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California Assembly Chambers. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

2022, The Year of Diversions: Gov. Newsom Clings to Covid Powers, Climate Lies, and More

CA Globe headlines tell what really happened in 2022

By Katy Grimes, December 31, 2022 2:30 am

Instead of an overview of the year that was 2022, I thought I’d re-post important California Globe headlines and the links to the articles.

These story headlines tell us all what really happened in 2022 in California – politics, spending, the mandates and regulations, and constitutional abuses. Notably, Governor Gavin Newsom even vetoed a bill to limit his Covid emergency powers which he first declared in March 2020; Newsom maintains emergency powers more than 1,000 days, and nearly 3 years later.

Sir Winston Churchill warned us, “evils can be created much quicker than they can be cured.” He must have been anticipating the California Governor and elected members of the Legislature in 2022 when he said, “To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day.”

We strive every day to bring you the truth as we obsessively chronicle everything political throughout the state of California. Click on any headline for the article. And please, share your thoughts in the comments section.

Let’s move on to the Globe headlines of 2022:

Newsom’s Latest Criminal Pardons of 10 More Makes 140 Total Since 2019

Alameda County Board of Supervisors Vote 4-0 To Ban Criminal Background Checks For Housing

Ceaseless CA Dept. of Public Health Commercials Push Covid Boosters, Testing, Masking Up

Homeless Advocates Attempt To Halt San Francisco Encampment Removals By Emergency Order

Oakland City Council Reinstates Indoor Public Masking Mandate

California Reparations Plan is Rooted in Stupidity and Historical Lies

LA Motel Owners Fight Back Against Mayor Bass’ Homeless Housing Plans

Biden Isn’t Fighting to Preserve Title 42, He’s Fighting to Preserve the Power of the CDC

Doctors Without Ethical Borders

Senator Weiner Reintroduces Psychedelic Drug Decriminalization bill

Politics and Public Health Agencies Behind Latest Round of Covid Hysteria

Judge Blocks Major Part of California Gun Control Bill

New Report: University Policies Fail to Protect Jewish Students from Antisemitism

Lancaster City Council Declares State Of Emergency Over LA Mayor Karen Bass Homeless Plans

Lawsuit Filed to Halt Removal of Northern CA Klamath River Hydroelectric Dams

Los Angeles City Council Meeting Falls Into Chaos Following Brief Entrance of Kevin De Leon

Gov. Newsom Blames GOP, Biden Administration For Current Migrant Crisis During Visit To Border

California’s Homeless Hustle is a House of Cards

Assemblyman Fong Brings Back Bill to Suspend Gas Taxes for One Year

California High Speed Rail: Low Speed Fail

Control vs. Science: California Govt. Medical Tyrants Agitating for Mask Mandates

California Was Just Named One Of The Worst Judicial Hellholes In The Nation – Again

Details Of The Legislative Staff Unionization Legislation

Businesses Across California Brace For Minimum Wage Increase January 1

Will Gov. Newsom’s ‘Sweeping’ Climate Change Legislation Save the Planet?

While California Burns, Politicians Fiddle: One Rancher’s Story

New LA Ordinance Requires Retail Workers Get Work Schedules Two Weeks In Advance

CA GOP Candidate Josh Hoover Defeats Assemblyman Ken Cooley in Assembly 7th District Election

Newsom Vows No White House Run in 2024… Sort Of

California’s EDD Continues to Borrow Hundreds of Millions – about $13 million PER DAY – To Meet its Obligations

Politicians and Media are Trying to Foist Another Covid Winter on America

California Appellate Court Panel Strikes Down SDUSD Appeal Of Vaccine Mandate Ban

Kevin Kiley Wins CA 3rd District House Race Against Kermit Jones

Totality of California’s Proposed COVID Laws Would be Most Aggressive In the Nation

Tehama County Sheriff’s Department To Cut All Daytime Patrols

Gov. Newsom Relying on Politics and Deceit over CA’s High Gas Prices

57.7 % – That’s How Many Californians Officially Don’t Care

Californians Vote for Inflation, More Crime, Water Shortages, High Gas Prices, and Abortion

National Democratic Leadership Denounces Gov. Newsom Over ‘Getting Crushed On Narrative’ Remark

California’s Blue City Crime Wave is On the Ballot

California Lost Double The Number Of Companies In 2021 Than Previous Year New Report Finds

Californians Inundated with Mask and Vax ads by CA Dept. of Public Health

California, 4th Largest Economy in the World, Ranks Among 10 Worst in US for High Taxes

Gov. Newsom’s Blatant Dishonesty on California Public School Test Scores

Snap Becomes Latest Company to Leave San Francisco Amid Office Pullout in City

California Hogs and Chickens Enjoy More Protections Than Unborn Babies

Sen. Scott Wiener Invites Us to Pumpkin Carving Drag Queen Event

Lawsuit Filed to Halt ‘Cancel-Culturalists’ Name Change of UC Hastings College of the Law

