grab opportunities for themselves…

  4. Nobody will derive any advantage from the impacts of climate change. It’s just as dangerous for those who accept it as for those who deny it. Planet Earth doesn’t care what we think about climate change — it simply responds to the carbon emissions which we dump into the atmosphere. Anyone curious enough to research the science (rather than the opinions of non-scientists) will discover that actually we have quite a bit to be concerned about.

    1. I’m concerned about many things. The earth burning up because of carbon is not one of them. Real scientists explain that there was more carbon in the earth’s atmosphere during the age of the dinosaurs. They thrived in that atmosphere until the giant asteroid/comet slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula. 1,600 real scientists just sent a letter to the California Air Resources Board explaining that there is no climate crisis (link below.) If you want to be concerned about something real, count the number of stockpiled nuclear weapons across the globe. There’s some warming you won’t survive.


    2. Yes we have quite a bit to be concerned about! One of the things I am concerned about is that in 2013 they are predicting the Arctic Ice will melt and never come back again! Cities like Miami and San Francisco will be under 15 feet of water! Long Island will be gone! They are also predicting a “mega flood” in California where the entire state will be under water from the Oregon border to the Mexican border! They have not given a year when the mega flood will occur but I hope it does not happen before 2013 or we will see Mount Whitney in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! But on the bright side residents of Reno, Nevada will be able to go to the beach! It will be the new Santa Cruz! Watch out for 2013! I sure am!

    3. Hey Bill –
      You gonna make that volcano in Iceland that erupted last week or so pay its “carbon offsets” on time???
      Dundas or Dumbass….

  5. Newsom is fond of saying that CA is setting the example for the rest of the world to follow and not just for climate change. Haven’t heard much from Newsom lately, likely because he has been fielding numerous phone calls from heads of state all over the world who want to learn more about the California Way. I reckon.

  6. Sacramento natives know that there are a least a couple of days over a 100 degrees in May and several 100+ degree days throughout the summer and into the early fall. The climate hysteria exhibited by the news media is pure propaganda and the local Fox affiliate KTXL is just as guilty of it.

  7. Global warming?

    In Socal, since November, below average temperature days have outnumbered above average temperature days by about 10:1. I’m an avocado farmer, I keep track of this.

    (good year for California Avocados, by the way – next year looks to be even better)

    1. Johnny, LOL! The next thing we’ll see is climate extremists calling avocados “climate deniers.” Good news about your crop this year. I love avocados!

    2. Some good news for once @Johnny!
      I love my guacamole! 😃🥑
      Thank you for your hard work!
      God Bless our producers!

  8. The CA climate heat hype is statewide. Over and over, we’ve gotten these doomsday predictions in San Diego County –never mentioning that they are talking about a tiny portion of the county that’s in the desert, and that no one lives there.
    Indeed, San Diego has had an exceptionally COOL spring. I live 7 miles from the ocean, and we have YET to see the temperature rise above 78 degrees — definitely lower than years past.

    1. Richard, LOL!. It must be global cooling! We’re all going to die. I better crank up my gasoline powered leaf blower so I can produce more carbon emissions to save the planet. It’s such incomprehensible nonsense.

    1. 100% agree
      The 805 has been EXTREMELY pleasant this Spring and I hope the pervasive marine layer continues well beyond its NORMAL,July 4th burn-off….
      We power washed massive algae off the patio this past weekend, following last winter’s record rainfall…

  9. Time to take off the gloves and push back on this nonsense.
    This article needs to be emailed to other journalists, including the “pimps” at the Bee, the Times and all the networks. Especially the comment section which brings more facts to the light of day.
    These con men have a wider audience with a loud voice and this side of the story needs more coverage.
    Stay in their grill Katy, thanks.

  10. OMG! It’s supposed to be 80 degrees today down here in the broiling San Gabriel Valley! Quick — we need to make plans to get to the cooling center! Come ON.
    Their lies and fake hysteria must be obvious to all, or almost all, and yet…. these freaks are still going for it. Lock everyone down and steal whatever money they have left because human activity of any kind is dangerous. With such silliness and anti-common-sense stuff, though, it sure doesn’t look like they will get away with it. They always go too far. We lost a lot of people and destroyed a lot of lives, it’s true, but the truth DID eventually come out about the totalitarian Covid hysteria, after all. And it continues to come out. So there’s that. Guess we’ll see…

  11. Whew thanks for the weather update about the San Gabriel Valley. We will be there Thursday helping a family member move. I live up in the Central Valley and we have been issued a heat advisory for 95 degrees today. What a joke. Oh well at least I got my car washed and lawn mowed early before we all melt.

  12. just saw on the weather channel how the Atlantic ocean temps are ‘warmer than normal’…..What I have yet to see is anyone willing to tell us if the ‘warming’ is due to solar radiation/man made greenhouse gases or a byproduct of living on a planet with a molten core that may be sending more hot stuff closer to us from below……

  13. It’s presently 58 degrees here on the central CA coast. We’ll be lucky to see 65. Normal for this time of year. We don’t even own a fan, much less air conditioning.

  14. LOL, when I was younger, they used to call ‘events’ in the summer (especially in desert areas, I’M Looking at you LOS ANGELES) having a “heat wave”. The church of climate change Scientology now is warning of coming Heat Storms. Small barely perceptible change, but it IS there.

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