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CA District Attorneys Outraged Over Zero Bail Release of Violent Parolee and Murder of Sacramento Woman and Her Dogs

DAs urge rejection of zero bail legislation

By Katy Grimes, September 8, 2021 12:55 pm

“A “homeless” transient guy out on the streets despite his recent violation of parole, has been arrested for raping and murdering a Sacramento woman in the Land Park neighborhood Friday, killing her dogs and setting her house on fire,” the Globe reported Monday.

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Troy Davis, 51 (aka Troy Davies), a parolee at large, was also let out on zero bail in June for stealing a car, even with his long history of violent crimes, and having recently been in prison for a violent felony.

Tuesday, the 3,500 prosecutors in the California District Attorneys Association confirmed that the suspect accused of the horrific sexual assault and brutal murder of the Sacramento woman on Friday September 3, 2021, was released from prison following felony convictions in 2017 and 2018 for assault with a deadly weapon and robbery, committed more crimes in June, and then was released again because of “zero bail” policies.

The suspect, Troy Davis, was charged Tuesday by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office with sexually assaulting and murdering the victim, killing her two dogs, and setting fire to her home in the Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento.

“He was released on ‘zero bail’ after committing a new felony despite having prior convictions and prison time for multiple violent felonies,” Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reiseg posted on Facebook. “Shortly thereafter, he randomly targeted a woman in her home, raped her, killed her two dogs, murdered her and lit her house on fire. This horrific crime could have been avoided. He should have never been released on zero bail. Bail reform is appropriate as long as judges always have discretion to hold violent criminals in custody. When ‘reforms’ go too far, this is the nightmare. God rest her soul.”

Vern Pierson, El Dorado County District Attorney, President CDAA. (Photo: El Dorado DA)

“None of these appalling crimes would likely have occurred had this person been behind bars where he belonged,” said Vern Pierson, president of CDAA. Pierson said the shocking murder was just the most recent example why the Legislature should reject Senate Bill 262, an overhaul of the state’s bail system, scheduled for a vote on the Assembly floor later this week.

These are the consequences of the zero bail movement and the consequences of defunding police, a member of law enforcement told the Globe.

Zero bail was rejected by California voters in 2020, but introduced as legislation in January 2021 by Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Los Angeles) as Senate Bill 262, ironically named the “Safe and Resilient Communities Act.”

“While CDAA remains committed to sensible bail reform, SB 262 is a fatally flawed measure,” Pierson said. “We had worked with Senator Hertzberg in the hopes of crafting a measure that would not sacrifice public safety in trying to create a better bail system. Unfortunately, this bill utterly fails to achieve that goal.”

Among the many deficiencies CDAA identified in SB 262 is language creating an “ability to pay” provision that would allow those with substantial financial resources to be eligible for “zero bail” simply by claiming that bail would be a hardship—without any verification of their finances, the CDAA press statement said. “Worse, the bill would allow an offender with one or more prior convictions for felony offenses, no matter how recent those convictions, to be eligible for zero bail.”

“You could drive a semi-truck through the loopholes in SB 262—all of which will put more dangerous criminals back on our streets. It’s past time for our elected representatives to put the rights and protection of law-abiding Californians ahead of reckless, so-called reforms like those contained in this bill,” Pierson said.

You can read the Globe’s reporting on “Transient Parolee Sexually Assaults, Murders Woman, Kills Her Dogs before Lighting Sacramento Home on Fire,” here.

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9 thoughts on “CA District Attorneys Outraged Over Zero Bail Release of Violent Parolee and Murder of Sacramento Woman and Her Dogs

  1. The judge is as guilty as the evil criminal if they are going to release these felons on society than they need to be accountable for what they do. I don’t believe in defunding the police however the police wouldn’t of stopped this event from happening. In the real world the police show up after the fact. the victims family needs to bring up a civil lawsuit and the Judge needs to be kicked out of are Court system. We have to be able to defend ourselves. The 2nd amendment is crucial and any attack on our 2nd amendment rights should be a crime.

  2. The voters rejected this in 2020 ! A lawsuit needs to be filed, my vote matters an NO politician has a right to say otherwise !

  3. It is outrageous that this continues to go on. The voters continually shut these policies down, yet these depraved legislators find another avenue to pursue the dystopian world they want to be a part of! This is not how a functioning society continues to survive but I suppose that is the end game for these depraved, marxist DA’s like Boudin and Gascon! It borders on evil.

    A commenter on the original story was compelled to say the representation of your reporting was meant to enrage the readership and do harm to the surviving family. That could not be further from the truth. Our Justice system has been reduced to rubble with early release, Prop 47, Prop 57 and cash bail “reform”!
    Lack of law enforcement is what ENRAGES me!
    An innocent life being taken, ENRAGES me.
    A mother, friend, neighbor, sister, auntie being brutally raped, tortured and killed, ENRAGES me.

    We as a society can honor her life by not allowing the loosening of our laws to continue.
    We as a society can remember who the true victims are.
    Not the criminal who is “forced” to stay in jail because of cash bail.
    Not the criminal who was released early for the fear they may catch a virus.
    Not the repeat criminal who had a hard life.
    Not the druggie who wanted quick cash….

    Write your legislators.
    VOTE YES TO RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM, the chief criminal enabler!

    1. YES, ABSOLUTELY, 100% YES!
      Also so glad the force of the CA District Attys Association is yelling about this outrage. It matters.
      Stink up your legislators’ offices with your emails and phone calls. They work for YOU.

    2. Right on CaliGirl. May we as a society remember this poor ladies end to life so we can continue to use our rage in order to make a change to CA law and back door politics! I pray her family and friends find peace. This was a horrific preventable attack on an innocent woman in her own home. WE SHOULD BE ENRAGED!


  4. Where is Noisome? Steinberg? Pelosi? Biden? Harris? Do they know or care or are they too busy re-arraigning the deck chairs on the SS Newsom? There is an iceberg on the horizon and it spells doom for the Democrats.

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