Nury Martinez Resigns As LA City Council President Following Audio of Racist Comments

California Pastor Chastises Gov. Newsom for Bible Verse on Abortion Billboards

CA Sen. Shannon Grove Schools Gov. Newsom on Democrats’ High Gas/Oil Costs

Unemployment Fraud Climbs to $32 Billion with No Accountability in Sight

San Francisco Office Occupancy Still Under 40% Despite Ending Mask Mandate

Gov. Newsom Signs AB 2693: Employer Mandatory COVID Reporting

Gov. Newsom Allocates $200M for Abortion Travel & Care, Legalizes Infanticide

Newsom Vetoes Bill To Prohibit Foreign Governments From Buying CA Agricultural Land

Gov. Newsom Vetoes Bill to Limit his Emergency Powers

California Physician Issues Warning About Bill to Punish Physicians for ‘Unprofessional Conduct

Gap Announces Mass Layoffs in SF, NY Corporate Offices

Will Gov. Newsom’s ‘Sweeping’ Climate Change Legislation Save the Planet?

CPUC Passes New Policy Ending All New Gasline Subsidies In Favor of All-Electric Homes

Gov. Newsom Calls on DOJ to Charge Florida and Texas Govs with ‘Kidnapping’ for Shipping Immigrants Out of State

Newsom Places Ads For New California Abortion Website in Seven Red States

CA Teachers Union Did Oppo Research on Parents Who Wanted Schools to Reopen During COVID

Entire SLO County DAs Office Recused from 2020 Black Lives Matter Protest Arrest Case

Sacramento Drug-Addicted Transients Taking Over Neighborhoods While City Fiddles

4 Million Residents in LA County Facing Outdoor Watering Ban until September 20th

Gov. Newsom Signs Legislation to Unionize CA’s 556,000 Fast Food Workers

‘Extreme’ Weather Hysteria is Latest Crisis

Latest Attack on Proposed Sites Reservoir – Not Enough Water

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s In-Laws Fled California for Florida During Covid

Lawmakers Just Passed Two Bills to Punish Physicians and Curtail Free Speech

Two Gun Control Bills Fail on Final Day of 2022 California Legislative Session

Sacramento Starbucks Closes Over Crime and Safety Issues

Through the Green Looking Glass at California’s Electrical Grid

Sen. Hertzberg Warned He Would Bring the Zero-Bail Bill Back – And He Just Did

California to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Vehicles in just 13 Years

Amendment to Hold Drug Dealers Accountable for Fentanyl Deaths Rejected by Senate Democrats

Gov. Newsom Signs Bill to Re-define State’s Open Meeting Act

Senate Votes Down Amendment to Bill To Make Human Trafficking a Serious, Violent Felony

Three Courts Rule Against Gov. Newsom, State Govt. in Covid Business Lockdown Orders

Why is Gov. Newsom Pushing Stricter Climate and Energy Goals?

Sacramento ‘Antifa’ Teacher Indoctrinating Students in Marxism/Communism Receives 3 years’ Pay to Resign

Union Sponsored AB 5 Hits Independent Truckers

Sen. Scott Wiener Chosen as Chairman of Senate Select Committee on Monkeypox

After Killing Delta Tunnels in 2019, Gov. Newsom Resurrects the Behemoth Jobs Project

Disney Pays the Price for Woke Activism

California’s Oil and Gas Workers Send Warning to States About Newsom’s Devastating Energy Policies

The Possible 2024 Presidential Run of Governor Gavin Newsom

AG Bonta Restricts Four More States for State-Funded Travel Over Anti-LGBTQ Policies

The California Nanny State Invades Household Kitchens

Calif. Attorney General Leaks Names and Addresses of State’s Legal Gun Owners Following SCOTUS Gun Ruling

AB 2098: CA Doctors Who Spread COVID ‘Misinformation’ Risk Losing License to Practice

Calif. Assembly Passes Abortion Rights Constitutional Amendment Bill for Nov. Ballot

Gov. Newsom and Democrats Fast-Track New Gun Control Bills

California Tops Nation’s Highest Gas Prices at $6.43 Per Gallon

Tulare County DA Warns of Fallout with Reduced Sentences for Gang Crimes

Why Did Gov. Newsom Sign Climate Deal With New Zealand?

