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Woman in polling station, voting in a booth with US flag in background. (Photo: vesperstock/Shutterstock)

Vote Angry – Proudly

California voters, if you are not angry you are not paying attention

By Thomas Buckley, November 7, 2022 3:57 pm

The angry voter is good for politicians, but bad for democracy.

The angry voter is too stupid to understand the issues and must fall back on blind rage to make a decision.

The angry voter is coming from a place of hate, not calm consideration, and is therefore, by definition, their vote should be seen as less valid.

The angry voter is a red faced, red assed, red hot, red meat, red-blooded retrograde redneck, and therefore incapable of making a rational decision.

The angry voter is a child throwing a temper tantrum, disqualifying them from the right to participate in their own governance – the famous 1994 tirade of Canadian ninth-grade drop-out Peter Jennings can be heard here.

Those are the bigoted dismissive degrading tropes and memes and cliches tossed about by the greasy Sacramento Blob and its media enablers whenever it appears an election might not quite go their way.  It is part of an effort to explain any result that doesn’t reinforce their power – we’re good but they’re too consumed with irrational primordial hate to see that.  To whit:

How rage turned into a tactic in local politics

At California gas station, Republicans woo voters angry over fuel prices – but it’s complicated

Voters are angry. That’s good for turnout — but bad for democracy | Opinion

If you vote angry when it comes to the issue of abortion, you are a determined fighter of the good fight.  If you vote angry for any other reason it is the equivalent of screaming at your four-year-old in the supermarket for not being able to solve differential equations; in other words, it is an unrespectable anger that is at best grossly misplaced if not entirely unhinged.

Well, to be blunt:  To hell with that.

California voters have the right to be angry and the duty to vote angry.  In other words, if you are not angry you are not paying attention.  A brief look at the issues facing the once-golden State shows that to be true:

  • The pandemic: from the devastation caused by Governor Newsom’s still-extant emergency powers order actions to the simply evil actions of the state’s teacher unions to the economic destruction to severed friendships no one can possibly argue that COVID was properly handled.
  • Crime: ballooning criminal activity tied in part to purposefully lax district attorneys, the defund the police movement, a legislature hell bent on making sure no one goes to jail for anything to local law enforcement agencies being put in an impossible bind by politicians telling them to stand down to the LAPD telling people not to wear fancy watches in public to organized gangs of looters to the horrible thing that just happened in your neighborhood (crime is so rampant we just know this is true without having to be more specific.)
  • Drugs and the Border:  Chinese fentanyl (and criminals and gangs and human traffickers and terrorists) coming over the open border with Mexico is flooding the streets, fueling a massive spike in overdose deaths.

All of these – or even just one of these – are issues that justify righteous and proper and considered anger.

But the Sacramento blob and our Bay Area overlords react to the public’s concerns with a repellence only matched by that of a cheating spouse who simply stares at you and says “So what? What’s the big deal?”  

The justifiable anger afoot in the state is dismissed with a contemptuous “get over it – we know best – and we’ll probably win anyway, so shut up” wave of the hand.

Anger is not inherently bad.  Anger can be a warning of danger, a reaction to a particular threat.  Harnessed anger can be a very positive thing for a society and should not be rejected out of hand or denigrated as a meaningless sign of neanderthal thinking.

Anger can be a force for good, especially when it is targeted appropriately at people and institutions that are causing such bedrock damage to the state.

And – no matter how it is portrayed by the media and the Blob – angry voting is not random or incoherent.  Voting is a specific intentional act intended to change the body politic.  It is the direct expression of the will of the citizenry.  It is a core ability of the people to shape a better future for themselves and their family.

And never forget, the Blob and the San Francistocracy only pretend to dismiss angry voting because they cannot control it and, more importantly, because they know the anger is directed squarely at them and are terrified something might actually change.

So proudly vote for change, proudly vote for accountability, proudly vote for transparency, proudly vote for  a better future.

Proudly vote angry.

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10 thoughts on “Vote Angry – Proudly

  1. I will proudly vote angry.
    As my name states I am fed up but I do not give up!
    In person I will vote, red faced, red nails and red clothing!
    Let’s Go California!
    It is time for change, let’s take our state back from the oligarchs!

  2. Uhhm you forgot about the wildfires and air pollution that’s so bad at times it’s the worst in the world. Total destruction of wildlife in our rivers, lakes and streams from water mismanagement. Atrocious road conditions. Trash everywhere (pollution). High taxes. Over regulation, especially on businesses. And selective law enforcement – ignore the homeless shooting up illegal drugs while ticketing commuters speeding to get to work on time.

  3. Many of us native Californians are very angry about how Democrats have destroyed the once golden state of California with their leftist policies. We will be channeling that anger in the mid-term elections by voting against Democrats.

  4. Samantha, I really hope you’re right. I was born and raised in California. I’ve never felt unsafe in my hometown until my last long visit. Masses and masses of people need to vote against the Democrats so that our numbers overwhelm cheaters like the LA County Clerk who shut down the Gascon recall. Republicans chose such a weak candidate to run against Newsom that we’ll be forced to endure his arrogant, smirky, oily presence for another term. I’m praying for many upsets to happen to Ds this election. 🤞🏼

  5. This is my ‘last hurrah’ California election. If there are no changes in the statewide and local election results, if Democrats retain a super majority in the state legislature, I am gone. Goodbye California. IF I see progress, i.e., Republican and Independent candidates winning in SIGNIFICANT numbers, I might hang around a while longer.

  6. Good article on the subtle manipulation of opinion by the media.
    This powerful opinion forming cartel is slowly losing its power and effectiveness.
    Social media has been exposed for its manipulative behavior and subscriptions to papers is way down!
    There is hope Raymond, stick around and fight the good fight.

  7. We’re kinda in Raymond’s camp – this outcome will have a bearing on our self-interest…
    On the one hand, this is home and the best weather in the nation, but if we’re continually going to be lab-rats for the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030, we have to consider our own economic and basic safety needs for continued economic liberty and freedom…
    Watching this one closely….

    Vote IN-PERSON and TODAY and surrender those “cheat by mail” ballots….send a message…

  8. Great advice Critical, I think that is what my mom and I will do.
    I explained to her that simply NOT voting for certain positions (ie; Gov. etc )
    is the same as voting for ‘expected selected’ candidate.

  9. How do we get rid of the “jungle primary”?
    I’m thinking a “New California”, a separate state is sounding better and better. Coastal Democrat elites bossing around us rural folk? Democrats, who worry about how big a sow’s “birthing” pen is, so the sow doesn’t squash the “baby” pigs??? ALSO demanding the “right” to kill HUMAN BABIES, so that “right” must be inserted into the state constitution? Wasn’t “right to privacy” the original point of Roe v Wade? How do we suddenly NOT have a right to privacy with our doctors to discuss Covid, vaccines, and treatments??
    How do Democrats not question these insane paradoxes???

  10. Didn’t vote and it felt OK. Only issue that matters is the stopping Covid regulations. But can’t even kick out that stupid county supervisor, Hilda Solis. Solis, Khuel, and that other black supervisor supported Ferrer and basically imposed the most terrible Covid regulations and restrictions. So I didn’t vote because if I did so, it’ll make them think that we’re distracted by other issues.

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