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Mentally-ill homeless woman lives in Sacramento park. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Media Warn CA Residents to Stay Indoors over ‘Extreme Heat’ as Federal Judge Orders Homeless to Stay on Streets

What is the real goal with Sacramento’s homeless – are just they political pawns, or people who deserve real help?

By Katy Grimes, August 4, 2023 8:37 am

At the same time the California media and weather forecasters are predicting another summer heat wave, telling people to avoid going out, stay inside air conditioned homes, and order food in, federal District Court Judge Troy Nunley issued a temporary restraining order against the City of Sacramento, stopping them from clearing homeless camps.

Think about that – you are told to stay indoors where it is safe and cool, away from the “extreme heat” temperatures (most of us just call this “Summer”), but Sacramento’s Homeless Union applied for and got a Judge to order the homeless to remain right where they are – outdoors, living on the streets in flimsy tents in the “extreme heat” temperatures. How is that humane?

What’s going on?

“In their application for the TRO, the Sacramento Homeless Union argued that the city neglected to take into account what the city itself calls an “extreme heat” event,” KCRA reports. “Part of their argument was that, while the city did offer to move unhoused individuals to the Miller Park ‘Safe Ground’ site that the city had set up, Miller Park offered little shade and individuals were crowded in tents.”

Sacramento’s Miller Park has trees and sits on the Sacramento River. This is what it looked like before the city of Sacramento gave it over to the homeless – lots of trees. Many Sacramento residents used to go to Miller Park during hot summer days to cool down, before the City turned it into a homeless camp.

Regional Miller Park and Marina. (Photo: cityofsacramento.org)

KCRA continued: “They asked the judge to prevent the city from doing sweeps through mid-September, when temperatures normally fall below 90 degrees. They say the city knows that this is a ‘known and obvious danger’ due to the exposure to extreme heat.”

Here is Miller Park with homeless camps:

Miller Park “Safe Ground” with illegal tent camps of homeless. (Photo: Art Taylor for California Globe)

And think about this – people all across California are taking vacations and camping – in the heat right now. Californians and visitors make camping reservations annually – sometimes one year in advance – at California State Parks  and California’s National Parks

The City of Sacramento is getting hit from all sides on the homeless issue – largely because of their own ridiculous, inconsistent policies.

As the Globe reported, Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho announced about 10 days ago that his office is gathering evidence and assessing whether or not the city violated laws pertaining to the growing homeless encampments within the city.

Prior to that, last month, the Globe reported that DA Ho sent District 4 City Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela an inquiry following Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Bowman’s letter to Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg outlining the growing unsafe conditions at the county courthouse because of so many homeless vagrants camping and loitering at the courthouse, and imploring the Mayor for help.

Judge Bowman said courthouse security have had to remove the homeless drug addicts and mentally ill from the courthouse daily, and remove feces, other junk and waste. KFBK radio reported the judge said employees, attorneys, jurors, trial witnesses and the public at the County Courthouse are unsafe because of the homeless yelling at them, assaulting, confronting, accosting and intimidating them, and are even forced to witness public sex acts – all taking place outside of the courthouse.

And, as the Globe just reported, the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management on Thursday reports that 54% of homeless people in the city decline shelter, a figure that has been touted by many as helping explain why San Francisco’s homeless problem has gotten worse in recent years.

As for the “dangerous” summer temperatures, the propaganda is stunning. The media and climate change alarmists are now claiming that Sacramento summer temperatures in the 90’s are dangerous?

Now that Summer has finally arrived in California, many of these shameless green agenda forecasters are warning of a “dangerously hot” summer. Hardly.

As we continually report, California summers are atmospherically normal.

So we went back decades to show the temperatures using NOAA data.

In July 1973, Sacramento’s hottest day was 107 degrees; 1983 was 104 °F; 1993 was 106 °F; 2013 was 109 °F, and so on. The highest temperature recorded in Sacramento, California in 1920 was 108 °F – before air conditioning.

As the Globe reported last summer, between 1972 and 1992, over 20 years, every summer in Sacramento was in the triple digits, and there were four summers that had days hotter than 110 degrees.

The highest temperature recorded in Sacramento, California in 1877 was 103 °F which happened on Jul 12.