EXCLUSIVE: California Globe Interview With 45th President Donald Trump

Bill to let 12-Year Olds Get Vaccine Without Parental Consent Passes State Senate

California Refuses to Give Up ‘Woke Math’

California’s Under-21 Firearms Sale Ban Overturned in 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

California Legislature Continues to Restrict Lobbyist and Public Access to Capitol Hearings

AB 2777: ‘The Sexual Abuse Cover Up Accountability Act’

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Pulled For K-12 Students Until July 2023

California Public School Enrollment Drops by Another 110,000 Students – Fifth Decline in a Row

Judge Tosses Out California Law Mandating Diversity Quotas on Boards

Mayor and Governor Blame Gun Violence When 6 are Killed, 10 Injured in Downtown Sacramento Shooting

California’s Water Crisis Lingers as Gov. Newsom Vacations in Costa Rica

Sen. Portantino Authors Bill to Force Parents to Disclose Guns in the Home

Political Vendetta or ‘Public Nuisance’: Santa Barbara Chick-fil-A Under Fire

The Expanding Housing Crisis: Affordable, Attainable, or Impossible?

Calif. Senate Clings to Mask Mandate Even as Gov. Announces He’s Dropping It

Gavin Newsom’s Lithium Valley – Spinning Yet Another Field of Dreams

New Wealth Tax Proposal in California in Assembly Bill 2289

San Francisco Voters Recall Three School Board Members With Over 70% of the Vote Each

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, Celebrities Shown Attending Super Bowl Sans Required Masks

‘MaskGate’ and the Unserious Politicians Mocking the People of California

BLM Shuts Down Online Fundraising in California, Washington Following State AG Warnings

Oakland Votes to Require Proof of Vaccination at Restaurants, Businesses Starting February 1st

Bill To Convert Municipal Golf Courses to Affordable Housing Killed In Assembly Committee

Gov. Newsom Shocked California Looks Like ‘a Third World Country’

Two Years in, Gov. Newsom Announces Another $2.7 Billion COVID-19 Emergency Response Package

CA State Water Board Announces Mandatory Water Restrictions For 2022

This isn’t every story, but you get the idea. We have our work cut out for us in 2023, and here is one reason why: “Liberals don’t care what you do so long as it’s compulsory,” William F. Buckley, Jr. warned us.

Have a very Happy New Year.

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19 thoughts on “2022, The Year of Diversions: Gov. Newsom Clings to Covid Powers, Climate Lies, and More

  1. “To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day.”

    Yes, indeed. All the Best for a Happy New Year to the Globe staff and contributors. Thanks for a great 2022 of Truth over Lies!

  2. It’s great to see some conservative news for a change! It’s so rare lately. Most of the time it is just mainstream government controlled liberal media spewing only propaganda!!!!! Thanks for not being afraid to publish the truth! Keep it coming!

  3. Thank you for this, Katy Grimes. The past year’s Globe headlines tell the story better than anything else possibly could of an extremely difficult 2022 when it seems more Californians than ever were personally affected by the dysfunction of the state coupled with the deep distress of suspecting, and with good reason, that our votes may count less than they ever have before. All brought to us by the malevolence of our arrogant, narcissistic governor as well as a destructive gang of other leftist politicians and bureaucrats, who are always more than willing, ready, and able to jam the jackboot on our necks.
    Perhaps in 2023, helped along by all of our hard work, real involvement, practical participation, and maybe some ‘quirks of history’ and good luck thrown in, too, we could possibly see the beginning of a turnaround in our beloved once-Golden State. Who knows, but it would be a wonderful thing, wouldn’t it. Happy New Year.

  4. Wow, Katy! You have a gift for shining a spotlight on California’s plight! Everything in the dark, will be brought to
    the light! Just today, Judge halts State (CA) negotiating fast-food, union contract; power outages hit thousands in California; electric vehicle batteries fail in extreme cold and warnings to park away from structures because they might spontaneously erupt in fire; Newsom makes cameo at Southern Border with no solutions…doesn’t offer Natl Guard troops to help curb the flow of immigration, prevents ICE access to those being released from jail, San Diego receives 1,000 with beds for only 600 county homeless; mustn’t forget ‘No-Bid’ contracts for
    masks (China owned company?) and Blue Shield (campaign donor); CA push to reduce/eliminate sentence for
    pedophiles to harm children, open air drugs markets, legal prostitution…in addition to CRT/Trans/vaxx without
    parental approval. Mass exodus (2022- additional 113,000), lost Congressional seat; Election/Covid censorship by Big Tech, questionable campaign donors (ie. Soros). Newsom’s loyalty to foreign entity (WEF/UN), enacting agenda 2030 (unconstitutional and treason?)… Light at the end of the tunnel ‘New California’ kicks off with 29 counties and climbing! Won’t be long before there’s a new calendar as well, beginning the New Year in Spring, reflecting our true nature and balance! I read the last chapter…. God Wins! Happy New Year Katy, Evan, Chris, Globe Staff, contributors, and commentors!

