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In California’s major cities, homicides rose by roughly 17 percent in the last year. Homicides in Los Angeles reached their highest total in 15 years. (Photo: Eva Carre/Shutterstock)

Sacramento’s 50th Murder of 2022: Dangerous Times in the Capitol City

San Francisco does not have our gun violence and Chicago does not have our transients

By Katy Grimes, October 24, 2022 2:26 am

An older man who had a regular weekly pinochle game outside the Sutter Lawn Tennis Club in East Sacramento was robbed and murdered at gunpoint Thursday, ostensibly for the cash from the game between friends. He was shot in the face despite handing over the money.

The murder of 70-year-old Charles Starzynski was number #49 this year in the Capitol city.

Murder number #50 was the following night.

A shooting murder took place outside a Grant High School and Monterey Trail High School football game Friday night in Sacramento.

“San Francisco does not have our gun violence and Chicago does not have our transients,” observed a public safety expert who asked to remain anonymous.

Sacramento likely has far more than the acknowledged 11,200 homeless transients living on the streets. Illegal guns used in violent crimes is also reflected in the crime statistics by the Sacramento Police Department.

Sacramento had 58 homicides in 2021 – a 31% increase over the 44 homicides in 2020, the Globe reported last year.

In 2021, there were 752 shooting reports in Sacramento – a 25% increase over 2020.

The Sacramento Police Department said there were 256 victims shot in 2021 – a 17% increase in victims shot over the 219 shot in 2020.

11 California cities made the 100 most dangerous cities in the country list for 2021, and listed the most dangerous/violent cities in the state based on FBI data.

In 2021, Land Park resident Kate Tibbitts was brutally murdered in her home by “homeless” transient Troy Davis, out on the streets despite his recent parole violation. He raped and murdered Tibbitts, killing her dogs and setting her house on fire,” the Globe reported. Tibbitts’ horrific murder remains a fresh imprint on locals’s psyche, but seems to be an inconvenient memory for local politicians.

Another horrific attempted murder just took place in Los Angeles.

While walking her dogs, a Los Angeles woman was just brutally raped by a transient man released from jail hours earlier. Marissa Young recalls trying to bite off attacker’s penis, the Blaze reported. Look at her brutal injuries – her face is unrecognizable.

“Everyone should know this story. A woman is brutally raped and beaten by a transient, who was just released from jail. Black man, white woman with two small, senior dogs, stranger rape. All very rare – so similar to Kate Tibbetts, except this woman survived,” the public safety friend noted.

Locals want to know how many more brutal murders, rapes, beatings and other senseless violent crimes residents of the Capitol City will be subjected to before local elected officials start addressing the public safety of the citizens of the city and county, and stop pandering to local anti-police, anti-criminal justice activists.

Sacramento police tracked down Charles Starzynski’s killer to the South Area of Sacramento:

KCRA reported:

“23-year-old Desean Brasser Jr. as a suspect in the shooting.

He was located near Shoal Court in the Pocket area of Sacramento after a chase led to a SWAT standoff and was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on homicide and robbery charges, police said.”

This is common place in Sacramento now – except residents can’t believe that it is commonplace.

In September, a friend reported to the Globe that one of his friends was attacked at a downtown Shell gas station when a deranged drug addict attempted to rob the station. Two women clerks were cornered. His friend used a taser on the transient, but the transient used a belt to strike him in the side of the head, splitting it open. The transient was arrested.

To date, the overwhelming criminal event was the April 2022 gang shooting in which six people were killed and 10 were wounded, turning several blocks near the State Capitol into a massive crime scene. Three arrests were initially made in this shooting.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s reaction to the shooting was to blame guns, as did Governor Gavin Newsom. Both seized the opportunity to call for even stricter gun control laws, never addressing that their own policies are contributing to the escalating violence and murders of innocent people.

The Globe has been reporting that California’s alarming cocktail of criminal justice “reforms” are responsible for the state’s ongoing crime wave. And the politicians ignore that they are responsible for these phony “reforms.” They are far from reforms and are instead unraveling California’s criminal justice laws, passed to keep the citizenry safe from criminals.

The California Legislature and Gov. Gavin Newsom have been pushing more gun control laws, releasing prison inmates “for good behavior” and not for fulfilling the terms of their sentences, and closing prisons. These people end up on the streets among the homeless transients.

Mayor Steinberg imprudently pursues “housing first” homeless policies rather than putting the funding into a large campus where homeless can be taken to fulfill the “bed” requirement for rousting their illegal camps, triaged and treated. The City and County of Sacramento could fund one facility and make a difference in how the homeless transients are handled.

Spiking crime and a growing homeless transient population is government-created through wrongheaded policies and laws. But it is not insurmountable. It takes elected officials who recognize that what they have done up to this point is futile and cruel, to make the changes.

Read more about the “criminal justice reforms” which have undermined law and order, and public safety in California here.

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6 thoughts on “Sacramento’s 50th Murder of 2022: Dangerous Times in the Capitol City

  1. “He was shot in the face despite handing over the money.” About the 70 year old man who was found shot dead by his friend before their weekly game of pinochle outside the Sutter Law Tennis Club; Murder #49. Imagine stumbling upon that scene. Murder #50 occurred THE NEXT NIGHT outside of a HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME. Incidents that are now unfortunately NOT AT ALL unusual.
    If voters cannot connect this horrendous situation in Sacramento (and elsewhere) to feckless and (I say) malevolent Democrat leadership, what on earth would wake them up to make the connection? We MUST vote to install entirely different leadership where insane power-mongering Dems are on the ballot. WHO today would vote Democrat like a robot, thinking you are “doing good” when the evidence of Dem-destruction is all around you? Every day? Have you allowed yourself to be so fully brainwashed to hate Republicans that you simply cannot see the devastating result of your vote? Or are you so shamefully uninformed that you allowed yourself to be hypnotized at yesterday’s debate by the obnoxious, lying rantings and sociopathic attacks of Gavin Newsom, the worst governor California EVER?
    Remember the Dem rallying cry “it’s the economy, stupid?” Well, the Repub rallying cry this election should be “It’s the Democrat policies, stupid!” Every sensible voter MUST vote to overwhelm any cheating. Republicans, vote Republican. Independents, vote Republican. Democrats, vote Republican. WAKE UP.

    1. Sorry, my awkward phrasing made it sound like the 70 year old murder victim was shot by his friend. NO. He was shot (in the face) by a filthy armed robber after which he was FOUND by the friend he played cards with. 23 year old Desean Brasser is the suspect in the shooting and was picked up after a chase and SWAT standoff in south Sacramento the day after the murder.

      1. Question: You know what is interesting about that last fact you stated of the suspect?
        [ …23 year old Desean Brasser is the suspect in the shooting and was picked up after a chase and SWAT standoff]
        Answer: My local news reported the stand off but NOT what led up to it, a horrific murder of an innocent man!

        1. Wow, Cali Girl, that is shocking. So once again we have to rely on Katy Grimes and CA Globe to find out that a HORRIBLE, SENSELESS MURDER was behind it. Seems to me local news outlets down here in SoCal too have kept us in the dark about what led up to a chase, standoff, etc., while covering every minute of the chase or the standoff. But such is the state of local news reporting these days in California, isn’t it. Not every outlet, but most. Sigh!

  2. It is so bad the evening local news has to plow through the nights murders, and has no time left for community news.
    “Doom-scrolling at 6Pm”

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