As many energy experts note, heat waves are not unprecedented in California in the summer.

The humane decision for Sacramento’s homeless – who have shown they are incapable of taking proper care of themselves for myriad reasons – would be to order them into cooling centers… unless the goal is to kill some of them off in the heat, and then use their deaths to prove summer heat is killing people.

But to imagine that people could be that cruel just makes my head hurt. So what is the real goal with Sacramento’s homeless – and are just they political pawns, or people who deserve real help?

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11 thoughts on “Media Warn CA Residents to Stay Indoors over ‘Extreme Heat’ as Federal Judge Orders Homeless to Stay on Streets

  1. Unfortunately, the homeless have become political pawns who really need help.
    The help they need is being ignored. This problem could be solved in good order and in a timely manner.
    Unfortunately, the politicians and city administrators do not want to make the hard calls.
    Each city and county should set up triage centers, then contact all immediate family. If returning these individuals to family is not an option. They then become ward of the states and placed in a mental institution or drug rehab or transitional housing if they do not suffer from an affliction.
    This state has property that could be used as a temporary housing to triage. There are also empty business buildings to facilitate mental health care.
    The problem is the man power, many social workers would be needed.
    Another obstacle is the red tape. Money is not the issue as we have seen 23 billion dollars wasted on failed programs.
    This has ballooned into a bigger problem than it had to be. This state chose to designate it as only a housing problem. The rest of us who are witness to this crisis know that is not the root cause.

  2. We must nave cooling equity!
    You must stay outside!
    Buy an electric car!
    Don’t charge your electric car!
    We need more cigarette tax money!
    Don’t smoke!
    You must being racist!
    You must hire people based on race!
    Ah, California

  3. Judge Troy Nunley was nominated by Obama to the Federal District Court so his issuance of a temporary restraining order against the City of Sacramento to stop the clearing of homeless camps is not surprising? He’s a deep-state stooge who is just furthering the agenda of his Democrat and WEF globalist masters? Sadly, it seems that the homeless are just political pawns who are abused mainly by Democrat politicians to enrich the homeless industrial complex (non-profits, NGOs and consultants, etc.) as Katy Grimes has documented in numerous articles?

  4. Seems to me that nothing short of criminal indictments of politicians and officials will have any effect at this point. These unserious, self-dealing politicians and public officials are charged with and duty-bound to credibly address and manage the hell that has been unfolding for years on our streets, but have instead abandoned their public responsibilities in favor of drinking at the gushing fire hose of homeless industrial complex money. As much as we try to keep our own minds and souls intact by denying their utter cruelty (guilty!), we must face the harsh reality that the people in power are perfectly willing to enrich themselves on the backs of the tortured souls living in their own filth and horrors on our city streets. And, unbelievable as it seems, they only want to make the problem worse.

    Because we have been repeatedly told that such indictments cannot happen, for a number of reasons that sound like excuses, and because we have unfortunately come to see that the state of California has become thoroughly CORRUPT (so who do we turn to?) apparently this completely unacceptable, shamefully lawless, sickeningly disgusting, and horribly inhumane homeless/vagrant situation will only continue, worsen, and grow, and with no end in sight.

    1. In the meantime I 100% support Samantha’s idea from yesterday’s Sacramento vagrant article that we park the homeless/vagrant population on public streets in front of the private houses of all of the virtue-signaling politicians who support and profit from this endless nightmare and who think the public should just deal with it for the rest of our lives. I used to think Samantha’s comment was an amusing tongue-in-check suggestion to make a point. Now I think it is a real solution; at least a partial one. After all, what could the objection possibly be?

  5. All of this “climate” hysteria is front-running for the World Economic Forum’s “climate change”/Great Reset/Agenda 2030 central control planning that they’re racing to implement…
    IBM-controlled “The Weather Channel” is now running propaganda videos to advance the WEF narrative, with climate lockdown’s being discussed if they can’t float another plandemic (which they’re also starting to do, as well…)

  6. “And think about this – people all across California are taking vacations and camping…”

    Which should not be confused with the misleading “camper” label the media and others use to describe transient drug addicts. Transient drug addicts are not campers. They’re vagrant squatters.

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