    1. Thank you again Marilyn Midura for all of your relevant news flashes and commentary. GREAT NEWS about the judge blocking the state’s commie fast food union law — hadn’t known about it because there was no chance today to look at much of the general CA news. In the meantime (as you know, but others may not) restaurant owners and other interested parties are in the process of gathering signatures for a 2024 state ballot measure that will (we hope) put a dagger in this particular example of the lefties’ destructive anti-American nonsense. Let’s hope and pray they succeed. Happy New Year!

  5. Ugh, it’s just wrong that Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom maintains emergency powers nearly 3 years later after he first declared them in March 2020? He’s like a petty evil dictator? Gov. Newsom needs to be brought before a tribunal and be held accountable for crimes against humanity for locking healthy Californians and small businesses down (while excluding himself and his cronies) and for mandating experimental mRNA shots that have injured and killed thousands of innocent people. He and his soul have a lot to answer for?

  6. Okay, now that I have picked my jaw off the ground, I’d like to thank Katy and staff for the tireless hours spent to keep us informed and hold the despots in Sacramento accountable.
    The invaluable comments posted here by ShowandTell, Marilyn, Samantha and Raymond are shared and appreciated by me.
    We have taken a “E ride” ticket and rode one hell of a ride these last few years, “A Mr. Newsom’s Wild Ride”. A ride with a lot of twists and turns and at the the end leaves me sick to my stomach. Newsom and the supermajority have brought much damage to this state. Let’s not forget the global elite want to import this clown to the White House! It is my hope that “Mr. Newsom’s Wild Ride” will be demoted to the “A ride” ticket, the one no one else cares to get on.

    Happy New Year to you Katy and the entire California Globe crew. You make living in California a little bit easier to stomach. Many blessings to all in 2023. Remember to look up!

    1. You’re so right, we have really been through it, haven’t we, Cali Girl? Your hope for the end of “Mr. Newsom’s Wild Ride” is my hope too and no doubt the hope of millions of our fellow Californians. We’ll see what 2023 brings and what can be done, if anything, to affect the collision course we seem to be on. Even if it only amounts to clawing back the worst of what our “leaders” attempt to do to us.
      I appreciate you, Cali Girl. You’re the person I first became acquainted with in this comments section and I feel like I know you —- in spite of our anonymity. Your comments are not only smart and amusing, but your presence in this section has been like a ray of sunshine every time you show up.
      Happy New Year to you and your family!

      1. Yes, we all have been through a lot ShowandTell, especially the schoolchildren in this state.
        @ShowandTell, thank you so much for your very kind sentiments. I always look forward to your well thought out opinions and appreciate the time you take to express them. It is my hope that the readers who discover the California Globe will come to appreciate the free thinking that happens here. It is funny, but I feel that you are an old spirit friend as well. Who knows maybe our paths will cross someday. It is good to know there are humans that care out in this crazy state, on this crazy wild ride that Newsom steers for now!
        Happy New Year to you and your family as well. Many blessings to you.

  7. Looking back at these headlines and the recurring stories of the housing-homeless crisis and the thought of not enough affordable housing and thus the homeless crisis, i think that I’ve connected two issues and stumbled upon Governor Newsom’s clandestine strategy and tactic to increase available housing. It really is simple math. The more people you get to leave the state, the more housing that opens up! Brilliant when you think about it. And he gets to continually demagogue the issue and keep mud off of his shoes.

  8. Good grief… no WONDER people are leaving California in droves, like a reverse migration from the “Dust Bowl” days…
    God is good, and is blessing us with abundant RAIN AND SNOW to start 2023!!!
    May we continue to seek His Truth and receive His Blessings in 2023, including relief from Newsom’s draconian and tyrannical execution of his World Economic Forum Agenda 2030 playbook, and may all those promulgating the WEF’s beliefs that they are GREATER than God, receive the smite of God’s mighty power against them this year, in whatever form God deems necessary….
    To God be the glory….

  9. Katy, This is a great array of articles highlighting the vast criminality, (criminalities), of my former party~!!

    I’m still waiting for you to stop your actions which support that saying, “The CAGOP, The Party That Loves to Lose”, by means of your blocking me from my steadfast support of your FB page, (in your blind support of an angry Phil Cowan comment toward me regarding his long-vanished radio talk show on KTKZ). The CAGOP has stabbed many folks in the back, and, it loses elections due to this “school marm” mentality.

  10. Newsom and the rest of the Democratic Party is beholding only to special interests. That said, the fool effectively ended forest management, bringing on the devastating fires that destroyed billions of dollars in property and natural habitat. It was bizarre to watch the video of his visit to the charred remains of one section of our forests, where he smugly declared that the verdict is in, and that we now know that the fires were caused by “climate change.” The verdict is also in on the kind of ideological ass California has elected.

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